Family Stories Month – November 2022

Family Stories Month brings families closer together every November. This is because family traditions and ancestral stories hold a special place in everyone’s life. In fact, remaining in touch with our roots is the need of the hour in this modern world where people are more connected to their laptops and mobile phones than they are to other people. To celebrate the month to the fullest, dig up some old family photos and try to remember some great stories you heard from your parents and grandparents. November is the perfect time to revive the past and fondly reflect on your family history!

History of Family Stories Month

The family system has not always been what we know it as today. Yes, a family has a universal and basic role in all societies, but those roles differ based on geography and the culture of every region. It’s these differences that inspired researchers to take an interest in and study the social history of families. Sociologists aimed to study and understand the impact of cultures on family structures as well as interrelationships between individuals and their relatives. The study of family history has shown that family systems are flexible, culturally diverse and adaptive to ecological and economical conditions. This is why the study emerged as a separate field of history in the 1970s. According to Lawrence Stone, there are three major types of family structures in England. This is because each era brought with it a new family structure. It is also believed that the nuclear family became common in England at the beginning of the 13th century.

However, it is essential to note that as nuclear families emerged, the ties within families became weak. This is why researchers work on methods that can unite members who are separated even by distance. Research conducted on family storytelling shows that when parents share more family stories with their children, the kids benefit in many ways. This includes the interactions children have with their parents and how they share their day-to-day stories with their guardians. Family storytelling can also help a child grow into a teen who feels connected to the important people in his or her life.

Family Stories Month timeline

17th Century
The Old Lot

The family unit includes not only relatives but also the servants of a household.

Size Matters

The phrase ‘family size’ is used in retail for the first time.

The Colorful Families

In the U.S., 7% of marriages are between spouses of a different race or ethnicity.

The New Family

41% of babies are born to unmarried mothers.

Family Stories Month FAQs

What are family stories?

These are tales about people and places that are linked to immediate family members or ancestors. 

Do family stories have value?

Yes. Research shows that children who have a strong sense of their family history have higher self-esteem.

What does family really mean?

A family consists of biologically connected people who also perform the role of a support system. 

How to Celebrate Family Stories Month

  1. Tell a story

    Use the month to bond with your kids. Tell them numerous stories related to your youth and how things were during that era.

  2. Watch old home movies

    Watch old home movies with your family. This could include videos of your kids when they were young, as well as videos from your youth.

  3. Start a new tradition

    During the month, plan activities with your kids and start a tradition that can be repeated every year. The traditions you form will be a part of the stories they tell their own kids one day.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Families

  1. Families and healthy relationships

    Research shows that people from close-knit families go on to enjoy close relationships later on in life.

  2. Mental health

    Family relationships affect a person’s mental health.

  3. Quality time is important

    Time spent with family improves academic performance.

  4. The U.S. family unit

    The U.S. family comprises 3.15 people on average.

  5. The Latin word

    Family is derived from ‘famulus,’ meaning ‘a servant.’

Why We Love Family Stories Month

  1. It strengthens bonds

    The month encourages people to find out about their history and discover interesting stories about their ancestors. This makes them feel connected, even to people they may have never met.

  2. Children learn the value of family

    Kids learn the value and importance of family, and why one’s history is important. Some stories also serve as inspiration.

  3. It can help with depression

    The month helps strengthen familial bonds. Since it connects people and brings them closer together, it can also help with depression by providing a strong support system.

Family Stories Month dates

2022November 1Tuesday
2023November 1Wednesday
2024November 1Friday
2025November 1Saturday
2026November 1Sunday

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