Haryana Day – November 1, 2022

Haryana Day is on November 1. We are getting ready to celebrate by doing the best thing possible with culturally rich places… sightseeing and exploration. Can you believe that the state of Haryana is the largest exporter of Basmati rice? So, get ready to eat as much rice as possible!

History of Haryana Day

Haryana was established on November 1, 1966, and we celebrate Haryana Day on this day. Haryana is one of the 28 states in India. Haryana was pre-independent of India but is located on the route to access India easily; thus, it was targeted for various incursions. The Hindu-speaking community also dominated Haryana, but India witnessed a merger between Haryana and Punjabi after various invasions.

Prominent figures in India’s National movement sought to gain autonomy for both states, but this did not go into motion even after India gained its independence. This did not deter the Hindus and the Sikhs, who worked together to see they both get their autonomy, and they collectively increased efforts, petitions, and appeals.

Finally, the Indian Government set up a commission to review the boundaries of Haryana and the existing state of Punjab. Both were home to clusters of other smaller locales. The languages spoken by the local people were a major deciding factor in this separation, with the commission recommending the creation of Haryana as a state carved out from Punjab and sharing its capital.

Haryana is renowned as a leading tourist destination and a land of immense cultural diversity, and it has sustained both modernizations while preserving its culture. On this day, we celebrate Haryana’s anniversary and the contribution they have made and are still making to Indians’ economy and history.

Haryana Day timeline

200 A.D.
Father of the Local Dialect

Haryana is considered the place where Hinduism emerged.

326 B.C.
The Target for Constant Invasions

Haryana is the perfect spot to invade India as it is lying across the route.

An Awkward Relationship

With the British invasion comes the union between Punjab and Haryana, even with their obvious differences.

To Each His Own

Both Hindus and Sikhs want the creation of separate states for them.

Haryana Day FAQs

What is Haryana’s former name?

Haryana was formerly called Hariyana. In Hindi, Hari means God, and Ayana means home. Haryana simply means ‘The land of God’.

Why was Haryana created?

Haryana was carved out of Punjabi due to the different languages spoken by the two predominant tribes; some of the people spoke Punjabi while others spoke Hindi. This divided Punjabi into Punjabi-speaking Punjab and Hindi-speaking Haryana.

Can I fly directly to Haryana?

Haryana currently does not have an international airport. However, they do have a domestic airport in Hisar, but as the airport is under renovation, traveling by train or road from Delhi to Haryana is the only option.

How To Celebrate Haryana Day

  1. Get away for the weekend

    Organize a quick getaway with your friends to some of the famous destinations in Haryana tourist complexes, immerse yourself in the culture, and experience the beauty that is Haryana.

  2. Find out more

    The world is a big place, and not many people are familiar with the history of most states. Go to the nearest library to learn about the history and events behind the creation of the Haryana state.

  3. Sharing is caring

    If you are unable to physically be in Haryana, share this holiday online, and educate your friends, family, and followers on the uniqueness of Haryana and its indigenous, diverse, and rich cultural heritage.

5 Important Facts About Haryana

  1. Agriculture dominates

    The state is known for the importance it places on agriculture above other sectors.

  2. Gold medalists

    Haryana won 22 out of the 38 medals India won in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

  3. A shared capital

    Chandigarh is a shared capital between Punjab and Haryana.

  4. The pride and joy

    It is India’s famous leisure destination for both tourists and locals.

  5. Has Asia’s biggest garden

    Panchkula is home to the National Cactus and Botanical Garden.

Why We Love Haryana Day

  1. A historical site

    Haryana is home to many historical sites that embody the economic, cultural, environmental, and educational benefits of historic preservation. They are all connected to one another in keeping the past alive.

  2. Celebrates cultural identity

    Solely on the premise of linguistic diversity, we love Haryana Day because it strives to preserve a culture and tradition, regardless of its status in society, whether a cultural minority or majority.

  3. Builds a sense of communal belonging

    This holiday comes with a feeling that community members matter to one another and the group while promoting their norms, practices, and goals. It promotes community support, cooperation, unity, and solidarity with others.

Haryana Day dates

2022November 1Tuesday
2023November 1Wednesday
2024November 1Friday
2025November 1Saturday
2026November 1Sunday

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