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Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar – November 9-17, 2024

The Pushkar Camel Fair in Pushkar, India, is celebrated at the beginning of the Hindu month of Kartik and this year, it’s from November 9 to 17. The fair lasts for five to eight days and is concluded on the day of the full moon in Kartik, called Kartik Poornima.

The fair is one of the largest livestock fairs in India, celebrating and exchanging information as well as purchases of camels, horses, and cattle. The fair is held at the banks of the Pushkar lake and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

History of Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar

The month of Kartik is a holy month in the Hindu calendar. A festival to celebrate the events of Kartik was held in Pushkar every year, called the Kartik Purnima festival. The Pushkar Camel fair was set up as a way to attract the tradesmen and cattle herders who attended the festival.

The primary focus of the Pushkar Camel Fair was camel trading, and this expanded to horses and cattle — all the animals of commercial and domestic importance to the desert people of Pushkar, a town in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Although the original intention of the fair was to attract tradesmen and bring them all together for commercial activities, the fair has now become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan. Understanding the value of the fair, the state government has invested a lot of money in its development, and today it is more than just a space where cattle tradesmen can purchase and sell cattle.

The modern Pushkar Camel Fair is a spectacle that represents the culture of the town of Pushkar, the tribal people of the desert, and the state of Rajasthan. The commercial fair has been transformed into a multi-day carnival that also includes the festival of Kartik Purnima.

Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar timeline

First Mentions of Pushkar

The region of Pushkar is first mentioned in historical records related to the defeat of the Chauhan Dynasty that ruled over northwest India.

Pushkar Camel Fair Starts

The Pushkar Camel Fair is created to bring together the cattle tradesmen visiting Pushkar’s Kartik Purnima festival.

Pushkar Grows in Popularity

As a tourist destination, the small town of Pushkar continues to grow in popularity, with almost a million people visiting the town in 1998.

The Festival is Canceled

Considering health concerns, the festival is canceled for the first time in 2020, the only time it has been canceled in history.

Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar FAQs

Can you stay at the Pushkar Camel Fair?

Yes, the tourism industry is well developed and you can camp near the fairgrounds or stay in hotels if you prefer.

Is the Pushkar Camel Fair the same as Pushkar Mela?

Yes. Mela is the Hindi word for ‘fair.’

Are there other things to see in Pushkar?

Pushkar is a historical town with a lot of historical temples and buildings for tourists to visit.

Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar Activities

  1. Visit the fair

    The best way to celebrate the Pushkar Camel Fair is to visit the fair. There’s nothing like experiencing it firsthand, so book your tickets to Pushkar right away.

  2. Watch videos of the camel race

    The Pushkar Fair always starts with a camel race, followed by other events. If you can’t head over to Pushkar, experience the heart of the festival by watching some videos!

  3. Buy some camel souvenirs

    The government has made souvenirs available online. Take the opportunity to keep a little part of the Pushkar Fair with you by purchasing some camel-related souvenirs for yourself!

5 Important Facts About Pushkar Camel Fair

  1. Famous across the world

    Over 200,000 people from all corners of the earth visit the Pushkar Camel Fair.

  2. Pushkar is a historical town

    Remains of the ancient civilization of Mohenjo-Daro have been found in Pushkar, the town mentioned in Hindu epics.

  3. The Pushkar Lake is considered holy

    A lot of people visit Pushkar not only for the fair but also for religious reasons as bathing in the Pushkar Lake is considered an important holy activity for practicing Hindus.

  4. The horses are more expensive

    The most expensive trades are not for camels, but for horses; thoroughbred horses can sell for thousands of dollars.

  5. There are a lot of competitions

    Not only are there competitions for camels and other cattle, but the fair also has competitions for the longest mustache.

Why We Love Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar

  1. We love cultural events

    We love the history and culture associated with the Pushkar Camel Fair. We’re very excited to participate in the celebrations!

  2. We’re interested in the history

    We think it’s cool that the festival has been around for about a century. We want to know all about how it used to be and the history of the town of Pushkar!

  3. We love the timing

    We love the idea that the festival is held during the full moon. It’s a great idea to celebrate a beautiful culture under the luminescence of the full moon!

Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar dates

2022November 1Tuesday
2023November 20Monday
2024November 9Saturday
2025November 1Saturday
2026November 1Sunday

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