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National Kiss of Hope Day

National Kiss of Hope Day – April 26, 2025

National Kiss of Hope Day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday in April. At some point, people need their partners to uplift their spirits and tell them that things will get better. For every family struggling with a limited income and rising expenses, a simple kiss or a word of encouragement can help them regain their confidence and support other members of the community who are in need as well. It helps both partners to know that they can rely on one another to get through a difficult time or financial crisis and keep the family together.

History of National Kiss of Hope Day

The Kiss of Hope Foundation (KOH) founded the National Kiss of Hope Day to improve the lives of families and communities who are in need of financial help. Every year in April, National Kiss of Hope Day encourages couples and families to participate in fundraising activities to collect money for the less fortunate.

The founder of the National Kiss of Hope Day is Bill Gobin who is a single parent and works as a co-parenting strategist. National Kiss of Hope Day also motivates families to show their love and improve their relationships. Various fund-raising activities are organized to help families who require monetary support. These funds are also collected to provide shelter to families and offer financial help to pay for their utility bills and other day-to-day expenses.

Non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. offer food and groceries to deserving families. Around 40 million households suffer from food shortages and 2.3 million families are unable to pay their monthly rent. Medical emergencies also cause the cost of daily living to rise. When sole breadwinners lose their job, things become even more difficult to manage and National Kiss of Hope Day was established to provide a sense of unity and cooperation between different communities irrespective of their social status.

National Kiss of Hope Day timeline

The Charitable Uses Act is Created

The British Government creates a law for the protection of charitable funds.

A Charitable Hospital for Orphans

Captain Thomas Coram establishes the Foundling Hospital in London, England.

Modern-day Philanthropy is Invented

George Peabody provides shelter to the homeless and food relief to poor households in London.

National Kiss of Hope Day is Proclaimed

Families celebrate the first National Kiss of Hope Day.

National Kiss of Hope Day FAQs

What is National Kiss of Hope Day?

The National Kiss of Hope Day is celebrated by couples and families by organizing various fundraising activities to collect donations for families who are in dire need of financial support.

What is the National Day of Hope?

National Day of Hope is celebrated on the first Wednesday of April. Its main purpose is to prevent physical and emotional child abuse.

What does kiss of hope mean?

It not only means to express your love to your significant other but also to support fundraising efforts to help give hope to those who are in need.  

How To Observe National Kiss of Hope Day

  1. Collect toys for children

    Toys are valuable to children as they provides learning opportunities and encourage them to use their imagination. Look for toys around your house that your younger siblings or children no longer use and donate them to a low-income family or charity organization that needs them.

  2. Volunteer at your local food bank

    There’s no better feeling than giving back to the community. If you can't donate toys or provide financial assistance to families in need, volunteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen. If you can't cook, then you can wash the dishes or clean the kitchen. You can even donate food items such as cereals, canned vegetables, rice, and pasta.

  3. Support a family

    There are different types of monthly expenses that families going through a financial crisis are unable to pay. You can help them out by paying for their household supplies or collaborating with a local grocery store to provide staple foods to families who can't afford them. You can even ask your friends and colleagues to help raise funds for groceries and other household essentials to donate.

5 Facts About Philanthropy That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The meaning of philanthropy

    The literal meaning of the word philanthropy is ‘love of humanity.’

  2. Jose Mujica

    Uruguay politician Jose Mujica gives 90% of his salary to charity.

  3. A secret donor

    Singer Eminem once anonymously donated 105,000 dollars to a trust in Detroit.

  4. Celebrity philanthropy

    Rapper Snoop Dogg runs a charity to help teen drug addicts.

  5. Gambling and charity

    Finnish casinos donate all of their profits to charity.

Why National Kiss of Hope Day is Important

  1. It motivates people to donate to charity

    Giving is contagious and when a person contributes to charity, it persuades others to do the same. When we support a particular cause or charity, our family and friends are also inspired to give back to the community.

  2. It supports diversity and inclusion

    Those who participate in charitable events get to meet people of diverse backgrounds who want to bring a positive change to society. It helps to establish a community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal.

  3. It helps to boost self-confidence in people

    Volunteering makes people feel good about themselves and become more content and thankful for what they have. It provides a sense of achievement and makes people more mature and responsible.

National Kiss of Hope Day dates

2022April 30Saturday
2023April 29Saturday
2024April 27Saturday
2025April 26Saturday
2026April 25Saturday

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