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MonSep 9

Care Bears Share Your Care Day – September 9, 2024

Care Bears Share Your Care Day is observed annually on September 9 to motivate significant giving and volunteerism. Care Bears are on a mission to spread caring, sharing, love, friendship, acceptance, fun, and happiness all over the world, and they inspire people to do the same daily! Tenderheart Bear, Harmony Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear, and Grumpy Bear, among many others, are all unique Care Bears, and each one has a specialized belly badge that indicates his or her duty and personality. They reside in Care-a-Lot, a faraway place in the clouds that is part of the Kingdom of Caring.

History of Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Care Bears has been teaching children of all ages about sharing their feelings and caring for others for over 35 years. Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC), the licensing subsidiary of the greeting card firm American Greetings, invented the Care Bears in 1981. In February 1981, Jack Chojnacki, co-president of TCFC, unveiled the first Care Bear to businessmen from American Greeting Cards and the toy firm Kenner. The Care Bears toy line was first offered to loving enthusiasts worldwide in 1983. They’ve been in the hearts and imaginations of fans ever since.

Care Bears Share Your Care Day promotes love, caring, and sharing with others. It encourages charity, donating, volunteering, kindness, and acts of benevolence. In 2015, Care Bears, in collaboration with 10-year-old philanthropist Zach Kaplan and with the support of Leake & Watts, delivered 400 Care Bears plush toys to youngsters in New York City on the occasion of the inaugural celebration.

They also collaborated with around 300 bloggers known as Care Bears #ShareYourCare Ambassadors, who pledged to “spread the word, pay it forward, and keep the dialogue going to their own enormous audiences.” It just so happens that the holiday falls on the same day as National Teddy Bear Day.

Care Bears Share Your Care Day has a heart and is all about love, caring, and sharing with others. Care Bears also donate to charities throughout the world, assisting needy families. They bring hope and care to others through organizations such as We Care Bears, United Way, Operation Smile, and many more.

Care Bears Share Your Care Day timeline

First Painted

Care Bears are multi-colored bears that are originally painted by artist Elena Kucharik for inclusion on American Greetings greeting cards.

Care Bears Official Launch

The Care Bears franchise is founded in New York City before members of the Society of Security Analysts in the area.

Introduced To The General Public

Parker Brothers and Kenner manufacture a toy line based on the figures the next spring, and American Greetings released the characters to the general public on February 19.

Set a Day For Annual Celebration

Care Bears Share Your Care Day is founded to encourage charity, donating, volunteering, generosity, and acts of benevolence in order to promote love, caring, and sharing with others.

Care Bears Share Your Care Day FAQs

The Care Bears are on a mission

A prevalent expression is “sharing is caring.” Sharing is caring implies that when we give something to someone, we are caring about him. Sharing is caring simply means taking care of others. That is why it is believed that “Sharing is Caring.”

Why is sharing important to little kids?

Children must learn to share in order to establish and maintain friends, play peacefully, take turns, negotiate, and deal with disappointment. Sharing educates children about fairness and compromise. They learn that by giving a little to others, we can gain a bit of what we desire as well.

What is the purpose of Care Bears?

The ultimate weapon of the Care Bears is the “Care Bear Stare,” in which all of the Bears stand together and emanate light from their various stomach emblems. These elements unite to generate a ray of love and good cheer that can bring care and delight to the target’s heart.

How To Celebrate Care Bears Share Your Care Day

  1. Do something nice for someone today

    Simple actions like sharing a toy with your sister, bringing out the garbage for your mother, or assisting an elderly neighbor across the street can be done. It can also be larger gestures such as planting a tree, purchasing coffee or lunch for a homeless person.

  2. Give hugs to someone

    Hug your pals! Grandpa, give him a big hug! Hug your neighbors! (Of course, only if they WANT to be hugged!) There's a lot of science behind hugging, serotonin, and happiness, and while I'm not a doctor, I believe a hug may go a long way! ALL of the bears enjoy giving hugs! They embrace everything! Hugs can be used to celebrate, comfort, convey love, and communicate friendship!

  3. Share something with someone

    You can begin your day with sharing, as this is another simple thing that people frequently overlook! Share your toys, love, feelings, opinions, cookies, and extra blanket! The Care Bears understood this so well that they created SHARE BEAR! And her mantra remains true: "Do your fair part of sharing!"

5 Facts About Care Bears That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Only ten bears initially

    There were initially ten bears. Which are Bedtime, Wish, Cheer, Good Luck, Tender Heart Bear, Friend, Grumpy, Love-a-lot, Sunshine, and Birthday Bears.

  2. Once characters on greeting cards

    The Care Bears were initially designed by artist Elena Kucharik for use on greeting cards, and it wasn't until later that they were turned into toys and aired on television.

  3. They Appeared on the big screen

    The Care Bears also starred in the TV movies “The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings” and “The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine.” They subsequently appeared in cinemas with “The Care Bears Movie.”

  4. American Greetings created it

    Characters from Cleveland's character development team created the Care Bears for American Greetings.

  5. Created over three decades ago

    Kenner wanted a unique teddy bear, and American Greetings wanted a greeting card you could hug, so the Care Bears were born — they've been around for nearly 30 years.

Why We Love Care Bears Share Your Care Day

  1. The Care Bears taught people how to care

    The Care Bears live in a kingdom known as the "Kingdom of Caring." The 'Forest of Feelings' and 'Care-a-lot,' where the Care Bears themselves lived, are both located within this realm. The stories they were a part of also emphasized caring and assisting, teaching us as young children how to be mindful of others' feelings. The Care Bears used a technique known as the "Care Bear Stare," in which they would all stand together and radiate light from each of their distinct insignia. Even the most hardened hearts would feel love and pleasure as a result of this united ray of bliss.

  2. Help to teach kids to understand their emotions

    They are absolutely distinctive characters, each with their own distinct personality, who help children think about and comprehend their own feelings. Care Bears can assist you in addressing your kids' social and emotional development as well as improving language abilities through the expression of emotions.

  3. The Care Bears are on a mission

    The Care Bears are on a quest to promote caring and sharing all across the world, and they encourage people to do the same by spreading caring, sharing, love, friendship, acceptance, fun, and happiness to those they care about on a daily basis!

Care Bears Share Your Care Day dates

2024September 9Monday
2025September 9Tuesday
2026September 9Wednesday
2027September 9Thursday
2028September 9Saturday

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