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TueSep 10

National Ants on a Log Day – September 10, 2024

The National Ants on a Log Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of September in honor of a protein-packed snack we all love and falls on September 10 this year. Playing on the words, the ‘Ant on a Log’ is actually celery, coated with peanut butter and topped with raisins. As kids go back to school, this iconic American snack is the brain food they need to stay recharged throughout the day. If you are a fan of peanut butter, occasionally enjoy celery, and can tolerate raisins, then this is the perfect day for you.

History of National Ants on a Log Day

Americans have always had a hit-or-miss relationship with snacks. While some healthy snacks like carrot & ranch, nuts, and yogurt are household favorites, some are loaded with fats and other unhealthy stuff. For a nation that loves snacks more than a three-course meal, it is hard to find the right balance in consumption.

Thankfully, there is one snack that is both delicious and nutritious: peanut butter on celery sticks. Stamped and approved by the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois, this iconic snack is a mouthful of healthy delight.

Breaking down Ants on a Log, you have the bottom-most layer which is celery. Moving up, you have a spread of finger-licking-good peanut butter, an excellent source of protein. Finishing it up, you have a generous topping of raisins, a stealthy source of selenium, zinc, and vitamin C.

Although the first time ‘Ants on a Log’ was used was in the 1950s, it wasn’t until 2014 when Peanut Butter & Co. and Duda Farm Fresh Foods submitted a request to recognize the second Saturday of every September to honor this snack. And we are glad they did it. This low-calorie, nutritious, and delicious snack most certainly deserves a day of its own.

National Ants on a Log Day timeline

Peanuts Arrive in America

Africans arrive in North America and introduce peanuts to the Americans.

Peanuts are Commercialized

Virginian farmers trade peanuts as a substitute for cocoa and oil.

Peanut Butter is Invented

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patents the process of deriving peanut butter from roasted peanuts.

Ants on a Log Day is Recognized

Peanut Butter & Co. and Duda Farm Fresh Foods officially request the recognition of Ants on a Log Day.

National Ants on a Log Day FAQs

Is it important to use peanut butter as a spread?

No. Although peanut butter serves as a figurative of the ‘log,’ it is replaceable. You can use ricotta cheese, cream cheese, or any other spread of your choice.

Who coined the term ‘Ants on a Log’?

Although the exact origins are unknown, Minneapolis newspaper “Star Tribune” first used the term ‘Ants on a Log’ for the iconic peanut butter-celery-raisin snack back in February 1959.

Why are Ants on a Log Day celebrated in September?

Early September marks the reopening of school. As kids go back to study mode, parents and teachers mark the second Tuesday of September to promote healthy snacking with Ants on a Log Day.

National Ants on a Log Day Activities

  1. Arrange a ‘Do it Yourself’ snack station

    In this DIY exercise, let the participants make their own Ants On a Log with a diverse set of ingredients. Allow them to use their creativity by attempting other variations like Ants on a Snowy Log (ricotta cheese version) or Ants on Vacation (without raisins).

  2. Spread awareness about the importance of a balanced diet

    Celery, peanut butter, and raisins are all incredibly healthy and nutritious. In a single bite, you get a dose of protein, fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamin K. Eating Ants on a Log is carrying the message of the importance of a balanced diet.

  3. Involve your kids in the celebration

    It’s cool to pass down traditions. If you have a loved one rejoining school in September, make sure you share your knowledge with them, as you munch on the goodness of celery and peanut butter.

5 Facts About American Snacks That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A snack a day keeps the meltdown away

    In a food survey by “Punchbowl,” 25% of people confessed that eating a snack stopped them from having a public meltdown.

  2. Tortilla reigns as America’s favorite party snack

    32% of partygoers admitted that the best snack in a party is the humble tortilla chip. The list is followed by potato chips, which was the choice of snack of 25% of partygoers.

  3. Americans embrace the double-dip taboo

    No matter how much it is frowned upon, over 46% of Americans share a love for double-dipping their chips/veggies into the sauce.

  4. M&M’s top the list

    According to a “YouGov” poll, M&M’s top the list of being the most popular snack brand in America, followed by Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.

  5. The bed is for sleeping … and snacks

    A survey revealed that 50% of Americans love to snack in bed.

Why We Love National Ants on a Log Day

  1. Peanut butter is delicious

    We love peanut butter and any excuse to gorge it up is always welcome.

  2. Ants on a Log is healthy and inexpensive

    This iconic American snack ticks all the nutrition boxes and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Sign us up!

  3. Kids need all the help they can get

    School reopening can be tough on children. A fun activity planned around snacks can help them ease into their routines

National Ants on a Log Day dates

2022September 13Tuesday
2023September 12Tuesday
2024September 10Tuesday
2025September 9Tuesday
2026September 8Tuesday

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