International Sudoku Day – September 9, 2020

Wed Sep 9

Attention all puzzle fanatics and math lovers! The World Puzzle Federation established International Sudoku Day on September 9, a day with tremendous symbolism for followers of the game. Sudoku, which means “single number” in Japanese, is a logic-based number puzzle in which the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, row and 3×3 sub-grid contains all the digits from 1 to 9. 

Although Sudoku is immensely popular, it is a fairly new game. Historically, number puzzles have been around since the 19th century, but Sudoku as we know it, didn’t appear until the 1980s in Japan. The game was unknown in the West until 2004 when Sudoku became a regular feature in newspapers.  There’s  even an annual competition. It seems we just can’t get enough of it!

International Sudoku Day Activities

  1. Solve Sudoku puzzles

    There’s no better way to observe International Sudoku Day than to solve some Sudoku puzzles! You can do as many or as few as you want, but challenge yourself. Test your skills by choosing higher-level games. Play Sudoku in the morning while eating breakfast. Get in a quick game during your lunch break, or play Sudoku in the evening while you wind down from a busy day with a relaxing glass of wine.

  2. Buy new Sudoku puzzle books

    Run out of puzzles to solve? Make International Sudoku Day the day you replenish your puzzle supply. If you’re a Sudoku connoisseur, hunt around for the most challenging puzzle book you can find. If you're a Sudoku newbie, there are plenty of entry-level books for you. Either way, get a new book and solve those puzzles like there’s no tomorrow!

  3. Challenge a friend to play

    Sudoku doesn’t have to be a one-person activity. Take the challenge to the next level by competing against your friends. Whoever solves the puzzle first, wins. You can all take part at the same time or create brackets to narrow it down to the best puzzle-solver. The winner gets bragging rights for at least three days!

Why We Love International Sudoku Day

  1. Puzzles are fun!

    Some of us love visual puzzles and go for word searches. Others love word games and prefer crossword puzzles. If you love numbers, math, and logic, Sudoku is a puzzle that's right up your alley.

  2. We love a good challenge

    It’s fun to be challenged and Sudoku is excellent at making us think. There are varying degrees of difficulty to match your skills with the game that's right for you. Yes, it can be frustrating sometimes, causing you to throw your Sudoku book at the wall (but it’s okay — we aren’t judging you because we know you love the challenge.)

  3. It keeps our minds sharp

    Actively participating in things that exercise our brains, especially those that involve math, are great at keeping our minds sharp. Sudoku can increase your focus and concentration as well as alleviate depression. Studies also suggest puzzles and word games help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Who knew Sudoku could be so good for your health?

International Sudoku Day dates
2020September 9Wednesday
2021September 9Thursday
2022September 9Friday
2023September 9Saturday
2024September 9Monday