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MonSep 9

Wonderful Weirdos Day – September 9, 2024

Wonderful Weirdos Day is celebrated across America on September 9. There’s nothing as unexciting as being predictable and boring. But thankfully for all of us, we all have some weird traits or characteristics. This weirdness is exactly what makes us unique! Don’t be shy to explore your weirdness on Wonderful Weirdos Day. Be creative and own it. You will be surprised to find how life-changing self-acceptance can be. Happy Wonderful Weirdos Day to all the wonderful weirdos who make our lives all the more interesting. What are the weirdest ways you can think of to celebrate the day?

History of Wonderful Weirdos Day

It’s no surprise that we celebrate our weirdness since weirdos have existed for as long as humans have been around. We only have to be a little bit different than everyone else, and just like that, congratulations, you are a weirdo!

But weirdos have not always been thought of as wonderful or even accepted by society. Think of the Salem witch trials. An event that only lasted a year is still spoken about to this day. During these trials, people who were suspected of witchcraft were accused of guilty and many of them were executed. Even the slightest unusual behavior becomes heavily scrutinized, the result of which is often fatal! Throughout history, society has not necessarily been kind to those who have deviated from acceptable behavior.

It wasn’t until the year 2000, when a few residents of Austin, Texas, decided that there should be a day for the celebration of our collective weirdness. The day was initially known as Keep Austin Weird, but the name was changed eventually. The day was sponsored by Tom Roy, but today many people celebrate it on their own. Wonderful Weirdos Day is not an official celebration nor is it a holiday, but people celebrate the day with much enthusiasm anyway, because it’s a day we all feel accepted and understood just the way we are! Wonderful Weirdos Day is also the day to pause and ask yourself if someone is truly weird or if they are just a little different from you!

Wonderful Weirdos Day timeline

1152 B.C.
First Strike in Human History

The strike takes place during the reign of Rameses II in ancient Egypt.

The Dancing Plague

Those afflicted by the condition start dancing suddenly.

300% death rate

In an operation, the surgeon, Robert Liston, ends up killing three people.

Bears serve in WWII

The Polish Army has bears in its troops.

Wonderful Weirdos Day FAQs

Is ‘weirdo’ an insult?

‘Weirdo’ is based on the adjective weird. It can be used both negatively as an insult and positively as a compliment.

Is being weird a good thing?

Weirdos can develop ways to calm their social anxiety, break into the in-crowd, and get other people to embrace their ideas.

How can people be weird?

People often get called weird when they make a lot of social mistakes. They’re seen as strange because their behavior is not what others are expecting.

Wonderful Weirdos Day Activities

  1. Embrace your weirdness

    We are all weird in our own ways. Celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day by embracing your inner weirdo. Do the weird things that bring you joy and do not worry if they make you look silly.

  2. Dress weird

    A wonderful way to celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day is by dressing up like a weirdo. Wear a funny costume and accessories, dye your hair in an unusual color, or wear prints that you would not otherwise.

  3. Watch a movie about weirdos

    Why not celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day by watching movies about weirdos? They are hilarious movies and often poignant. And some of the most memorable weirdos were played by legendary actors.

5 Weird Facts Taken From The Globe

  1. Dolphins sleep with an eye open

    This is to keep an eye out for predators.

  2. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist

    William Morrison invented the sweet treat in 1897.

  3. The Queen owns all swans

    All the swans in open waters, in England and Wales, belong to the Queen.

  4. Alfred Hitchcock was an ovophobe

    Meaning he was terrified of eggs.

  5. Pigs don’t sweat.

    They are born without sweat glands.

Why We Love Wonderful Weirdos Day

  1. It makes us feel loved

    Celebrations such as Wonderful Weirdos Day make us feel loved. The day celebrates the weirdness in each one of us and reassures us that weirdness isn’t necessarily bad.

  2. We are all weird

    Wonderful Weirdos Day reminds us that all of us are weird. The consequences of being weird are not as serious as they once used to be and today it is fun to be weird!

  3. It’s a day to let loose

    In our daily lives of busy schedules, we forget to let loose and have fun. Wonderful Weirdos Day is a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and to enjoy each day as it comes.

Wonderful Weirdos Day dates

2024September 9Monday
2025September 9Tuesday
2026September 9Wednesday
2027September 9Thursday
2028September 9Saturday

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