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MonSep 9

Emergency Services Day – September 9, 2024

Emergency Services Day is observed every year on September 9. The national day is observed across the U.K. and helps to support the brave men and women of the N.H.S. and emergency services. The holiday is also referred to as 999 Day. The King and the Queen; HRH the Prince of Wales; the Prime Minister; and the First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have given their support to the holiday. The holiday helps to promote the usage of the emergency services in a responsible manner. It helps to educate the public about basic lifesaving skills. It also promotes the many exciting career and volunteering opportunities that may be available for people to apply for.

History of Emergency Services Day

Emergency Services Day was founded in 2016 by Tom Scholes-Fogg who wanted to set aside a special day to honor the country’s 999 servicemen and women. It was declared an official day by former U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, in September 2017. The inauguration of the day took place at Heaton Park in Manchester, England. It is usually held at a different venue each year. The day is also called 999 Day and people use the opportunity to thank emergency personnel for their service. Emergency personnel includes anyone else who works to keep the public safe such as fire crews, doctors, paramedics, pilots, and even service animals.

Special educational events are held throughout the holiday to teach the public about life-saving skills. The more people with basic first-aid and emergency training, the safer society is in general. People would be able to help others in some way when there is an emergency. People are able to speak with emergency service workers and get a better idea of what the jobs truly entail. This is an opportunity for more young people to be inspired into taking up careers that are focused on helping others. During the festivities of the holiday, a thanksgiving service is held to honor the brave people who have been lost in the line of duty.

Volunteers are a big part of the emergency services so awareness and appreciation for the force help a lot. It helps to inspire more people to volunteer and recognizes those who are already volunteering. Some volunteer roles include; Search and Rescue, Special Constables, Retained Firefighters, N.H.S. Community Responders, and Coastguard volunteers.

Emergency Services Day timeline

999 is First Used in the U.K.

The number 999 is used in the U.K. to contact emergency services for the first time.

Emergency Services Day is Founded

Tom Scholes-Fogg works to establish Emergency Services Day.

Emergency Services Day is launched

The U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, declares it an official day in September.

The First Emergency Services Day

The first Emergency Services Day is held in September.

Emergency Services Day FAQs

What is the largest U.K. police force?

The largest police force in the United Kingdom is the Metropolitan Police Force in Greater London.

Do personnel die in emergency services?

More than 7,500 emergency personnel were reported to have died in the line of duty in 2018.

What was the first 999 incident?

The first recorded 999 call was in the Hampstead area of London reporting a burglary.

Emergency Services Day Activities

  1. Thank a service member

    Thank some emergency service personnel for their service to society. It’s always good to show appreciation for the brave people who work to save others.

  2. Learn life-saving skills

    You can take a class to learn more about how to respond in emergency situations. This knowledge can help save a life if there is an emergency.

  3. Make a donation

    You can make a donation to any of the emergency service providers. This will help strengthen their ability to save more people.

5 Important Facts About Emergency Services

  1. There are four main emergency services

    The U.K. has four main emergency services including the police, coastguard, fire and rescue, and emergency medical services.

  2. Emergency services have thousands of employees

    The emergency services across the U.K. employ more than 210,000 people.

  3. People dialed 0 for emergencies

    Before 999 the number ‘0’ was dialed and people asked an operator to be put through to the police or fire services.

  4. Many 999 calls are made

    Every week, more than 560,000 calls are made to emergency services.

  5. There is a fast response rate

    It is estimated that 97% of 999 calls are answered within five seconds.

Why We Love Emergency Services Day

  1. It supports the heroes

    The holiday helps to support the heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others. It brings awareness and appreciation of their efforts.

  2. It supports volunteering

    People are able to discover career and volunteer opportunities across the U.K. emergency services. This leads to more people participating in the force.

  3. It educates the public

    More people in the public receive important knowledge on how to save lives in emergencies. This makes society safer.

Emergency Services Day dates

2024September 9Monday
2025September 9Tuesday
2026September 9Wednesday
2027September 9Thursday
2028September 9Saturday

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