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MonSep 9

International Box Wine Day – September 9, 2024

International Box Wine Day is celebrated every year on September 9 by people around the world. As one of the most interesting ways of packaging and selling wine, wine boxes, also known as wine casks or bag in box, are very popular yet quite recent. Although it is mostly related to cheap wines, because of its cost-effective preparation, box wine is still very popular among wine lovers and connoisseurs.

History of International Box Wine Day

Although box wine has only been around for a few decades, it has quickly become very popular. Among producers, it is a particularly preferred way of production because it saves production costs. As such, it is cheaper for buyers. Box wine is easier to transport and store, environmentally friendly, and reduces wine oxidation during the dispensing process. Also, it is not vulnerable to cork taint. In addition, because box wine is not intended for cellaring or aging, it comes with a specific shelf life.

The process of making and storing wine in plastic containers or casks began in the late 1960s, when Thomas Angove, a winemaker from South Australia, used polyethylene bags to store wine. Its practical design allowed for the wine to be poured before the container could be sealed back with a built-in fastener. This was inspired by the design used for packages of battery acid at the time.

In Australia, box wine is very popular because it is the cheapest form of wine, and is the birthplace of this method. During the 1970s, the design of box wine packaging was adapted for other products like water, orange juice, and others. Today, box wine has sparked a wide interest in sustainable packaging as several premium winemakers adopted this design to package and sell their products.

International Box Wine Day timeline

First Patent

Thomas Angove patents the first box wine design, built by his company.

New Design With Plastic Tap

Charles Malpas improves upon the original design by adding a plastic seal tap.

Box Wine Design Goes Viral

The convenient design of wine casks is adapted for other products, notably orange juice, water, and others.

First Premium Box Wine

Central Coast AVA, one of the biggest winemakers, produces the earliest premium fine wine packaged in a box.

International Box Wine Day FAQs

Why does box wine have an expiration date?

Box wine is not intended for cellaring, and has a specific shelf life. This is because box wine is intended for direct consumption and not aging.

Should box wine be refrigerated?

Although it can be beneficial as it keeps the wine cold, box wine doesn’t need refrigeration as it can stay fresh at room temperature.

What is the largest box wine size?

Box wine comes in several sizes; however, the largest one is a five-liter box.

International Box Wine Day Activities

  1. Drink box wine

    The most obvious thing to do during this celebration is to discover the joys of box wine. Like any wine experience, box wine will provide the same delight, only more conveniently and for a fraction of the cost.

  2. Share with friends

    Most people cannot tell the difference between box wine and bottled wine. Any wine lover will appreciate the quality of good box wine. On this special day, share this treat with your friends.

  3. Spread the good word

    Box wine isn’t only about reducing costs, it is mainly about sustainable packaging. Box wine is essentially a lot more convenient in a variety of ways. From the cheap price and the longer shelf life to the environmental benefits, box wine is definitely here to stay.

5 Interesting Facts About Box Wine

  1. Box wine is environmentally friendly

    Packaging wine in boxes or casks produces a lesser carbon footprint than traditional winemaking methods.

  2. Box wine lasts longer

    Because the design of the box reduces oxidation, box wine can last up to a month after breaking the seal.

  3. Box wine is airtight

    The newer wine box designs include a plastic tap, which makes the bag airtight, and helps the wine last longer.

  4. Not about quality

    Although box wine is cheaper, it isn’t because of the quality, but the decreased cost of the production process.

  5. Symbol for sustainable packaging

    Because the packaging is environmentally friendly, box wine has inspired similar sustainable packaging methods for other products.

Why We Love International Box Wine Day

  1. Boxed wine is better

    It’s a lot more practical. It lasts longer, is easier to package and store, and it is not very expensive. If you love wine, you’ll definitely appreciate box wine. A bottled wine may look prettier, but wine casks don’t break.

  2. Environmentally friendly

    The wine bottling process takes up a lot of resources, which often leaves an important carbon footprint. Wine casks on the other hand are easier and less expensive, and energy-consuming, to make.

  3. More convenient

    Box wine is essentially wine without the hassle. With ease to store and package, box wine is a lot more convenient in many ways.

International Box Wine Day dates

2024September 9Monday
2025September 9Tuesday
2026September 9Wednesday
2027September 9Thursday
2028September 9Saturday

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