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Be a Kid Again Day
MonJul 8

Be a Kid Again Day – July 8, 2024

Every Be a Kid Again Day on July 8, stop what you are doing and immerse yourself in your childhood memories. This special day is about taking a break from being an adult and going back to being the carefree kid you once were. It’s the perfect day to channel in your inner child and forget all the worries of the world — including your responsibilities and work pressures. The purpose of the day is to live these 24 hours to the fullest, without stressing about the future. Let out that joyful, innocent kid that’s still deep down there in all of us.

History of Be a Kid Again Day

Be a Kid Again Day promotes an attitude and way of life that should be adopted by everyone on a permanent basis. This is because society demands adults to behave seriously and let go of anything that may be ‘childlike’. Psychology, on the other hand, says a youthful attitude is the key to eternal happiness. To break the rules of society, Be a Kid Again Day was formed. However, way before this special day came along, studies had been conducted on how being a child at heart can benefit people. Yes, you are as old as you feel, and still knowing how to indulge your inner child once in a while can actually have a positive impact on your vitality.

In 2009, a study was conducted to analyze the impact of being ‘psychologically young’ and how it can add to one’s quality of life. The results of the study that analyzed 100,000 women revealed that optimistic women were 30% less likely to die of heart disease than pessimists. The subject of positive psychology was further studied in 2014 and a paper published in the “American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine” concluded that maintaining a positive attitude reduces anxiety and depression.

Another study conducted in the North Carolina State University in 2016 revealed that people with a positive attitude towards aging felt less negative emotions and stress. “This tells us that the way we think about aging has very real consequences on how we respond to difficult situations when we’re older,” says Shevaun Neupert, one of the authors of the paper. “That affects our quality of life and may also have health ramifications.”

Be a Kid Again Day timeline

The Parent Trap

Robert S. Weiss suggests divorce makes children grow up faster.

Mind Games

Yannick Stephan discovers people’s grip strength improves when told they are stronger than others their age.

Wild Imagination

JAMA Internal Medicine reveals people who feel younger than their age have a lower death rate.

Be Fast

A German study reveals people who feel younger, walk faster.

Be a Kid Again Day FAQs

Is it possible to feel like a kid again?

Yes, all you have to do is continue holding on to your youthful perspective.

How do I become a kid again?

To always be young at heart, you need to change your attitude towards life. Try to retain your innocence, laugh a lot, and don’t be in a hurry of growing up.

Is it okay to be childlike?

Some people won’t like you, but others will. All that is important is that you remain true to yourself and act the way you want.

How to Celebrate Be a Kid Again Day

  1. Eat your favorite ice cream flavors

    When we grow older, we tend to stick to particular flavors of ice cream and try not to create a mess. Well, you can dump those rules today and mix as many ice cream flavors as you want. The aim is to channel your inner sugar-craving child.

  2. Watch the cartoons you used to love

    Open your computer and download some of the cartoons you used to watch as a kid. You will be hooked to the screen all night!

  3. Spend a day with kids

    Play board games, Xbox, with dolls, or simply head to a playground with a bunch of kids. The mission is to spend time with some children and partake in the activities you used to do as a child.

5 Reasons Why Kids Are Happier Than Adults

  1. Level of confidence

    Kids don’t care what others think of them.

  2. Venting

    Kids cry away their sorrows and let their hearts heal.

  3. Living in the present

    Children only care about the now, they don’t spend their time worrying about the future.

  4. Wild imagination

    Kids let their imagination go wild while playing, drawing, writing, or telling a story.

  5. Innocent expectations

    Children always expect the best from everyone and are extremely trusting.

Why Be a Kid Again Day is Important

  1. It reiterates the importance of having a stress-free life

    Be A Kid Again Day serves as a reminder of how you can remain stress-free — all you need to do is bring back the kid in you and stop taking everything so seriously.

  2. It’s a blast from the past

    The day reminds us of the past and how different things were when we didn’t have to worry about bills, jobs, and kids.

  3. It helps people retain their youth

    For many, just celebrating the day sets an example of how one can adopt a youthful attitude and take life one day at a time — just like we did when we were kids.

Be a Kid Again Day dates

2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday
2028July 8Saturday

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