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National Rebuilding Day
SatApr 26

National Rebuilding Day – April 26, 2025

National Rebuilding Day falls on the last Saturday in April and is about coming together as a community to raise the living standards of vulnerable families. Most homes in the United States were built before 1980 and require frequent repairs that low-income earners cannot afford to pay for. So, every year since 1973, volunteers come together to provide much-needed maintenance and upgrade these homes.

History of National Rebuilding Day

National Rebuilding Day takes place annually to bring local communities together in the hopes of assisting low-income earners in need of home repairs. The day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April, and over the weekend, thousands of volunteers join forces to give a house lift to families in need.

Critical repair or refurbishment is done by volunteers at no cost to family members. The resources needed for the job are obtained from donations, sponsorships, and gifts from businesses, schools, and other kinds of organizations. These repairs make homes safer, and more liveable for families that cannot afford to pay maintenance costs.

This movement was started by a small group of people in Midland, Texas in 1973. They recognized a need in their community when their neighbors couldn’t afford to fix repairs on their own. They volunteered time and skills every year in April to repair and rehabilitate homes in their community.

They started their journey in Chicago, but news spread quickly, and eventually gained national recognition. They became a non-profit organization known as Rebuild Together in 1988, and have since been dedicated to sustaining and improving homes all year round. Annually Rebuild Together and its associates have almost 100,000 volunteers and complete about 10,000 projects around the country.

If you can hammer, paint, saw, drill, or even garden, your skills would be appreciated by the organization, and could be used to improve a family’s living conditions.

National Rebuilding Day timeline

First Public Housing Projects

Milwaukee finishes the construction of the U.S.’ original public-housing project.

The Limited Dividend Housing Companies Act

New York State passes the first effort to offer subsidies for affordable housing.

Let’s Rebuild Our Community

A small group of people in Midland, Texas, volunteer to rehabilitate community homes.

Rebuild Together

The non-profit organization is formed to sustain affordable housing.

National Rebuilding Day FAQs

What is National Rebuilding Day?

National Rebuilding Day is a day set aside annually to bring local communities together in the effort to assist low-income earners in need of home repairs and renovations. It’s observed on the last Saturday of April.

When did public housing start in the U.S.?

The first public housing was constructed in 1923. However, The federal public housing program started as part of the Housing Act of 1937. It was first intended to create jobs and clear the slums but eventually evolved into a public housing project because of powerful organizing at the grassroots.

Which president started public housing?

Public Housing was started during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 through to 1937.

How To Observe National Rebuilding Day

  1. Volunteer with a group

    Although this movement started in Texas, it has widely spread across any community wanting to better the living standards of its members. Join an organization near you that helps people in need, and if there isn’t one, start exploring the possibilities of creating such a group.

  2. Make a donation

    If you aren’t handy with tools or building-related projects, consider donating to a cause that helps people rebuild their homes. Find out what they need to support their cause, and lend a helping hand in any way you can.

  3. Spread the word

    Talk about National Rebuilding Day and encourage other people to volunteer or donate by spreading the news on your social media networks. Use the hashtags #NationalRebuildingDay or #RebuildingDay when posting to raise more awareness.

5 Crazy Facts About Affordable Housing

  1. There isn’t enough to meet demand

    Not one state in the U.S. has an adequate supply of affordable housing for its lowest-income renters.

  2. Most Americans pay a lot on rent

    A recent survey says at least 2.6 million Americans are cost-burdened, meaning they spend one-third or more of their income on rent.

  3. Rent is on the rise daily

    Since the pandemic especially, cities that used to be affordable have seen a hike in rental costs.

  4. A high number of households are nearly homeless

    Roughly 40 million American households are heading towards becoming homeless.

  5. It is a long-term commitment

    Like other buildings, affordable housing needs upkeep and maintenance.

Why National Rebuilding Day Is Important

  1. Everybody deserves a good home

    It is a human right to have a well-maintained place to live and National Rebuilding Day provides that by giving low-income homes a facelift at no cost. This cause gives vulnerable homeowners one less thing to worry about by saving on the upkeep of their homes.

  2. It’s a collaborative effort

    National Rebuilding Day is a cause that promotes collaboration between community members. It encourages uniting for a cause by bringing volunteers together to make the community a better place for its members.

  3. It helps curb homelessness

    Recent reports suggest that millions of American households are in danger of becoming homeless. This is due to low-income levels in comparison with high property maintenance costs and rental fees. A cause like National Rebuilding Day seeks to keep low-income earners in their homes and off the streets.

National Rebuilding Day dates

2022April 30Saturday
2023April 29Saturday
2024April 27Saturday
2025April 26Saturday
2026April 25Saturday

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