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FriApr 25

National Lingerie Day – April 25, 2025

National Lingerie Day is celebrated on April 25 every year. The day celebrates the best of decorative garments that allow you to feel sexy for yourself and your partners! ‘Lingerie’ is a French word that means underwear. By using the French word, the intention is to suggest that this underwear is both sophisticated and sexy. Lingerie was primarily women’s underwear but over time, designers have designed items of lingerie that suit men. While underwear is a common undergarment, lingerie takes it a step further with its attractive, alluring quality.

History of National Lingerie Day

National Lingerie Day celebrates beautiful and alluring underwear that aims to be a visual treat.

Lingerie refers to underwear that is not just functional but also beautiful and sexy. Lingerie is designed to be visually attractive and frame the bodies that wear it. Lingerie is made from fabrics like silk, satin, lace, chiffon, charmeuse, or lycra. These fabrics ensure that the lingerie is light in weight, sheer, and stretchy. Lingerie is designed to be comfortable to wear.

During the late 19th century, Lady Duff-Gordon began to design lingerie that was less bulky and more shape-defining than corsets. Underwear was now designed to fit closer to the body, be lighter, and be more breathable and wearable.

Once the First World War broke out, women had to join the workforce, especially in factories. The requirements for underwear became more about practicality. During the 20th century, the designs evolved and became more visually appealing. By the 21st century, designers began to look at lingerie as being fashionable.

Modern fabrics and production methods made modern lingerie designs feasible and accessible to more people. It was affordable to buy beautiful lingerie and people now had access to a greater variety of materials and designs.

National Lingerie Day timeline

The Brassiere is Patented

Caresse Crosby designs and receives a patent for the first bra.

Bras Get Reinvented

Bras now fit better, have padding for women with smaller cups, and underwires are used for a prominent bust.

Lingerie is Glamorized

Lingerie designers like Fredrick’s of Hollywood focus on designing glamorous lingerie.

Male Lingerie Becomes a Trend

“The Guardian” reports a growing trend for designers developing lingerie for men.

National Lingerie Day FAQs

Is lingerie uncomfortable?

Most modern lingerie is designed to be comfortable.

Can you customize lingerie?

High-end fashion houses and tailors will customize lingerie to their client’s preferences.

Are there different types of lingerie?

There are 13 different styles of lingerie to choose from.

National Lingerie Day Activities

  1. Buy yourself lingerie

    National Lingerie Day is a great day to add to your underwear. Head to your favorite lingerie store and buy yourself something beautiful.

  2. Have a boudoir shoot

    Celebrate your beauty by treating yourself to a boudoir shoot. Wear your best lingerie and take some lovely photos of yourself.

  3. Attend a show

    Get tickets to a lingerie fashion show and catch up on the latest lingerie fashion trends.

5 Facts About Lingerie That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Women’s underwear was bulky

    Before crinolines were designed, underwear for women was often large and bulky.

  2. Lingerie is used to shape

    From corsets to modern bras and shapewear, lingerie is used as a way to shape the body of the wearer.

  3. Bras are more common than briefs

    56% of the lingerie market is dominated by bras followed by briefs at 29%.

  4. Victoria’s Secret is exclusive to America

    Apart from a few other places, Victoria’s Secret works almost exclusively in the North American market.

  5. There are awareness campaigns for bras

    As bra sizes become more varied, awareness campaigns have been launched to ensure that women have better-fitting bras.

Why We Love National Lingerie Day

  1. It is an act of self-love

    Lingerie does not always have to be bought to impress your partner. Buying lingerie for yourself can also boost your confidence.

  2. It is fun to shop for

    Buying new lingerie is enough to make anyone feel good! National Lingerie Day is a great day to go shopping for new lingerie.

  3. It increases confidence

    Lingerie makes us feel beautiful and confident. We love any excuse to wear lingerie and carry that confidence with us throughout the day.

National Lingerie Day dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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