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April25–May 1

Intergenerational Week – April 25-May 1, 2025

The Intergenerational Week is celebrated from April 25 to 1 this year. The Intergenerational week started as an online campaign created to bridge the relationship gap between generations. In addition to fostering friendship among generations, the campaign aims to inspire and encourage knowledge exchanges, ideas, and moments. In other words, if you are a member of the lost generation, silent generation, millennial, Generation Z, or generation alpha, this campaign event is for you. This campaign celebrates ideas, practices, and possibilities which allow individuals from the seven generations to establish genuine friendships together.

History of Intergenerational Week

The intergenerational week campaign began in 2020. It was founded by the St. Monica Trust, a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom. This is a charity organization based in Bristol, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1925 by the Wills family. The St. Monica Trust devotes its time and assistance to the residents of its community.

The St. Monica Trust launched the first successful Intergenerational campaign from March 23 to March 29, 2020. Generations Working Together (G.W.T.), a Scotland center dedicated to supporting intergenerational projects, served as the Intergenerational Campaign’s flagship organization in 2021. The G.W.T. collaborated with a similar group in Northern Ireland, The Cares Family in England, and Bridging Generations in Wales. The second campaign was held during the second week of March. The campaign took place from March 8 to 14, 2021.

The second campaign had over 120,000 participants who shared the hashtag #IntergenerationalWeek. The campaign message is ‘say no to the age gap.’ The organizations behind the campaign hope to inspire individuals regardless of their age. Governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations are urged to embrace the intergenerational practice and aid in connecting people of all ages from each generation, coming together in a shared space to share resources.

The Intergenerational week campaign is backed by over 40 organizations such as Ancaster House, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Citadel, and Lead Scotland, to name a few. While this campaign week is taking place only in the United Kingdom, the organizations behind the campaign intend to make it a global movement.

Intergenerational Week timeline

Official Campaign Launch

The Intergenerational campaign week is officially launched in March.

Generations Working Together Takes Over

Generations Working Together takes over leadership of the Intergenerational Week campaign and partners with other organizations.

Campaign Participation and Promotion

The Intergenerational Week campaign gains over 398 participants in online events with over 324,350 views and over 9,600 social media engagements

The British Broadcasting Company

The British Broadcasting Company covers the Intergenerational campaign week

Global Launch

The Intergenerational Campaign Week is set to go global!

Intergenerational Week FAQs

In what country is Intergenerational Week celebrated?

Intergenerational Week is a campaign week celebrated across the United Kingdom.

Is Intergenerational Week done by the British government?

Intergenerational Week is an event by a charity organization.

Is St. Monica Trust a Care Home?

St. Monica Trust is a non-profit organization. It also runs a retirement village for the elderly.

Intergenerational Week Activities

  1. Promote the Campaign

    You can get involved in the Intergenerational week campaign by promoting it on social media and using the appropriate hashtags. Start an online conversation.

  2. Donate to the Campaign

    You can make donations to any of the organizations supporting the campaign. For more information, you can visit the G.W.T. website.

  3. Sign up for the online event

    You can also sign up for the online launch event on the website, generations working together, or contact any of the website's communications officers to participate in the campaign. What are you waiting for?

5 Facts About Intergenerational Week That You Need To Know

  1. The campaign has 48 supporting organizations

    In just two years, the intergenerational week campaign has garnered the support of 48 organizations.

  2. It is celebrated by inclusive cinema

    Inclusive cinema of the B.F.I. Film Audience Network supports and holds activities in honor of the intergenerational week campaign.

  3. The campaign is run by non-profit organizations

    The Intergenerational Week campaign is run and funded by non-profit organizations and charities.

  4. Founding organization is over 100 years old

    The Founding organization of Intergenerational week, St. Monica Trust, is over 100 years old.

  5. Covered by over 14 News outlets

    In 2021 the Intergenerational week campaign was covered by over 14 news outlets across the four nations in the United Kingdom.

Why We Love Intergenerational Week

  1. It facilitates resource and idea exchange

    The intergenerational campaign allows for ideas, resources, and knowledge to be interchanged between people from different generations, giving each participant a different outlook on life. We love this!

  2. It promotes friendship

    The Intergenerational Campaign Week promotes and aids the formation of friendship bonds between people of all age groups and encourages social interaction. The campaign creates a sense of community for the elderly and the younger generation.

  3. It breaks down ageism

    The Intergenerational Campaign Week breaks down ageism by encouraging skill learning and sharing experiences across all age groups without discrimination. Why not support this important cause?

Intergenerational Week dates

2022April 25Monday
2023April 24Monday
2024April 24Wednesday
2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday

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