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International Financial Independence Awareness Day – April 25, 2025

International Financial Independence Awareness Day is observed on April 25. It is a day for workers to include plans for becoming financially independent in their careers. No one wants to pay bills with difficulties on retirement, but many are ignorant of how to go about avoiding that. This day educates and prompts you to take charge of your finances and practice the proven theory of saving a small percentage of your monthly earnings for some time. In the long run, you will then have enough to become financially independent.

History of International Financial Independence Awareness Day

With increasing difficulties in the economic sectors worldwide, it is almost impossible for many to boast of financial security. However, with the right guidance and planning, a promising future can be almost guaranteed. Everyone wants to be financially independent but few know the right steps to take to achieve that. And that is why a group of well-informed individuals, who knew the power of financial independence decided to create a day to suggest feasible plans for workers to attain it.

International Financial Independence Awareness Day celebration, codified ‘425’, began in 2019. It was primarily created to enjoin workers, especially those planning on retiring to imbibe the 4% and 25 rules of gaining financial independence. The 4% rule implores workers to withdraw 4% of their annual investment to fund their retirement and increase it in the event of inflation. The 25 rule tells workers what they are required to save for their retirement years, i.e. 25 times their yearly expenses. The organizers of the holiday believe imbibing these rules will guarantee loyalists outright financial independence, even after retirement.

Even though the campaign only began to be observed in 2019, there has been a significant movement towards gaining financial independence earlier in the 2010s. The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement began during that time. The movement drew inspiration from Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez’s 1992 best-seller “Your Money or Your Life” and Jacob Lund Fisker’s 2010 book “Early Retirement Extreme.” The two books suggest living a prudent life and describe the relationship between saving rates and retirement age — a marker for workers to use in determining their retirement time. The 2011 blog “Mr. Money Mustache” helped popularize the FIRE movement and in 2018, it got important coverage by the mainstream media.

International Financial Independence Awareness Day timeline

Book Releases

Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez's book on financial independence is released.

Beginning of Financial Independence Movements

The FIRE movement begins.

Media Coverage of the FIRE Movement

The mainstream media outlets give the movement significant media coverage.

Birth of International Financial Independence Awareness Day

The campaign coded '425' begins.

International Financial Independence Awareness Day FAQs

Why is it important to be financially independent?

To have control over one’s financial life i.e. to be able to cater to one’s needs even after retirement over some time is a worthwhile goal.

What is the 50/30/20 budget rule?

Proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, the basic rule is to divide up an income after tax deductions and then allocate it as follows — 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and putting away 20% to savings.

How much does the average 70-year-old have in savings?

According to the Federal Reserve data, the average amount of retirement savings for 65 to 74-year-olds is just over $426,000.

How to Observe International Financial Independence Awareness Day

  1. Make an intention

    Everything is achievable if honest intentions are made. Celebrate this day by making an intention to imbibe the '425' method of financial independence.

  2. Stay firm and determined

    Make a strong resolution to be firm in abiding by the plans you make on the day. When determination meets good intentions, success becomes the word.

  3. Inform others

    Now that you have learned about financial independence, celebrate the rest of the day by informing close ones about it. Nothing beats a group of friends and families who are all financially buoyant on retirement.

5 Fascinating Facts About Retirement

  1. Social security alone isn't enough

    Relying on social security payments alone won't sustain you.

  2. Americans don't save for retirement

    Carlos Dias Jr., founder of Dias Wealth, L.L.C. in Lake Mary said Americans are far behind in retirement savings.

  3. Many lack retirement plans

    Most workers put their hopes on pensions that amount to little and forget to make plans for their retirement.

  4. Could last more than expected

    Most retirees believe they have little time left to live, but their retirement duration could extend to a few decades.

  5. Long time plan

    Retirement plans are best if done for a long retirement time as life expectancy has significantly increased.

Why International Financial Independence Awareness Day is Important

  1. It inculcates financial discipline

    One of the main reasons we love this day is because it teaches us to be financially disciplined, such that we can say "this is for this," "that is for that," and still say "this goes to the piggy bank." Work on your financial discipline starting from today.

  2. It makes retirement less frightening

    Most people are scared of retirement. With the awareness this day brings, we get to learn ways by which to conquer the major fear factor that drives retirement phobia.

  3. It reduces dependency

    Putting the '425' plan preached on the day into action ensures we are less dependent on government aid and close relatives after retirement. Independence is what we should strive for.

International Financial Independence Awareness Day dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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