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International Child-Centered Divorce Month – January 2025

International Child-Centered Divorce Month is celebrated for the full month of January every year. This month was introduced by the Child-Centered Divorce Network. The organization aims to use the entire month of January to spread awareness about the effects that divorce can have on children. It is also about educating parents about the different psychological changes that children might go through. January is chosen for this awareness month because studies report that January is when most divorces occur. The month is not to promote the harmful effects of divorce, but it tries to ensure that the divorce is handled effectively and responsibly by parents.

History of International Child-Centered Divorce Month

In 2000 B.C., the first known divorce laws were written on clay tablets in ancient Mesopotamia. In ancient tribes, marriage and divorce laws were practiced similarly to laws today. For example, Inca couples began their relationship with a trial period during which a man had the option to send his partner home. However, once the marriage was formalized, the couple could not break up. As for the Inuit couples, divorce was strongly discouraged but not impossible to achieve. Spouses could ask for a divorce or swap their partners with a different couple, as long as all four parties involved agreed.

Divorce was regulated by religious authorities in the past. In the 7th century A.D., Muslims followed the Quran’s rules when getting divorced. According to the rules, a husband could divorce his wife whenever he wanted to without receiving the wife’s approval. The wife could only get a divorce with her husband’s approval. Similarly, the Catholic Church controlled divorce laws in 11th century Europe, where they banned divorce completely. In the Protestant Church divorce was only permissible in the case of adultery.

In the late 18th century, state and religion separated. This separation led to divorce laws being governed by secular courts. The French Revolution established many of the new divorce laws which allowed for divorce in several situations. These included adultery, violence, desertion, or mutual consent.

Most of these laws were partial to men over women. It was only in the 20th century when domestic violence by a husband against his wife was considered a valid reason for divorce.

International Child-Centered Divorce Month timeline

2000 B.C.
The Earliest Divorce Laws

The first known divorce laws are written on clay tablets in ancient Mesopotamia.

7th Century A.D.
Divorce is Regulated By Religious Authorities

Muslims follow the Quran’s rules for divorce.

18th Century
Divorce Laws Are Governed in Secular Courts

The state and religion become separate, moving divorce laws to secular courts.

20th Century
Domestic Violence is Valid Grounds for Divorce

Domestic violence by a husband against his wife is granted as a valid reason for divorce.

International Child-Centered Divorce Month FAQs

At what age is a child most affected by divorce?

A child is most affected by divorce when they are between the ages of 6 to 12 years old. They are still not old enough to understand it from the adult’s point of view.

What factors contribute to a child's adjustment to divorce?

The personality of the child and their ability to deal with the aftermath of divorce is a big factor. The relationship of the parents before and after the divorce also contributes to the child’s adjustment to divorce.

How are children affected by divorce?

Children affected by divorce may experience behavioral problems due to the stress of divorce. They might also have social adjustment issues and have difficulty making and sustaining relationships.

How To Observe International Child-Centered Divorce Month

  1. Read up

    Become informed about child-centered divorce before you start volunteering or telling others about it. There are many informative articles online.

  2. Be there for those in need

    Offer support to your peers, relatives, partners, or whoever may want to talk about their struggles. Always listen with an open mind.

  3. Spread awareness online

    Knowledge increases when it is shared. Spread the message about International Child-Centered Divorce Month to your circles via social media channels.

5 Interesting Facts About Divorce

  1. Witnessing their parents divorce

    At least half of the children in the U.S. witness the end of their parent’s marriage.

  2. Children of divorce are susceptible to divorce

    Children of divorce are 35% more likely to get a divorce.

  3. Divorced mothers usually get child custody

    Most divorced mothers get child custody and around 79% of them receive child support.

  4. Children of divorce are vulnerable to illnesses

    Children of divorce are 50% more vulnerable to developing health problems.

  5. Divorce can impact the child’s academic performance

    Divorce can negatively impact the child’s grades and overall academic life.

Why International Child-Centered Divorce Month is Important

  1. To share information

    This month is observed to create awareness on the negative impact of a divorce on children and how this can be minimized. Parents become aware of positive ways that they can proceed with a divorce.

  2. To encourage mediation

    The Child-Centered Divorce Network identifies mediation as a beneficial alternative to approach divorce. This month is important because it reinforces the etiquette of respectful co-parenting and efficient communication.

  3. To make wise choices

    A peaceful divorce can reduce the stress and impact of the divorce on the child. International Child-Centered Divorce Month supports couples in making these choices.

International Child-Centered Divorce Month dates

2025January 1Wednesday
2026January 1Thursday
2027January 1Friday
2028January 1Saturday
2029January 1Monday
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