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National Staying Healthy Month – January 2025

Celebrate National Staying Healthy Month throughout January to kick off the new year with a special health-focused celebration. After the partying and festivities of the previous year, this month encourages everyone to focus on overall wellbeing and self-care. The goal was to encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle by promoting healthy routines throughout January.

History of National Staying Healthy Month

People have always wanted to know what makes the human body healthy. In the ancient ages, this revolved around spiritual beliefs; the medical and scientific understanding of the body came much later. The ancient Egyptians believed that headaches were caused by demons, while the ancient Greeks believed that people who were sick needed to satisfy the gods by making pilgrimages to sacred sanctuaries.

This all changed around the 5th century B.C.E. when Hippocrates developed his concepts of medicine. The ‘Father of Modern Medicine’ as he was called, first documented the concept of bodily health as we know it.

Gradually, as the world learned more about themselves and their environment, humanity’s understanding of health developed too. The ancient Romans made amazing innovations (for that period) in sanitation and public health. Ancient Indians routinely performed procedures for tumor removal and cataract removal, and much later, throughout the Middle Ages, the Muslim Empire and the Church played a role in the growth of medicine.

New innovations came about, such as vaccinations, surgical procedures, and with it, more knowledge about what the body needed to function. By the 18th and 19th centuries, people began figuring foods and other items to eat (and avoid) to prevent illnesses. Mental wellbeing also began to be explored, and mental impairments were no longer considered signs of otherworldly influences.

Today, health is viewed as a holistic ecosystem of the mind, body, and spirit. People seek balance, and this is the knowledge that National Staying Healthy Month strives to instill in everyone.

National Staying Healthy Month timeline

The Concept of Vitamins

English biologist Frederick Hopkins publishes experiments that prove what medicine before him had suspected — there are as-yet-unnamed ingredients in the food that are crucial to growth and development; these are later called 'vitamins'.

The World Health Organisation

After World War II, on April 7, the U.N. creates an organization to influence global health initiatives, to achieve the best possible health for individuals everywhere.

Let's Hear About Superfoods

The term originates from advertisers and marketers — a Canadian newspaper as they talk about a muffin, and before that, a Jamaican newspaper when they advertise wine; the use of this term in relation to healthy food doubles from 2011 to 2015 and continues to rise even today.

Mid-20th Century
Learning About Immunity

The world realizes immunity preserves the bodily integrity of people, and they also realize some illnesses — tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, and more — are the result of a body's immune systems attacking itself.

National Staying Healthy Month FAQs

What month is Wellness Month 2021?

Wellness Month is another month-long event that focuses on self-care and health. It was held in August 2021.

What month is National Wellness Month?

National Wellness Month, another name for Wellness Month, is held yearly in August.

What National health Month is April?

April is designated as Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. This event was founded by the Prevent Blindness organization and addresses the different needs in women’s eye care.

National Staying Healthy Month Activities

  1. Stay healthy: the physical edition

    Make a positive change during this month, whether by getting more exercise or treating yourself to a gadget-free day.

  2. Stay healthy: the mind edition

    Remember to exercise your mind in the same way that you would your body. Take some time to look after your mental health; practice any technique that works for you from the countless ideas available online.

  3. Inspire others to stay healthy

    Don't enjoy the benefits of good health all on your own; share your tips with friends and family. Encourage others to stay healthy too.

5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

  1. Water fights off heart attacks

    According to research, you can reduce the chances of heart attack by 40% if you drink at least five glasses of water a day.

  2. Reduce sitting and sleeping

    They're great — in moderation — as too much of either can decrease life expectancy, says a study by the University of Sydney.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine

    It increases blood flow by 20%, which is good for the human heart.

  4. Reading beats stress

    Getting engrossed in reading can reduce cortisol and other unhealthy stress hormone levels by 68%.

  5. Green for mental health

    Spending time outdoors or in green spaces indoors can boost mental health, self-esteem, and reduce negative thoughts too.

Why We Love National Staying Healthy Month

  1. We take better care of ourselves

    Human health is very important, and this month is just the boost we need to improve our lives.

  2. We take better care of others

    Since we're stronger, we're already building a much better world by being able to take care of others' mental and physical health. We're all ultimately benefiting from a healthy world.

  3. The power of human connection

    Health awareness months, weeks, and days are crucial to rally support and increase community awareness of how to fight illnesses. The more humans connect with each other, the more tools and knowledge we possess to keep ourselves healthy.

National Staying Healthy Month dates

2025January 1Wednesday
2026January 1Thursday
2027January 1Friday
2028January 1Saturday
2029January 1Monday
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Celebration of Life Week
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Diet Resolution Week
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Mummer's Parade
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New Year’s Dishonor List Day
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Polar Bear Plunge Day
Public Domain Day
Ring a Bell Day
Rose Bowl Game
Solemnity of Mary
Sudan Independence Day
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Universal Hour of Peace
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Z Day
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California Restaurant Month
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Celebration Of Life Month
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Cervical Health Awareness Month
Cervical Health Awareness Month
Children Impacted by Parent's Cancer Month
Clap 4 Health Month
Dry January
Family Fit Lifestyle Month
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Get A Balanced Life Month
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Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month
Little Things Mental Health Campaign
March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month
National Bath Safety Month
National Be On-Purpose Month
National Birth Defects Prevention Month
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National CBD Month
National Clean Up Your Computer Month
National Codependency Awareness Month
National Codependency Awareness Month
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National Mail Order Gardening Month
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National Menudo Month
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National Personal Trainer Awareness Month
National Polka Month
National Pre-Pregnancy Awareness Month
National Radon Action Month
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National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
National Slow Cooking Month
National Soup Month
National Staying Healthy Month
National Sunday Supper Month
National Thank You Month
National Train Your Dog Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month
National Wheat Bread Month
Poverty Awareness Month
Poverty in America Awareness Month
Prune Breakfast Month
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Teen Driving Awareness Month
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