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National Bloody Mary Day – January 1, 2022

National Bloody Mary Day falls on January 1, which is convenient for everyone who may have partied a little too much the night before. Ring in the year by celebrating with the famous cocktail that consists of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, cayenne, and salt. We’ll note that while it can alleviate hangover symptoms, it can further dehydrate you, so drink responsibly. Still, Bloody Marys are the No. 1 brunch cocktail in the U.S. Take that, mimosas.

National Bloody Mary Day timeline

Birth of the Bloody Mary

While working at Harry's New York Bar in Paris, Fernand Petiot mixes the tomato concoction for the first time.

Celery Stick is the New Straw

The idea of adding a celery stick to garnish a Bloody Mary originates at Chicago’s Ambassador East Hotel by accident — a customer didn't receive a straw, so he winds up with a celery stick to mix it.

An Extra Kick

The McIlhenny Company introduces TABASCO Bloody Mary Mix.

The Biggest Bloody Mary

The Ontario Plowmen’s Association in Canada makes the largest Bloody Mary cocktail, totaling about 155 gallons.

National Bloody Mary Day Activities

  1. Brunch it out with some Bloody Marys

    You might need some sustenance, which means making it to brunch. If there's a restaurant near you, make sure they have Bloody Marys.

  2. Invite friends over to make some with you

    Get the basic ingredients, plus some goodies like bacon and olives to garnish. Then let your friends create their own unique Bloody Marys. If you were out all night, it might be nice to stay in and drink the cocktail with friends from the comfort of your own home. Sounds like a great way to start off the new year!

  3. Create a Bloody Mary bucket list

    Find the best Bloody Marys in your city and rank them. This way, you'll have a set list for visiting guests and your local foodie squad. Make sure you plan accordingly (for example, have a designated driver), and don't try them all in one day.

4 Possible Women Behind The Name Bloody Mary

  1. Queen Mary I of England

    The first Queen Mary was nicknamed Bloody Mary because of the way she tried to bring back the Catholic church to England — by executing Protestants.

  2. Film star Mary Pickford

    A Canadian-born actress and filmmaker during the age of silent pictures, she was known as "America's Sweetheart."

  3. A waitress named Mary

    She supposedly worked at the Bucket of Blood bar in Chicago.

  4. A customer's girlfriend named Mary

    Some say the name came about when a bar patron said the cocktail looked like his girlfriend Mary — whom he met at the Bucket of Blood cabaret.

Why We Love National Bloody Mary Day

  1. We get to toast new beginnings at the beginning of the day

    Most of us don't wake up ready to drink, but this savory cocktail gives us permission. It's acceptable to have a Bloody Mary at brunch, and that's something to celebrate.

  2. It's a cocktail and a possible hangover cure

    While it can dehydrate you further, a Bloody Mary is thought to cure hangovers due to its combination of a heavy vegetable base, salt, and alcohol. This combination together can help settle the stomach, replenish electrolytes, and relieve body aches.

  3. Bloody Marys have potential health benefits

    Even if you're not trying to power through a hangover, Bloody Marys are actually a great source of antioxidants, thanks to the tomatoes.

National Bloody Mary Day dates

2021January 1Friday
2022January 1Saturday
2023January 1Sunday
2024January 1Monday
2025January 1Wednesday

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