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National Clean Up Your Computer Month – January 2025

National Clean Up Your Computer Month, observed annually in January, reminds us of all that our computers do a lot for us, and they deserve a little T.L.C. too. After all, like any other machine, ignoring your computer can come at a large cost — literally and figuratively. That’s probably why the founders of this day, whoever they are, slotted an entire month to clean up our computers — these devices are too important to us.

History of National Clean Up Your Computer Month

While we know next to nothing about the history of this month (yet), the history of the mighty computer is well documented.

Ever since a unique machine called the computer hit the markets, the world has been fascinated with this device. Multiple iterations later, by the 1960s, larger machines were common in the U.S. military, large industries, and even the U.S. space program. These large machines, mostly manufactured by the market leader, IBM, at the time, were challenging, were expensive, and were hard to use too — but they were extremely popular. Then, in the next decade, a computer bearing name you might have heard — Apple — came into the market. It prompted a widespread recognition (and use) of personal computers. The big names computers also added what were revolutionary features back then — bigger memory stores, reasonable pricing, and even disk drives to store data and programs on.

By the 1980s, Apple, I.B.M., and others had come out with newer and better models, exploring attractive user interfaces, modular designs, and an electric-typewriter-like keyboard. Around the same time, IBM also released its 286-AT, which had never-seen-before applications like the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet (which has its own celebratory day) and Microsoft Word. Using computers became a thing of convenience. Many households, businesses had some, and as the applications, software, and the computers themselves got more streamlined, even more homes and offices got new computers.

Fast forward to today. Everyone has a computer at their home or their office — or both. Today’s computers, which are several times more powerful than those early models, can do much more and assist us even more. However, they will require some assistance in order to continue operating in the manner that we require. And that’s where National Clean Up Your Computer Month comes in.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month timeline

The World's First Digital Computer

ENIAC or the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer is built by the U.S. during World War II; it is the most powerful calculating device built so far.

1960s — 1970s
Minicomputers Come Around

The gradual progression of computer hardware results in 'minicomputers' — devices that are, like their name, small(er), able to perform multiple functions, and relatively inexpensive; according to certain sources, the PDP-8 by Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's first such device.

First Apple Computer

Initially called the Apple Computer, and later, Apple I (or Apple-1), this computer jumpstarts the personal computer market; it is not only the first Apple product to be sold, but it is also the very first PC that comes with a warranty.

Storing Data in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) launches a public cloud service, and now people can rent virtual storage spaces for their data; people are slow to adopt this technology due to a lack of real examples.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month FAQs

What is National Clean Out Your Computer Day?

Another day designated for cleaning your devices, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is held yearly on February 8.

How do I clean my computer on a monthly basis?

Clean the screen and keyboard, declutter your files, update your programs and applications — these are just some ways to clean your computer. Plenty more ideas and resources are easily available online.

Is it recommended to clean the computer annually?

People are recommended to clean their computers every three to six months to keep them running smoothly.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month Activities

  1. Clean up the computer

    Organize your desktop, arrange your files and store them safely, run a virus check, and more. Check (and trashing) old stuff from your computers also helps free up space, which in turn helps computers run a little faster.

  2. Clean up your computer's insides

    Don't forget to dust off the insides of your computer too. The little nooks and crannies are a haven for dust to settle in, which can cause big problems for your computer if it is left to settle.

  3. Encourage others to clean their computers

    Work buddies, out-of-office buddies, family — get everyone involved in National Clean Up Your Computer Month, for the betterment of their devices.

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Computer And Data

  1. Use a can of compressed air

    Gently blow the dust off your computer case and even the keyboard and screen; a cotton swab can be used to wipe off the remaining dust.

  2. Safeguard against power surges

    Did you know you can buy a special surge protector to protect against fluctuations of power?

  3. Check out special tools

    All big-name computers have special 'clean up' tools to wipe out unwanted junk from your systems; these are usually free and preloaded onto your devices too.

  4. Update everything

    Check online for the latest updates — which are often about plugging security issues — and download them to keep your computers safe from threats.

  5. Get professional help

    Instead of trying to protect the computer yourself, how about investing in a good antivirus program that automatically protects your computer and your data from harm?

Why We Love National Clean Up Your Computer Month

  1. It is way more productive

    Which is easier to navigate — a computer with a messy desktop and files, or one that has everything organized just the way you like it?

  2. Cleaning computers is a healthy habit

    Physical benefits include not succumbing to dust allergies or any other illness. Social benefits include a safer, faster, and happier experience when using your clean computer.

  3. This month benefits the environment too

    The more we maintain our devices, the less we'd need to service or replace them. And so, we are emitting less electronic waste into the planet.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month dates

2025January 1Wednesday
2026January 1Thursday
2027January 1Friday
2028January 1Saturday
2029January 1Monday
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