Apple Gifting Day – January 1, 2022

Apple Gifting Day is celebrated every year on January 1, as part of the many traditional ways of marking New Year’s Day. Because apples symbolize good health, giving people apples on New Year’s Day is wishing them good health for the rest of the year. The best thing about apples is that there are varieties of them: candied apples, apples for tarts and sweet dishes, and apples for raw eating. So this Apple Gifting Day, give an apple to your loved ones.

History of Apple Gifting Day

The history of giving apples as gifts goes way back before Christ. In ancient Greek and Roman empires, it was a tradition to give fruits on the occasion of the arrival of the new year. Even in the Celtic cultures, the gifting of mistletoe, gilded nuts, and branches of sacred trees was a great tradition that, under the influence of Greek and Roman empires, spread throughout Europe.

Until the 17th century, the generic term for fruits other than berries was ‘apple.’ Giving apples as a gift was considered to be a sign of wealth and perhaps that is the reason apples serve as a symbol for many things such as love, knowledge, bounty, beauty, and good health. Small gifts were usually given to family and friends on New Year’s Day, but assorted fruit gifts, especially apples, were considered valuable on such occasions.

As advancements in science were made and Europeans started spreading out to distant lands, the traditions of giving gifts on New Year’s Day followed them. The same thing happened in the U.S. that the tradition of giving fruits to people became a custom, and the European settlers retained this tradition, which had become a part of American culture.

During the early years of American History, teachers were often given apples as payments. This custom of giving apples continued even after teachers started receiving cash remunerations, but then apple gifts were reduced to a mere token of gratitude from students.

Today the tradition has become quaint and merely historic. But it’s still ideal, nonetheless.

Apple Gifting Day timeline

12th–8th Century B.C.
The Tradition of Fruit Gifts

The tradition of giving fruits as gifts is traced to Greece and Rome, from where it spreads to England and surrounding areas.

Apples Arrive in the Americas

Apples arrive in America, and they are brought by the Europeans in the 17th century.

Apples are Given to Teachers as Wage

Teachers receive apples as payment for their service, in early American tradition, as the records reveal.

National Apple Day

On October 21, 1990, the first National Apple Day is celebrated.

Apple Gifting Day FAQs

Is there an apple day?

In the U.K. October 12 is marked annually as Apples and Orchards Day.

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

An apple is a very healthy fruit and contains many essential nutrients. Eating apples regularly can help reduce a lot of health issues for which you might have to see a doctor. 

When was the first Apple Gifting Day celebrated?

There is no exact date of the origin of Apple Gifting Day, but the tradition of giving apple gifts is associated with New Year’s Day and it has been observed even before Christ.

How to Celebrate Apple Gifting Day

  1. Give someone an apple

    Simply give an apple to a friend or a family member. Tell them, It’s Apple Gifting Day, so here is an Apple for you.

  2. Make your own collection of assorted apples

    There are over 100 edible varieties of apples in America, and every single one of them is worth trying. This Apple Gift Day, make your own collection of assorted apples and try them. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Improvise on an apple-something recipe

    Go a step forward and make something out of apples, e.g. an apple pie. Share it with your family and friends.

5 Facts About Apple Gifting Day Everyone Should Know.

  1. 7000+ varieties of apples

    There are more than 7000 types of apples in the world.

  2. Apple is the oldest published fruit

    Mentioned in the tales of Adam and Eve, the apple is the oldest and most published fruit in history.

  3. A worldwide sensation

    With over 7,000 varieties, the apple is the most abundant and widely consumed fruit in the world.

  4. Apple: the purported forbidden fruit

    Although in the Bible it is not mentioned what was the forbidden fruit, consensus says that it was an apple.

  5. Almaty

    Almaty, the former capital city of Kazakhstan, is named after apples — the word is derived from the Russian ‘алма,’ which means 'full of apples.'

Why We Love Apple Gifting Day

  1. Reminds us to eat apples

    'Apples' used to be a generic term referring to fruits except for nuts and berries. Fruits are nutritious and healthful. By giving people apples you are promoting good health.

  2. Apple is a symbol of good health

    In today’s world where everything is processed, giving a bushel of fresh apples expresses your concern for the health of the beneficiary. Why not give apples to the people you love.

  3. Apples are simply great

    Apple is the most consumed fruit in the world and covers 50% of the produce of all deciduous trees. If nothing else, this is enough reason to celebrate this celebrity fruit.

Apple Gifting Day dates

2021January 1Friday
2022January 1Saturday
2023January 1Sunday
2024January 1Monday
2025January 1Wednesday

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