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Diet Resolution Week

Diet Resolution Week – January 1-7, 2024

Diet Resolution Week is celebrated from January 1 – January 7 every year. The first week of the year makes it the perfect time to make a resolution to diet and eat healthily. It is never too late to start eating healthy. Making a change in our diet can go a long way when it comes to increasing our quality of life and having more energy as we get older. It improves our physical health and our overall mental wellbeing. Watching what we eat is an important part of taking care of ourselves.

History of Diet Resolution Week

An English doctor called George Cheyne started the first public diet. He consumed large quantities of rich food and drink which made him overweight. Cheyne began a meatless diet that included only milk and vegetables. This diet helped him become healthy. George Cheyne publicly recommended his diet as a solution for obesity. In 1724, he published his work “An Essay of Health and Long Life” where he recommended healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, getting fresh air, and avoiding rich foods.

In 1797, John Rollo, a Scottish military surgeon, published his work “Notes of a Diabetic Case.” Rolo wrote about how a meat diet can be beneficial to those who have diabetes. This diet was developed for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

In 1863, an Englishman called William Banting wrote a booklet called “Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public.” Banting advertised his version of a healthy diet, popularly known as ‘Banting’. This diet comprised four meals per day which included meat, greens, fruits, and dry wine. William Banting aimed to create a no-carb diet that we are all now familiar with. He eliminated foods like sugar, starch, beer, milk, and butter. This pamphlet was contemporary and relevant for years beyond William Banting’s time. Modern diets have also been inspired by his diet. Banting became popular for a cool advertising gimmick in the form of a question on the pamphlet saying, “Do you bant?”. This catchphrase popularized the diet plan.

In 1918, Lulu Hunt Peters wrote her book, “Diet and Health: With Key to the Calories.” This became the first weight-loss book to achieve bestseller status. It was also the first weight-loss book that promoted counting calories.

It was estimated that over 1000 weight-loss diets have been developed by 2014.

Diet Resolution Week timeline

A Doctor’s Diet Recommendation

George Cheyne publishes “An Essay of Health and Long Life” where he recommends healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, getting fresh air, and avoiding rich foods.

A Diet Plan for Diabetes

John Rollo’s “Notes of a Diabetic Case” proposes a meat diet that is beneficial to those with type 2 diabetes

Banting — The No-Carb Diet

William Banting popularizes his version of a healthy diet known as “Banting” which includes meat, greens, fruits, and dry wine

The First Weight-Loss Bestseller

Lulu Hunt Peters’ book “Diet and Health: With Key to the Calories” becomes the first weight-loss book to achieve bestseller status.

Diet Resolution Week FAQs

What is a good diet plan?

A good diet plan is balanced. It includes vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, grains, and nuts.

How should a beginner diet?

The best way for a beginner to diet is by preparing your food. You should be aware of the different components going into your meal.

How long should I follow a diet?

Following a healthy and balanced diet should be a lifelong goal. If you are interested in dieting for weight loss, then at least 10 weeks is required to see results. 

How To Celebrate Diet Resolution Week

  1. Take the first step

    The first step is always the hardest. Begin your journey towards a sustainable healthy diet by changing one part of your diet.

  2. Find a diet that suits you

    There are millions of diets available on the internet. Pick the one that is most beneficial and suitable for you.

  3. Stick to the diet

    Too many cheat days can become a cheat month and eventually a cheat year. Celebrate Diet Resolution Week by sticking to the diet you have chosen.

5 Facts About Dieting That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Controlled dieting is beneficial in the long-term

    Controlled dieting includes following diets that are prescribed by weight loss programs and dietary experts which is beneficial for those looking to maintain a diet.

  2. Dieting for health reasons

    The prudent diet restricts the consumption of red meat and unsaturated fat to control cholesterol levels in older people.

  3. The world's first liquid diet

    In 1066 A.D., William the Conqueror went on a liquid diet that consisted of alcohol to lose weight.

  4. The world’s first diet book

    The first diet book was written in 1558 by Luigi Cornaro called "The Art of Living Long,” where he prescribed a diet of having only 12 ounces of food and 14 ounces of wine per day.

  5. Diet pills are not effective

    Pills like amphetamines, starch blockers, diuretics, e.t.c. suppress your appetite, but many of them are not effective and may be dangerous.

Why We Celebrate Diet Resolution Week

  1. To live a long, healthy life

    The goal of starting a diet is to ensure that we live a long and healthy life. A good diet can help us plan for our future.

  2. It improves our energy levels

    Our bodies obtain energy and nutrition from the foods we consume. If our diets are rich in protein and good nutrients we will be more energetic.

  3. Dieting boosts self-confidence

    Another plus of dieting is that it helps us to gain confidence. It is a positive feeling to know that we are making an effort to increase our quality of life.

Diet Resolution Week dates

2024January 1Monday
2025January 1Wednesday
2026January 1Thursday
2027January 1Friday
2028January 1Saturday
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