September 7th holidays

September 7 is the 250th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Pope Alexander III was chosen, the first Miss America Pageant was held, and Egypt held its first-ever multi-party presidential election. Famous birthdays include Eazy-E, Evan Rachel Wood, and Buddy Holly. September 7 also marks National 401(k) Day, and National Beer Lover's Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for September 7.


National Beer Lovers Day

Let's all sing, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."


Brazil Independence Day

Or as they say in Brazil — Sete de Setembro!  


Google Commemoration Day

Get your keypads and keyboards at the ready, it’s time to celebrate Google Commemoration Day.


Grandma Moses Day

Grandma Moses Day is a reminder that it’s never too late to start afresh.


International Day of Clean Air

An estimated seven million people worldwide die from diseases related to unclean air each year.


National Acorn Squash Day

Just as sweet as it is healthy, this celebration will keep your taste buds wanting more.


National Grateful Patient Day

An amazing healthcare worker matches perfectly with a grateful patient. Be one today!


National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

Through sunshine and hail, our postal service workers are here to stay.


National Salami Day

Meat lovers gather around, as we dig into the delicious celebration of this world-renowned sausage!