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SatSep 7

National New Hampshire Day – September 7, 2024

National New Hampshire Day is observed each year on September 7 by residents of New Hampshire in the United States. The day recognizes New Hampshire becoming the ninth state to join the Union. New Hampshire, also known as the Granite State, is the epitome of New England in many ways. New Hampshire is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, and hospitable people. The motto of the state is “Live Free or Die” coined by the revolutionary hero, John Stark. National New Hampshire Day is a celebration of the state’s wonderful culture, history, and people.

History of National New Hampshire Day

New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against British colonialism during the American Revolution. The economic and social life in New Hampshire had much to do with sawmills, shipyards, and merchants’ warehouses. Villages and town centers quickly sprung up in the region. Wealthy merchants invested their capital in trade and land speculation and there also developed a class of laborers, mariners, and slaves.

The only battle fought in New Hampshire was the raid on Fort William and Mary on December 14, 1774. The battle was fought with gunpowder, small arms, and cannon for two nights. According to legend, the gunpowder was later used at the Battle of Bunker Hill after several New Hampshire patriots stored the powder in their homes until it was transported elsewhere for use in revolutionary duties. During the raid, the British soldiers fired upon the revolutionaries with cannons and muskets. There were no casualties but these were among the first shots fired in the American Revolutionary period. New Hampshire ratified the Constitution on June 21, 1788. It was also on this day that New Hampshire became the ninth state to join the Union.

New Hampshire is a part of the six-state region of New England. It is bounded by Quebec and Canada to the north and northwest; Maine and the Gulf of Maine to the east; Massachusetts to the south; and Vermont to the west. New Hampshire boasts of dense woods, mighty mountains, and a shoreline. It is the fifth smallest state in America.

National New Hampshire Day timeline

Seizing of Fort William and Mary

It is one of the first victories of the American Revolution.

Establishment of an Independent Government

New Hampshire is the first of the British North American colonies to do so.

Mid-19th Century
Center of Abolitionism

New Hampshire becomes one of the first centers of abolitionism in America.

Surge in Population

A result of better connectivity due to better roads leads to an increase in population.

National New Hampshire Day FAQs

What is New Hampshire most known for?

It’s commonly known as the Granite State for its extensive granite formations and quarries.

What is New Hampshire famous for in food?

New Hampshire is famous for its clam chowder and is home to many rolling apple orchards.

Is New Hampshire a good place to live?

New Hampshire is one of the safest states to live in the country. The crime rate here is well below the national average.

National New Hampshire Day Activities

  1. Do something brave

    The motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die,” a call to live freely and boldly. Observe National New Hampshire Day by doing something you have always wanted to do.

  2. Visit New Hampshire

    New Hampshire boasts of forests, mountains, and beaches. There’s something in store for everyone. Celebrate National New Hampshire Day by visiting this beautiful state.

  3. Enjoy culinary treats from New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is well known for its apple cider donuts, venison, clam chowder, and more. What better way to observe National New Hampshire Day than by trying these delicacies from the state?

5 Interesting Facts About New Hampshire

  1. The windiest mountain

    The top of Mt. Washington recorded a wind speed of 230 miles per hour on April 12, 1934.

  2. The film “Jumanji” was filmed here

    It was filmed in the city of Keene to be precise.

  3. Seatbelts are not mandatory

    It’s the only state in the U.S.A. where seatbelts are not mandatory.

  4. The coastline is short

    It’s just 18 miles long.

  5. It is known as the Granite State

    That’s due to the number of granite quarries present in the state.

Why We Love National New Hampshire Day

  1. It led the American Revolution

    New Hampshire observed the first victories of the American Revolution. National New Hampshire Day pays respect to the rebels and revolutionaries who led America to independence.

  2. We love New Hampshire

    Everyone who loves New Hampshire also loves National New Hampshire Day. The day is a celebration of the people, their cultures, traditions, history, and foods. The people of this state were also the first ones to take up the cause of American independence.

  3. It’s an important day in American history

    On this day, New Hampshire became the ninth state to join the American Union. National New Hampshire Day celebrates a landmark day in American history and also the ratification of the Constitution.

National New Hampshire Day dates

2024September 7Saturday
2025September 7Sunday
2026September 7Monday
2027September 7Tuesday
2028September 7Thursday

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