National Waffle Week – September 6-12, 2020

September 6–12

How do we love waffles? Here’s the short list: 1) with butter; 2) with syrup; 3) with fruit; 4) with bacon; 5) all of the above

Well, you get the picture. And what a delicious picture it is! National Waffle Week, held September 6-12, is the time when we all get to celebrate our love for this awesome breakfast/dessert treat. Getting ready for a waffle feast? Waffle sandwich? Waffle cone? Then you’ve come to the right place. And oh, yes. Don’t forget about National Waffle Day!

National Waffle Week timeline


​Leggo my...Froffles?

Brothers Anthony, Sam, and Frank Dorsa invented ​Eggo waffles — originally called Froffles (short for frozen waffles) — in San Jose.

August 24, 1869

Waffles patented

Cornelius Swartwout, an American inventor, patented a type of waffle iron. The date is now celebrated as National Waffle Day.


First recipe?

An anonymous manuscript, "Le Menagier de Paris," depicted a set of waffle-making instructions from a husband to his young wife.

​900 AD

Wafer waffles

​Communion wafers (typically depicting religious imagery) appeared. These wafers were usually round and sometimes flavored with honey.

National Waffle Week Activities

  1. Make a bunch of waffles

    The basics: butter, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, eggs, waffle iron. Done!

  2. Put something new on top

    We all have our favorite waffle toppings, but in the spirit of National Waffle Week, maybe try adding something different — caramelized onions, perhaps. Or sweet corn!

  3. Feed the neighbors

    Invite your neighbors over for a waffle feast. Put out a bunch of savory toppings and tell your hungry guests to try them all!

4 Great Wonders Of The Waffle World

  1. Let's get this (waffle) party started

    ​Waffle parties were popular pastimes in colonial New Jersey and New Amsterdam (New York City).

  2. Nike: Just do it...but don't eat it

    Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to create a new and improved sole for his running shoes.

  3. ​What a waffle!

    ​Guiness World Records lists the world's largest waffle as a 110-pound, 8-foot diameter behemoth made in the Netherlands.

  4. ​Waffles, waffles everywhere!

    ​The Waffle House serves 145 waffles every minute, and has served almost 900 million waffles since opening.

Why We Love National Waffle Week

  1. Simple: Waffles are amazing

    It's the simple things in life that often bring us the most joy. Picture this: an enormous waffle covered in melted butter and warm maple syrup. Yes, please.

  2. Waffles are everywhere

    Just about every breakfast joint — from the national chains to the mom-and-pop diners — serve waffles. So there's no reason to go waffle-less during National Waffle Week.

  3. They're super easy to make

    Don't feel like heading out for waffles? No problem! They require only a few simple ingredients.