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SatSep 7

Buy a Book Day – September 7, 2024

Buy A Book Day takes place on September 7 each year. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the dying book-buying and book-reading culture. Did you know that the U.S. adult population that read books has declined by 7% over the past decade? Yes, buying books and reading them have been a declining habit among Millennials and Gen-Zs. This is exactly what Buy A Book Day aims to remedy.

History of Buy a Book Day

In today’s digital age where T.V., movies, and the internet have taken over our lives, the art of book reading and the very act of buying it is declining dramatically. Although T.V. series and movies are interesting, reading books is a whole different kind of experience.

Most people think that books are boring and at no level a match to modern-day series and superhero movies. But in reality, there are millions of books out there that are just as well-written, thought-provoking, and can take you to a whole new world. This is what most people fail to understand.

However, it is sad how the old-fashioned art of reading a book is slowly fading away just because of a misconception. Books are the ocean of knowledge — the knowledge that has been passed on by our ancestors to us. We used these books to discover new knowledge that we then pass on to the future generation.

On Buy a Book Day, people visit their local book stores to purchase a book or two. Those who cannot go out to celebrate the day can buy a book online! Books have transformed many lives from the earliest of centuries until now. There is no doubt that they will continue to do so in the future.

We know, we know, some of you might still argue that you are carrying multiple books around at the same time — thanks to kindle. Good for you, but do you know what can make it even better? Yes, you guessed right, buying a book made of paper! So, this Buy A Book Day, buy a book!

Buy a Book Day timeline

3200 B.C.
Clay Tablets

The Sumerians use clay tablets to write down information.

105 A.D.
The Art of Papermaking

The Chinese discover the art of creating paper.

The First Buy A Book Day

The first Buy A Book Day is celebrated by book lovers.

The Celebration Gets Bigger

The Buy A Book Day celebration gets bigger as people across the world celebrate it.

Buy a Book Day FAQs

Which countries celebrate Buy A Book Day?

Buy A Book Day is celebrated by all countries across the world. Books are not bound to any country.

Who invented Buy A Book Day?

Unfortunately, no one knows the identity of the founder/creator of Buy A Book Day. Maybe it is some book-lover like you who found it!

Why should we read books?

The simple act of reading books can increase your vocabulary, reading skills, and can change you as a whole.

Buy a Book Day Activities

  1. Buy a book

    The greatest pleasure you can gain on Buy A Book Day is from buying books. So, head out to your local bookstore and buy a book!

  2. Gift a book

    What’s better than the gift of giving? On Buy A Book Day, gift some of your favorite books to your friends and family members — it’s bound to bring them, and you, so much joy.

  3. Share your favorite books

    Everyone has a favorite book. Take this opportunity to spread your love for your favorite book by lending it to someone.

5 Awesome Facts About Books

  1. 129 million books

    According to Google, there are over 129 million books in existence. Now that is a lot of books to read!

  2. The most expensive book

    The most expensive book ever purchased was “Codex Leicester” by Leonardo Da Vinci, which was sold for $30.4 million.

  3. The smell of old books

    There is a word for loving the smell of old books — ‘bibliosmia.’

  4. A sentence with 823 words

    There is a sentence in Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” that contains 823 words.

  5. The first book using a typewriter

    The first book that was written using a typewriter was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Why We Love Buy a Book Day

  1. Books can change us

    Books are not just materials to read; it has been proven to promote brain growth, improve memory, raise our I.Q., spark creativity, and increase problem-solving skills.

  2. Books bring people together

    Reading books and sharing the love for books with your friends, family, or even with strangers fosters a healthy relationship. Books can bring people together.

  3. Books teach us about life

    Books are a gateway to another world. Books can teach you something new and may even teach valuable life lessons that can help you.

Buy a Book Day dates

2024September 7Saturday
2025September 7Sunday
2026September 7Monday
2027September 7Tuesday
2028September 7Thursday

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