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National Salami Day
SatSep 7

National Salami Day – September 7, 2024

National Salami Day is on September 7, and is the perfect day to have an ‘all you can meat buffet’. Whether it’s in your sandwich or on top of your pizza, salami always serves as an amazing addition to a dish. It can easily be traced as far back as the period of fermentation and is loved for its bounty of variations in terms of flavor, meat types, preservation techniques, and even processing methods.

History of National Salami Day

It’s a lean, mean, cured, and fermented machine, it’s world-famous, contains many health benefits, and takes on different personalities; it’s salami! This spicy, air-dried sausage is a deli and butcher shop favorite and has been around long enough for its origin to become difficult to trace. Salami is mostly made of pork but can be made from beef, wild boar, goose, venison, or even duck for unique variations.

Historically, salami was popular among Southern, Eastern, and Central European peasants, but has now become easily tied to Italy and the Mediterranean. It can be stored at room temperature for up to 40 days once cut, and countries and regions across Europe make their own traditional varieties of salami. The word “salami” itself is the plural of the Italian word ‘salame’, which originated from the Italian word for salt.

Along with the taste variations of salami, methods, recipes, and even fermentation times differ across the globe. Typically, salami is made by grinding meat to a fine texture and then flavored by adding spices or herbs. Some of the most popular flavorings include garlic, white pepper, vinegar, and even wine. The meat blend is then air-cured in either pork or beef casing and is aged between 30 to 90 days or longer.

While salami’s beginnings are uncertain, the Romans may have introduced methods used today. The Salami Appreciation Society organized the National Salami Day, and it was first celebrated in the year 2006 in Henrico and Virginia. Ever since then, it has been celebrated on September 7 annually.

National Salami Day timeline

Norcini Make An Appearance

The norcini, butchers specializing in pork meat transformation, emerge for the first time and produce new kinds of deli meats such as salami.

The Confraternity of Pork Butchers

Pope Paul V recognizes the Confraternity of Pork Butchers dedicated to the Saints Benedetto and Scolastica.

An Upgrade

Gregorius XV elevates it to Archconfraternity, which was also joined by the University of Norcia and Cascia Pork Butchers and Empirical Pork Physicians (types of sorcerers).

The First Charcuterie Museum

Musa, a museum whose main goal is to share the knowledge and art of charcuterie making, is created.

National Salami Day FAQs

What is in salami?

Salami is traditionally made with pork meat, but some varieties may be made with beef, venison, poultry, or other meats. The meat is blended with fat and then mixed with herbs and seasonings, such as salt, garlic, or vinegar.

Why do they call it salami?

The name comes from the Italian word ‘salame,’ meaning to make something salty. Salami is the plural version of the word ‘salame.’

What is the white stuff in salami?

The salami’s casing is covered in a powdery dusting of benign white mold, which is removed before eating. This is a “good” type of mold, which helps cure the salami and avoid the growth of bacteria.

How to Celebrate National Salami Day

  1. Enjoy the flavor

    Salami comes in different flavors, shapes, and sizes, and also in different recipes. Today is the perfect day to enjoy salami in all its vast glory with family and friends. Don’t just eat it alone, make it a moment to remember by going out and dining at a Mediterranean restaurant, organizing a lunch, or even a cozy picnic!

  2. Make some salami recipes

    There are different salami-based recipes available to try out. Test out your cooking skills, while enjoying spicy, healthy meat. You can go all out by making a cold pasta dish, or even down to the basics by simply adding it to your bowl of salad.

  3. Talk about it on social media

    Celebrate the day by sharing recipes, pictures, or facts about it across your social media. Take a few pictures of your new salami slices with the hashtag #NationalSalamiDay.

5 Shocking Facts About Salami

  1. It is really healthy

    Salami is low in carbs, high in protein and fat, and it contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

  2. It is really salty

    Salami is very high in salt, so moderation is advisable.

  3. There are hundreds of varieties across the world

    Some of the most popular varieties of salami include Chorizo, Pepperoni, and Soppressata.

  4. There are museums just for it

    There are two museums in Italy, and one in Hungary dedicated to this piece of sausage

  5. Its variation serves as one of the most popular pizza toppings

    A Harris Poll taken in January of 2016 found pepperoni to be the most popular pizza topping in the United States.

Why We Love National Salami Day

  1. The varieties are endless

    There are different ways to prepare, cook, and even eat salami. This varies with geographical zones and even cultural differences. This versatile meat blend is the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Salami are equally as healthy as they are tasty

    Salami is relatively nutrient-dense and provides a decent source of important vitamins and minerals. It is also low in carbs, and high in protein and fat.

  3. Salami always adds flavor

    Whether you’re having a regular sandwich or a full-blown meal, salami serves as a good addition to spicing a once bland dish. The salt and spices added to the sausage in its preparation stages are great for adding that extra touch of flavor any meal may need.

National Salami Day dates

2024September 7Saturday
2025September 7Sunday
2026September 7Monday
2027September 7Tuesday
2028September 7Thursday

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