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TueApr 15

National Laundry Day – April 15, 2025

Even though National Laundry Day and Tax Day often land together on April 15, remember to keep these two activities separate. Anybody who has ever recovered a $20 bill from the washing machine knows why. That said, we generally don’t love doing laundry. However, we’re thrilled when it’s done. Think clean clothes, fresh sheets, and that special fresh laundry scent. Do you have a favorite dryer sheet fragrance? If you must know, we here at National Today are partial to lavender — which brings us to the next fun fact: the word ‘laundry’ comes from the Middle English ‘lavendry,’ which in turn came from the Old French word ‘lavanderie’ or ‘lavandier’ for ‘person who washes linen.’ Here’s more on America’s squeaky clean path to National Laundry Day.


National Laundry Day timeline

Dryer invented

M. Pochon, a Frenchman, came up with an archaic device called a "ventilator."

First washing machine ads

No one really knows who truly "invented" the modern washing machine, but ads began appearing in newspapers after the turn of the century.

Automatic dryers

American J. Ross Moore's design for an electrically operated dryer went public.

Cleanest app ever

Cleanly, known as the "Uber of laundry" devised an app which allowed New Yorkers to schedule laundry pickup by phone.

National Laundry Day Activities

  1. Do laundry — or don't!

    If laundry is something you enjoy doing, throw in your load on April 15 to fit it with the spirit. If you'd rather recycle outfits, then use the day as the perfect excuse to put laundry on your procrastination list.

  2. Teach the art of laundry

    Tired of taking on everyone's chore? Got a kid leaving for college soon? Take this day to teach someone how to take care of their colors, whites, and delicates the right way.

  3. Review your detergent brand

    We live in a world of choices and yet we gravitate towards our comfort brands. Take a leap of faith and try out a new brand of detergent or softener to see if your clothes can be cleaner and smell better.

Why We Love National Laundry Day

  1. Laundry habits revealed (ugh!)

    A 2018 GE poll discovered that 37% of people don't wash their jeans until they’ve worn them at least five times, with 16% waiting until seven or more times. On the other hand, that might just work. Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh once recommended that consumers NEVER wash their jeans in the name of water conservation.

  2. Perfected over thousands of years

    Humans have been washing and drying their clothes for thousands of years. Thanks to lots of time passing and smart inventors, doing laundry is now easier than ever.

  3. All in the family

    While conducting focus groups, marketers often find that people tend to use the same detergent their parents used.

National Laundry Day dates

2025April 15Tuesday
2026April 15Wednesday
2027April 15Thursday
2028April 15Saturday
2029April 15Sunday

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