National Laundry Day – April 15, 2019

Mon Apr 15

Nothing can quite compare to a fresh pile of clean laundry. April 15 is perfect day to show appreciation for many people’s favorite chore. The word laundry is derived from two Welsh words, “lloon” or crazy and “dyrte” or dirty. The Welch jokingly called the English “Lloon dyrtes” and with time it morphed into “laundered”. We can thank Emmett Lee Dickinson for creating the laundry basket on wheels and for founding National Laundry Day. There is a laundromat in Pennsylvania dedicated to his memory. 

National Laundry Day - History


Invention Of Washing Machine

Birth of the first electric-powered washing machine - The Thor was Introduced by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, thanks to inventor, Alva J. Fisher.


Invention Of Clothes Dryer

French borned man named Pochon invented a ventilated barrel than could be hand cranked over an open flame.


National Laundry Day Started

Emmett Lee Dickinson, self-proclaimed advocate for clean clothes and inventor of the laundry basket on wheels names April 15, National Laundry Day.

National Laundry Day Activities

  1. Do Laundry... Or Don't!

    If laundry is something you enjoy doing, throw in your load on April 15 to fit it with the spirit. If you'd rather recycle outfits than cycle your load, then use the day as the perfect excuse to put laundry on your procrastination list.

  2. Teach The Art Of Laundry Doing

    Tired of taking on everyone's load? Got a kid leaving for college soon? Take this day to teach someone how to take care of their colors, whites and delicates the right way.

  3. Review Your Detergent Brand

    We live in a world of choices and yet we gravitate towards our comfort brands. Take a leap of faith and try out a new brand of detergent or softener to see if your clothes can be cleaner and smell better.

Why We Love National Laundry Day

  1. Appliance Brand, GE Is On Board

    General Electric is widely known for making machine appliances including laundry appliances. They recognized National Laundry Day by launching a marketing campaign that included broadcast partnerships, giveaways and a Twitter party.

  2. Perfected Over Thousands Of Years

    Humans have been washing and drying their clothes for thousands of years. Thanks to lots of time passing and smart inventors, laundry doing is now easier than ever.

  3. Showing Love Through Laundry

    Many are reminded of childhood memories when the scent of certain detergents linger by. While conducting focus groups marketers often find that people tend to use the detergent that was used in their childhood home.

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