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TueApr 15

National Anime Day – April 15, 2025

The reason for celebrating National Anime Day as an annual event on April 15 is that anime has grown in popularity over the past few decades. Even though the anime style originated in Japan, it soon captured the imagination of audiences both in the West and East, resulting in the creation of merchandise, fan clubs, and other cultural merchandise. National Anime Day gives these people an opportunity to come together and share their anime experiences. It is also a great time to consolidate the brief but interesting history of anime in different parts of the world, while exploring new opportunities for introducing anime in film and social media.

History of National Anime Day

Japan’s pop culture has gained immense popularity in the past few decades. The term ‘anime’ refers to Japanese cartoons and animations. Unlike the American style of animation, anime characters are less mobile, and more attention is given to panning and zooming to create a more dramatic effect. Another unique feature of Japanese anime is the large eyes of the characters.

Today, the Japanese anime industry includes more than 400 production companies. Japanese anime became popular in the 1960s when Mushi Productions was set up by Osamu Tezuka. He was a professional ‘Manga’ artist and animator. He brought several changes to the conventional style of Japanese animation. Today, he is popularly known as the Father of ‘Manga’. Japanese anime developed a massive fan base in the 90s when different T.V. series, video games, and comics became popular among children and teens in Japan.

National Anime Day is celebrated by Anime fans worldwide. The day was first celebrated in Tokyo in 1975. More than 700 anime fans participated in the event. Today, different conventions are set up for Japanese anime fans in Asia, the US, and the UK. People wear costumes of popular anime characters. Upcoming cartoons, video games, and ‘Manga’ comics are also released at these conventions. Virtual conventions have gained immense popularity in recent years. Anime fans celebrate this day on various social media platforms. They change their profile pictures into popular anime avatars and post pictures of iconic anime characters.

National Anime Day timeline

A Full-Length Anime Film

“Momotaro” becomes Japan's first full-length animated movie.

The First Anime Series for Television

“Instant History” becomes the first anime series to run on television.

Mushi Production

Osamu Tezuka opens an anime production company.

An International Fan Base

The Japanese cyberpunk movie “Akira” becomes an international success.

National Anime Day FAQs

What is National Anime Day, and why is it celebrated?

It celebrates the history of anime and brings people together to enjoy their favorite anime shows and characters. The holiday has its own convention, held in many centers all over the United States in cities such as Orlando, Nashville, Atlanta, and Carolina.

Is “Days” a good anime to watch?

“Days” was probably created as a means to compete with the other sports anime greats. It follows the story of Tsukamoto, who is a geeky, clumsy, and strange character.

What is the most popular anime series of all time?

“Cowboy Bebop,” “Steins Gate,” “Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal,” “Berserk,” and “Baccano!” are some very popular anime.

National Anime Day Activities

  1. Dress up as your favorite anime character

    It doesn't matter if you are attending an anime con or not. You can still dress up as your favorite anime character and post your pictures online on your social media accounts. You can either buy your favorite anime character's outfit from an online store or make one yourself. Try experimenting with different accessories and props to make your costume appear more stunning and realistic.

  2. Read some old-fashioned 'Manga' books

    If you are a true Japanese anime fan, then you will surely enjoy reading some old-school 'Manga' books. You can either read them online or try getting them from your local library or bookstore. Try picking those books that were published before the 21st century. You will surely notice the difference in the illustrations, as the majority of classic books came with hand-drawn pictures.

  3. Watch an anime movie

    Today, numerous movie websites offer dubbed anime movies. The majority of movies on these sites are free to watch. Some require a nominal registration fee. You can opt for a cult anime movie or pick a classic anime show. The majority of content on these sites is available with English subtitles.

5 Facts About Japanese Manga That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. 'Manga' in Japanese

    The literal meaning of ‘manga’ in Japanese is ‘comics’.

  2. Comic craze

    On average, a Japanese person spends $30 on anime comic books every year.

  3. A magazine for kids

    “Shônen Magazine” was Japan's first magazine for kids.

  4. Girl power

    In the late 1960s, female artists started working in the anime comic book industry.

  5. Comic cafés

    Japan has ‘Manga cafés’ where customers enjoy comics with tea.

Why We Love National Anime Day

  1. We learn about the Japanese language and pop culture

    Owing to the growing popularity of Japanese anime, tourism in Japan has grown significantly in recent years. And if you are a true fan of Japanese comics and cartoons, then you won't find it hard to pick up common phrases of the Japanese language. Similarly, you get familiar with those Japanese jokes and pop culture references that are hard to understand otherwise.

  2. The works of senior Japanese artists get recognized

    Every country is blessed with talented artists that are appreciated both locally and internationally. Through Japanese anime, people of other nations get an opportunity to learn about the works of those Japanese artists and illustrators who have contributed to the success of the Japanese art and entertainment industry.

  3. You can meet and befriend anime fans with similar interests

    If you are already a fan of Japanese anime, then by celebrating National Anime Day, you get a chance to meet and interact with other anime fans who are also obsessed with Japanese cartoons and comics. And by attending different types of conventions, where people are dressed up as their favorite anime characters, people can easily befriend 'Manga' fans with similar likings and interests.

National Anime Day dates

2025April 15Tuesday
2026April 15Wednesday
2027April 15Thursday
2028April 15Saturday
2029April 15Sunday

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