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MonApr 15

National Rubber Eraser Day – April 15, 2024

National Rubber Eraser Day is celebrated each year on April 15. Giving us a blank canvas and a do-over, this incredible article of stationery is nothing short of revolutionary. Compact and easy to use, rubber erasers deserve an entire day of celebration.

History of National Rubber Eraser Day

Before the invention of rubber erasers, people used tablets made of wax to remove lead or charcoal marks from paper. Even materials such as sandstone and bread have been used historically to undo writings or scribbles. In 1770, Edward Nairne, an English engineer, went on to develop the first rubber eraser and sold it for three shillings per half-inch cube.

The raw rubber material, however, was perishable. Charles Goodyear made the revolutionary discovery of the process of vulcanization. This method cured the rubber and made it durable. Following this, rubber erasers became a staple stationery item.

There are different types of rubber erasers. They are available in standard cubes or different shapes. They can be attached at the end of pencils or can be made out of different materials in colorful designs and different shapes and sizes. They are called rubber erasers, or even just rubber or eraser in different parts of the world.

The invention of the rubber eraser changed the world of writing and stationery. The ability to rub off markings and redo work reduced paper waste and took away the stress of being extra cautious with each word or doodle. From losing countless pink cubes in school to wanting the cutest watermelon-shaped design, rubber erasers have been a childhood legend. Rubber erasers are truly a blessing and National Rubber Eraser Day, on April 15 of every year, allows us to give them a much-deserved celebration.

National Rubber Eraser Day timeline

The Bread Eraser

Crustless bread is used to erase charcoal markings.

The Rubber Eraser

Rubber’s erasing properties are discovered.

The Durable Rubber Eraser

Rubber is vulcanized and erasers become durable.

The Pencil Eraser

Rubber erasers are attached to the ends of pencils.

National Rubber Eraser Day FAQs

What is the correct name — rubber or eraser?

Both are correct. It is commonly called rubber in British English and an eraser in American English.

What is an Indian rubber eraser?

It has two parts — red for black or colored pencil markings and blue for erasing ink.

Do ink erasers work?

Ink erasers can do a decent job but are infamous for leaving a smudge behind.

National Rubber Eraser Day Activities

  1. Get ready, get set, erase!

    When was the last time you experienced the underrated satisfaction of erasing something and then swooshing away the rubber residue? Take this day to simply erase.

  2. Collect erasers

    Erasers are fun to collect. Go to your nearest stationery store and try to find some adorable new eraser designs and start a collection.

  3. Make an eraser

    People have used different substances to erase in the past. Experiment and try to find another material that can erase pencil markings. If not, test out the bread technique for yourself.

5 Interesting Facts About Rubber Erasers

  1. A fortunate accident

    Nairne accidentally picked up rubber instead of bread crumbs.

  2. They had a killer name

    Erasers were once called lead eaters.

  3. They work chemically

    The eraser surface is more adhesive for lead than its paper source.

  4. They are self-explanatory

    The name ‘rubber’ comes from its rubbing action.

  5. They have been modernized

    You can now buy electric erasers.

Why We Love National Rubber Eraser Day

  1. It is nostalgic

    Most of us have childhood memories associated with rubber erasers. From fighting with friends over lost erasers to exchanging different designs to build collections, erasers can unlock many memories.

  2. It makes you think about inventions

    There are several different steps and people involved in even the most mundane objects. If it were not for Nairne and Goodyear, we would have been using rocks right now or wasting paper.

  3. They’re cute

    Rubber erasers diminish themselves to give us a chance to redo work and have a blank canvas at their own expense. Is that not so pure?

National Rubber Eraser Day dates

2024April 15Monday
2025April 15Tuesday
2026April 15Wednesday
2027April 15Thursday
2028April 15Saturday

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