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SatSep 28

Fish Tank Floorshow Night – September 28, 2024

Fish Tank Floorshow Night is celebrated on September 28. It’s a night dedicated to making the fish species the main attraction. The quiet and beautiful animals in the corner of the room take the stage for the night. Fish have been kept as pets for so many years, and they remain a favorite choice for many amazing reasons. Did you know watching fish is good for your health? It helps you destress and calm down. So join us as we watch some fish in the tank, on TV, or in the aquarium. Toss a pillow on the floor of your living room and get ready to do some fish-watching!

History of Fish Tank Floorshow Night

Fish Tank Floorshow Night is a holiday dedicated to making fish the center of attention for one night. It was copyrighted by Thomas and Ruth Roy. Fish are very important to us. Not only are they a source of food, but we also keep them as pets and they help strike a balance in our ecosystem.

Scientists believe they have existed for over 530 million years — much longer than mammals. One of the most primitive fish is the Haikouichthys. Fish are known for their acute sense of smell, variety of body patterns, and high intelligence, which they make use of while searching for food and protecting themselves. Breeding fish began a long time ago for different purposes. The Chinese kept carp for food and the Romans kept fish for entertainment.

The first fish to be kept as a pet was a goldfish. This species remains the most popular choice for pet fish as they are colorful, cheap to manage, and fun to keep. The next most preferred fish are guppies. Small and colorful, they are a delight to watch and easy to care for.
Zebra danios, butterflyfish, clownfish, and neon tetras are also common choices because of their beautiful patterns. The longest living species is the lungfish. How wonderful will it be to sit down and watch the likes of these extraordinary creatures for one night?

Fish Tank Floorshow Night timeline

2500 B.C.
The First Pet Fish

Sumerians become the first to keep fish as pets.

18th Century
Glassy Homes for Fish

A goldfish is successfully kept in a glass vessel in England.

Open to All

The first display aquarium is opened in London.

Adiós, Granddad

The oldest living pet fish, an Australian lungfish, dies at the age of 95.

Fish Tank Floorshow Night FAQs

When was the idea of tanking fish first used?

People have kept their fish in an artificial pond for about 4,500 years.

How do I know if my fish tank is healthy?

Buy a tester kit that checks the ammonia, pH, nitrate, and nitrite levels in your tank. These compounds need to be checked as they are unhealthy for your fish.

How full should my fish tank be?

Fill it up to one-third of the tank. Make sure to use clean water at room temperature.

Fish Tank Floorshow Night Activities

  1. Watch your fish

    Sit down with your friends and family and watch your fish perform for you in their habitat. You can even try to interpret their movements.

  2. Watch a fish movie

    If you don't have a fish tank, you can also watch a movie based on fish. “Tanked” and “Finding Nemo” are good movies to try.

  3. Get a fish

    If you've always wanted to get a fish, this is the perfect time to do that. Set up a fish tank and get the fish of your dreams.

5 Amazing Facts About Fish

  1. Salmon’s birthplace

    Salmon can recognize where it was born by its sense of smell.

  2. Fish have night vision

    A fish sees better at night, even better than a cat.

  3. Catfish have a lot of taste buds

    Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds located all over their bodies.

  4. One fast fish

    The fastest fish in the world is the Indo-Pacific sailfish, which can swim at a speed of 68 mph.

  5. Not part of the fish family

    Although they have the word ‘fish’ in their names, the jellyfish and starfish are not classified as fish.

Why We Love Fish Tank Floorshow Night

  1. Have fun with family

    We can make jokes, enjoy, and play with our family while we watch our fish in the tank.

  2. Be better pet owners

    We become better fish owners when we spend time observing them. We also appreciate fish and aquatic life even more.

  3. We learn more

    There are so many wonderful facts about fish. On this day, we can learn more about them.

Fish Tank Floorshow Night dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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