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National Police Memorial Day – September 29, 2024

National Police Memorial Day falls on the nearest Sunday to September 29. This year, it is observed on September 29. It is a day to appreciate the selfless efforts and sacrifice of police officers who died while on duty. Officer Joe Holness discovered the day after his friend, a Kent officer, died in the line of duty in December 2000. Historical estimates show us that around 4,000 officers have been killed on duty since the start of the police service. We are saluting their devotion to their duty, selflessness, and valor on this day.

History of National Police Memorial Day

Human civilization evolved as hunter-gatherers. In the past, the violent characteristics of a hunter were necessary for the survival of our species. However, as society progressed, it became an unwelcome trait that some of us just couldn’t shake. It was something we needed to get rid of from our gene pool. Such characteristics became a nuisance in a civilized society where violence and other activities such as stealing, burglary, disrupting others’ activities, and so on could no longer be tolerated. Police forces arose as a result of this need in every human civilization. It is believed that the first police force existed in Egyptian civilization. Police forces evolved over time and in response to the evolution of the adversities they had to face.

Although modern police forces are well-organized, they must contend with organized crime syndicates. In the 1800s, Sir Robert Peel started the modern police force in Britain. The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, enacted by Peel, established the first professional, centrally organized, and full-time police force in London. The modern police force is made up of enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to maintaining law and order. They are courageous individuals who are willing to give up their time and lives for the greater good of society.

December 2000 was a dark day for the U.K. police force. Jon Odell, a Kent Police officer from Margate, was killed on the job when a speeding driver failed to stop and crashed into him. He was on traffic duty and was directing his radar gun towards a speeding car when the disaster struck. He was dragged along the road to his death. To honor his death, Joe Holness established the National Police Memorial Day. It is a day set aside to remember every police officer who has died in the line of duty since the establishment of police forces. The day honors officers’ bravery, valor, and sacrifice, as well as their efforts to improve society.

National Police Memorial Day timeline

Edinburgh Town Guard

The Edinburgh Town Guard is the only police force in the U.K.

London's Bow Street Runners

The start of London's Bow Street Runners, who became the foundation for all modern forces.

The Metropolitan Police Act 1829

Robert Peel, the Home Secretary, passes the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829.

Police Radios

The police force starts using police radios.

National Police Memorial Day FAQs

What do Brits call police officers?

Police officers in London are sometimes called “peelers.”

What is the age limit for the police U.K.?

A candidate must be a minimum of 18 years old to be a part of the police force.

What age can you retire from the police?

A police officer can retire at the age of 60.

How to Observe National Police Memorial Day

  1. Wish a police officer

    Police officers are frequently feared for no apparent reason. Wish a police officer a good day and help to break the stereotypes.

  2. Send a gift card

    Send a gift card to a police officer selected at random. You can witness the smile of the officer when he or she gets the card.

  3. Share facts about the police force

    People are often unaware of the wonderful services provided by police officers. Share about the hardships of police work.

5 Facts About The Police That You Should Know

  1. London officers and firearms

    Around 90% of all police officers in London don’t carry firearms while on duty.

  2. U.S. female police

    Women constitute around 11.9% of the U.S. police force.

  3. The Royal Barbados Police

    The Royal Barbados Police officers are full-time members of Interpol.

  4. The first centrally organized police force

    King Louis XIV of France established the first official, uniformed, and centrally organized police force.

  5. Punishment for Thai officers

    Police officers in Thailand have to wear a Hello Kitty armband as punishment.

Why National Police Memorial Day is Important

  1. A police force is a necessity in a civilized society

    Every civilized society needs a police force. It is a day to commemorate their service and praise them for all they do to keep us safe.

  2. It is a day to acknowledge their work

    The duty of a police officer can be hard and challenging. We love to spend the day appreciating their efforts and dedication.

  3. It creates a better image for the force

    The police profession is something that deserves respect and appreciation. The activities on this day can help boost the morale of the force and improve their public image.

National Police Memorial Day dates

2022October 2Sunday
2023October 1Sunday
2024September 29Sunday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 27Sunday

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