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SatSep 28

National Good Neighbor Day – September 28, 2024

It’s National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. On this day, we do fun activities to bond with our neighboring families. It’s a great way to break the ice and build long-lasting relationships for community development.

History of National Good Neighbor Day

Good-neighborliness defines how pleasant and comfortable our neighborhood is — neighbors can make or break your experience of living in an area. Being a good neighbor helps us build solid and long-lasting relationships. Neighbors are like umbrellas on a rainy day, lending a helping hand in times of emergency.

Previous generations tended to engage their neighbors in a lot of activities. They invited them to parties and balls, went riding with them, worked on their farms, invited them over for dinner, and took care of their homes whenever they went away. Nowadays, with busy schedules and technological advancements, we never really care much about or show interest in the family next door. This is why people live next to each other for years and still aren’t familiar.

National Good Neighbor Day was first celebrated in the early 1970s by Becky Mattson who wanted to connect with her neighbors in Montana. It officially became a holiday in 1978, when President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation to establish the holiday. A resolution was passed by the Senate, as it was recognized that there was little meaningful communication among people and there was a need to bring them together for them to interact with one another. The Senate believed human values and consideration for others were essential to the system of civilization; and decided that being good neighbors to those around us was the first step toward human understanding. Thus, a fixed date was set for Good Neighbor Day. Now, we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28, taking special time to care for our neighbors and form or maintain friendships.

National Good Neighbor Day timeline

Good Neighbor in Lakeside

Becky Mattson initiates the first Good Neighbor Day.

Initial Date

The Holiday is initially set to be celebrated on September 24 every year.

Official Date

The date for Good Neighbor Day is changed to September 28.

Social Connection

An event is held in Australia to help people end their loneliness by encouraging communication and social participation in their communities.

National Good Neighbor Day FAQs

Is Good Neighbor Day the same as Love Your Neighbor Day?

No. Love Your Neighbor Day is celebrated on May 16.

How can I be a good neighbor?

Be friendly, be helpful, always reach out with a smile and be kind.

Why is being a good neighbor so important?

If you are a good neighbor to others, they will be good to you. This will promote unity and understanding in your social environment.

National Good Neighbor Day Activities

  1. Share meals

    There's no friendlier way to celebrate than to share delicious dishes with your neighbors! It could be cookies, a homemade meal, or ordered food. Invite them over or send it to them.

  2. Host a game day

    Have fun with your neighbors with games and tournaments, including prizes!

  3. Lend a hand

    Help your neighbors with a chore! You can mow their lawn, offer to water their plants, or babysit their kids.

5 Facts About Good Neighbors

  1. A long-running show

    An Australian show, “Neighbours,” began airing in 1985 and is still running.

  2. Good Neighbor Awards

    There is a program that awards neighbors who impact their communities positively.

  3. Near dweller

    The word ‘neighbor’ is coined from an Old English word ‘neahgebur.’

  4. Older people know their neighbors better

    According to research, older Americans are more likely to know their neighbors than younger ones.

  5. Socializing is still mostly a physical activity

    Despite the high rate of online interaction, neighbors mostly socialize face-to-face.

Why We Love National Good Neighbor Day

  1. A friendly community

    We make lasting friendships with our neighbors and promote peace.

  2. Umbrella for a rainy day

    We can always rely on our neighbors to lend a helping hand in a time of emergency.

  3. Community development

    By harboring peace and friendships, we work together to achieve development for our neighborhood.

National Good Neighbor Day dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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