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SatSep 28

National North Carolina Day – September 28, 2024

National North Carolina Day is on September 28 and we are keen that every resident of North Carolina turns it into a day to remember. North Carolina is as influential and prosperous a state as Florida and California, although in terms of population, North Carolina is a lower-density state. Did you know that many globally successful retail chains originated in North Carolina, from Pepsi to Krispy Kreme? The oldest public university in the United States is here and is called the University of North Carolina. It’s time to revel in the achievements of North Carolina.

History of National North Carolina Day

A state with a myriad of achievements, such as producing the most number of Nobel laureates in the U.S., being the place where the Wright brothers tested their first flight, and being the 12th state to join the Union, deserves recognition. Hence, in the early 20th century, a proposal was made in the public schools of North Carolina to earmark a day that could “awaken a proper pride in the history of the state.”

The idea behind the recommendation was also to reduce illiteracy in North Carolina by popularizing the system of free public education. Illiteracy became common due to a lack of interest in levying taxes to improve education after the Civil War. Additionally, state officials also formed a Literary and Historical Association in North Carolina to promote cultural interests among the disassociated population.

Every year, schools focused on a different aspect of North Carolina’s history and distributed booklets to students about it. The day starts with the singing of the ‘My Country, ‘Tis of Thee’ anthem and then recitations covering topics such as DeGraffenried’s colony at New Bern, the Cary Rebellion, the death of John Lawson, early education in the region, and fishing in eastern North Carolina. The program concludes with a rendition of the song, ‘The Old North State.’

Today, National North Carolina Day is celebrated by residents and tourists alike at major attractions where B.B.Q. dishes are relished.

National North Carolina Day timeline

The Authority to Explore, Colonize, and Rule

Elizabeth I grants English statesman, soldier, writer, and explorer Walter Ralegh a charter to establish the state.

Carolina State in the American Civil War

About one-third of the state is enslaved by British and Portuguese colonists — they fight for their freedom and are led by Abraham Lincoln, who plays a role in the state joining the newly formed U.S. government.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Helps the State

Roosevelt helps farmers through the Great Depression with his New Deal programs for cotton and tobacco.

The Research Triangle

The cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill develop universities for sustained scientific growth and advanced technical research, thus forming the Research Triangle.

National North Carolina Day FAQs

What’s North Carolina known for?

It’s known for its beaches, higher education, and rolling mountains.

What food and beverages are unique to North Carolina?

Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Mt. Olive Pickles, and Cheerwine were founded in North Carolina.

What was North Carolina called before it became a state?

It was called Province of North Carolina.

National North Carolina Day Activities

  1. Visit the Symphony Orchestra

    For some amazing patriotic numbers, visit the Symphony Orchestra. On North Carolina Day, they extend their services with a free concert in the Festival Park too.

  2. Be a part of the state’s festivities at Southport and Oak Island

    Since 1792, all the nation’s festivities have been celebrated here. On North Carolina Day, you can see fireworks along with 100+ art booths, turning the island into a fair.

  3. Go boating on one of the pristine lakes

    North Carolina is what it is today only because of its natural reserves — from forests to hills and lakes. Going boating with a loved one and enjoying a drink is a romantic way to spend a date.

5 Facts About North Carolina That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A world record was achieved

    Murphy, North Carolina has the largest 10 commandments etched on its lawn.

  2. The largest producer of sweet potatoes

    Due to its extraordinary production of sweet potatoes, North Carolina is trying to get the sweet potato recognized as a state vegetable.

  3. The ‘Tar Heel State’

    Tar, pitch, and turpentine used to be sold from the pine trees — the same tar worked in the state’s favor during the Revolutionary War as it slowed down the British army.

  4. 60% of the state is encompassed by forests

    As timber grows abundantly, the state is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer.

  5. It’s home to the United States’ largest house

    The Biltmore Estate has around 250 rooms.

Why We Love National North Carolina Day

  1. We appreciate the state’s greatness

    By now, we are aware of how many firsts happened in North Carolina. To keep up with all its achievements, we have National North Carolina Day.

  2. It’s time to hang out with friends

    With so many natural hotspots and attractions, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to spend time with friends.

  3. We get to engage with the locals

    Every state aspires to be better, even North Carolina. As a resident, you can collaborate with the local community to work toward the state’s betterment.

National North Carolina Day dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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