75 Valentine’s Day Crafts

From crafts for kids and adults to DIY and cooking, spread the love with these crafts.

Love is in the air this February 14, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with our list of heartwarming Valentine’s Day crafts. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, family, friends, or even by yourself, our list has everything.

We have the classics — wreaths, Valentine’s cards, candy heart decor — and the unique too — think bird feeders and STEM experiments. Explore the cutest DIY kids activities, intricate ideas adults will love to create, and heartfelt family-friendly crafts. That’s not all! Indulge in delicious culinary adventures with Valentine’s-themed recipes and embark on special DIY projects to create heartfelt gifts and decorations. However you choose to celebrate, these delightful activities will inspire you to and spread love among everyone who holds a special place in your heart.


Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from Crafty Morning


Heart Stamps

Kids and paint — what can go wrong? Nothing, if you’re creating these adorable heart stamps made from toilet paper rolls. Make sure to fold them with a crease to make the heart shape, set out some red paint, paper, or fabric, and let kids stamp away to their hearts’ content.

Here’s a great example of heart stamps from Crafty Morning.


Image sourced from Simple Joy


Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder

Show some love to your winged buddies too, with this Valentine’s Day bird feeder. Cooking spray your bird feed and shape it with cookie cutters, leaving a small hole in the middle to string it up. After it’s firm, all you have to do is hang it up on a tree for your bird Valentines.

Here’s a great example of a heart-shaped bird feeder from Simple Joy.

Image sourced from Paging Supermom


Valentine’s Heart Garland

Make paper hearts out of craft paper, then string them up like a garland. This is one Valentine’s Day activity for an entire preschool class or even siblings to do together and requires only the most minimal of supervision as they handle the (kid-safe) scissors.

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s heart garland from Paging Supermom.

Image sourced from The Machine Shed


Buttons Heart

Buttons, glue, and a heart shape drawn on some paper — that’s really all you need to create an adorable buttons heart that you can hang up in the kids’ room or even send out as a little Valentine. It’s easy, and best of all, needs extremely little supervision from adults.

Here’s a great example of a buttons heart from The Machine Shed.

Image sourced from Little Bins For Little Hands


Love Potions

Our Valentine’s Day celebrations aren’t complete without creating at least one “love potion.” Baking soda and vinegar can be your fun and fizzy potion for this month, and all you need are common kitchen supplies. It’s just chemistry after that!

Here’s a great example of a “love potion” from Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image sourced from Small + Friendly


Secret Valentine

A bit of mystery and anonymity make this a perfect project for slightly older kids. On cardstock, print out Valentine’s messages using white crayons. Then, get kids to hand this to their chosen Valentines, with instructions to paint the message in crimson. And voila, the heartfelt messages are revealed!

Here’s a great example of a secret Valentine from Small + Friendly.

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Toony Valentine’s Cards

Are your kids obsessed with toons? Help them share their love with the ones they love with this toony Valentine’s activity. Find and download images of characters they love, print them out, write a cute message on a punch card, and tie them all up together.

Here’s a great example of toony Valentine’s cards from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from Design Improvised


Valentine’s Sneakers

Their shoes were certainly made for walking, especially if you help the kids decorate them with the shapes and colors of love. Fabric paint, Sharpies, glitter, and colorful laces are all you need for this activity and to turn those plain sneakers into Valentine sneakers. Then, watch them strut their stuff in front of all their friends.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s sneakers from Design Improvised.

Image sourced from Something Turquoise


Kisses for Valentine’s Day

What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a kiss? A Hershey’s kiss, that is. Cut out little circles from colorful paper, then let your kids scribble away on it. Stick this to the bottom of each Hersehy’s kiss using tape or glue. Hand these out to them, their classes, and even friends and family.

Here’s a great example of kisses for Valentine’s Day from Something Turquoise.

Image sourced from Fun365


Valentine’s Gift Wrap

Gifting presents to people for Valentine’s? Get your kids involved too, by encouraging them to unleash their creative side. Set out bowls of paint and sheets of paper, and watch the magic unfold. Let them draw, scribble, or glob on designs and when it dries, wrap up your gifts with these works of art.

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s gift wrap from Fun365.

Image sourced from The Best Ideas For Kids


Balloon Craft

Remember that heart-shaped toilet paper roll craft? Reuse it for this cute activity. Stick your kids’ pictures to white or light-colored paper and let them paint heart-shaped balloons above. The end result looks like your kids are flying, and isn’t that the perfect metaphor for how you want them to live their lives?

Here’s a great example of a balloon craft from The Best Ideas For Kids.


Image sourced from One Little Project


Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

Pipe cleaners are all you need for this easy and mess-free activity. Twist a part of the pipe cleaner around your kids’ fingers, then let them roll up the other side until it reaches the “ring hole.” Bend the loop 90 degrees and shape it into a heart. Your kid’s Valentine’s Day accessory is ready!

Here’s a great example of pipe cleaner heart rings from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Pink Stripey Socks


3D Hearts

Trace a heart shape on lined paper, then sketch lines on it, from one side of the page to the other. The lines outside the heart must be straight, and the ones inside it need to be slightly curved. Your 3D heart is now ready to be delivered into someone’s hands (and heart).

Here’s a great example of a 3D heart from Pink Stripey Socks.

Image sourced from The Craft Train


Cork Birds

Put your cork collection to good use; help kids create adorable cork birds that can double as keyrings or fridge magnets. Start by coloring the corks, then sticking a paper heart on the front. Create a face with a marker, attach more paper for the wings, and as an added touch, you can even glue a real feather on it.

Here’s a great example of cork birds from The Craft Train.

Image sourced from Mom Does Reviews


Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

This activity may take a little more time but the final product is worth the effort. Begin by cutting a heart shape from cardboard or thick paper. Then, glue colored square tissue paper balls, and go around till the entire heart is covered. Add confetti, glitter, or pom poms for extra flair. Hang it with a ribbon once you’re done.

Here’s a great example of a tissue paper heart wreath from Mom Does Reviews.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults

Image sourced from Pexels


Jigsaw Puzzle Heart

Show them they hold a piece of your heart with this jigsaw puzzle heart or shadow box. Glue puzzle pieces onto card stock; you can recreate the puzzle or even layer them one over the other. Place the paper inside a shadow box or portrait back, and you’ve just made a cute Valentine’s craft for your Valentine.

Here’s a great example of a jigsaw puzzle heart from Pexels.

Image sourced from Pillar Box Blue


Neon String Heart

Take your string heart to the next level; all you need is some neon string and wood to use as a frame. Hammer round head nails in a heart shape, leaving space for the wire. Then, wind the neon string around this, ensuring the battery is hidden at the back of your frame.

Here’s a great example of a neon string heart from Pillar Box Blue.


Image sourced from A Crazy Family


Paper Plate Wreath

Use old paper plates for this multi-holiday wreath. Grab some paint (preferably different colors for a rainbow look), hot glue, and some command hooks to start. Cut the plates into big and small hearts, paint them, then glue them in a wreath shape. Hang them up when they are dry for the perfect Valentine’s Day decor.

Here’s a great example of a paper plate wreath from A Crazy Family.


Image sourced from Lovely Indeed


Paint Chip Heart Garland

Are you short on funds but want to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Then this activity can help you decorate, while still saving on a few bucks. Hit up your local paint or hardware store for paint chips (you could probably get these for free), cut them up into hearts, and string them up wherever you like.

Here’s a great example of a paint chip heart garland from Lovely Indeed.

Image sourced from Pexels


Valentine's Day Photo Booth

Hosting a Valentine’s Day bash? Increase the fun with a DIY photo booth. Hang up streamers, and more in Valentine’s Day colors, decorate with flowers, balloons, or the wreaths we mentioned above, and that’s it — your photo booth is ready. All that’s left to do is get the guests, young and old, to strike a pose, and capture these joyful moments!

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s Day photo booth from Pexels.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Marbled Plastic Hanging Hearts

Here’s a project for the environmentally conscious — turn your old plastic food tubs into Valentine’s hearts. Scrub off any lingering print, cut out heart shapes, punch a hole in the middle, then dip the hearts into a nail varnish-cum-water mixture to get a marbled effect. Don’t like the design? Simply clean with nail polish remover and start again!

Here’s a great example of marbled plastic hanging hearts from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Golden Lucy Crafts


Valentine’s Day Crocheted Snow Globe

We have a special Valentine’s Day snow globe activity for you crochet fans. Follow any easy online tutorial to crochet snow globes, adding theme-appropriate buttons or hearts for more fun. Whether you display it for the day or keep it out all year, this charming craft will add a touch of Valentine’s Day magic to any space.

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s Day crocheted snow globe from Golden Lucy Crafts.

Image sourced from Oh Happy Day


Valentine's Day Tic-Tac-Toe

Relive your childhood with a supersized version of this classic kids’ game. Use pink tape to make the lines for tic-tac-toe, then blow up giant ‘X’ and ‘O’ balloons for your x’s and o’s. Your giant game is ready to play!

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s Day tic-tac-toe from Oh Happy Day.

Image sourced from Lovely Indeed


Gold Heart Tee

For folks who love LOVE but prefer a fuss-free celebration, we see you and have the perfect, low-effort activity for you. All it needs is gold foil (heat transfer material), screen printing adhesive, and a hot iron. Sketch a heart design on a clean tee, apply the glue, stick on the foil, iron it, and you are done!

Here’s a great example of a good heart tee from Lovely Indeed.


Image sourced from Pinterest


Modeling Clay Jewelry Plate

This gift is perfect as a last-minute craft and it also shows the receiver how much you care. It’s easy too — mold a piece of modeling clay into a heart shape, paint it, add a few personal flourishes like a decorative edge or an inscription, and bake it.

Here’s a great example of a modeling clay jewelry plate from Pinterest.


Image sourced from The Sweetest Occasion


Lace Candles

Lace automatically brings to mind romance and love, doesn’t it? That’s why we chose this activity; crafting your own lace candles to ignite the romance. Simply take a clear glass candle, adorn it with lace (white, black, or any color you want), and your romantic evening now looks a lot brighter.

Here’s a great example of lace candles from The Sweetest Occasion.

Image sourced from Atta Girl Says


Valentine’s Soap Pops

You’re not seeing things — these are actually soaps in the shape of ice lollies! Making this is simple; melt clear soap and mix with a few drops of essential oil. Pour it into ice cream molds, sprinkle flower petals in if you like, and leave them to cool. Cover them with clear wrapping after de-molding and gift them to your Valentine.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s soap pops from Atta Girl Says.

Image sourced from Homey Oh My


Rose Petal Garlands

String up rose petals for an elegant, fragrant backdrop to your romantic evening. De-petal red or pink roses and string them together, but be careful of their delicate nature. Hang them on temporary wall hooks and your garlands are ready. Remember that the freshness only lasts a day, so ensure you create these on the day of the occasion.

Here’s a great example of rose petal garlands from Homey Oh My.

Image sourced from Culinary Blossom


Rose Sugar Scrub

Combine a cup of dried and coarsely chopped rose petals with double the amount of sugar to create a delightful DIY scrub, ideal for indulging in a self-care day at home. Mix in two-thirds of coconut oil, your favorite essential oil, and your body scrub is ready to use or to be given as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Here’s a great example of a rose sugar scrub from Culinary Blossom.


Image sourced from Sugar And Charm


Valentine’s Day Terrariums

Plant lovers will love this carefully crafted terrarium that you’ve decorated specially for the occasion with pink and gold sand, colored stones, and little succulents or air plants. Bonus tip, you can even use pink air plants for added color!

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s Day terrarium from Sugar And Charm.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for the Family

Image sourced from You’re So Martha


Handprint Frame

Let kids enjoy playing with salt dough while creating a fun memento of their first Valentine’s Day. Help them press their handprints into salt dough, then cut out heart shapes using cookie cutters. Dry and seal the dough, add their baby pictures, and you have a great keepsake.

Here’s a great example of a handprint frame from You’re So Martha.


Image sourced from Mom Luck


Melted Crayon Hearts

It’s a question for the ages; what do you do with all the bits and pieces of crayon floating around? Make a melted crayon heart for Valentine’s Day, of course! Task the kids with collecting and cutting up crayons, after which you bake them in the oven, and stick them on Valentine’s cards for an extra fun activity.

Here’s a great example of melted crayon hearts from Mom Luck.

Image sourced from Laura Radniecki


DIY Felt Heart Garland

Put those sewing skills to good use with this DIY felt heart garland. Help kids cut out heart shapes from felt and give them cute expressions. Matching expressions can be stitched together and stuffed to create a heart toy that can then be strung up using pretty thread or twine to make a little Valentine’s Day garland. 

Here’s a great example of a DIY felt heart garland from Laura Radniecki.


Image sourced from The Chocolate Muffin Tree


DIY Paper Bag Hearts

Another one for the sewing ninjas, this activity swaps felt for paper bags and doubles as a sewing lesson for kids. Help kids cut heart shapes from paper bags and encourage them to decorate as they please. Next, help them pin two hearts together and stitch around the edges, stuffing the middle with tissue to make the heart puffy. 

Here’s a great example of a DIY paper bag heart from The Chocolate Muffin Tree.


Image sourced from The Recipe Critic


Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Lay out all the best candy and sweets on a charcuterie board for an elevated twist to your day. Ask kids to help you pick the candy, but don’t be surprised if a few pieces vanish. This is such a sweet craft idea if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s a great example of a chocolate charcuterie board from The Recipe Critic.

Image sourced from Mom Spark


Mason Jar Lights

Gather your family and grab some paint jars, tissue paper, and glitter for a fun activity. Let each person decorate the mason jars however they like. Then, insert battery-operated lights, decorate the neck with a ribbon, and you’ve transformed this craft into Valentine’s-ready gifts for friends and family.

Here’s a great example of mason jar lights from Mom Spark.

Image sourced from Amazon


Valentine’s Piñatas

Don’t break my heart, my achy-breaky heart — unless it’s filled with treats. And this cute Valentine’s Day piñata definitely is. Sit down with the fam to create a fast and easy piñata, and decorate with fun colors, or buy a readymade one online. Make sure to fill it with candy, little gifts, or toys, hang it up, and get whacking.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Lia Griffith


Paper Lanterns

Create lanterns by cutting shapes or words from craft paper. Fold the paper into a lantern shape and glue the sides together. You can cut and add vellum paper to the top for extra flair. If cutting is too challenging for the little ones, give them paint or markers to create unique designs. Add a flameless light and you’re set.

Here’s a great example of paper lanterns from Lia Griffith.

Image sourced from A Bubbly Life


Pom Pom Tablecloth

Hand everyone a bunch of colorful tissue or yarn and set about making cute little pom poms to adorn your tablecloth. It’s easy to color-coordinate with a white cloth but ensure your pom poms can hold their own — design-wise — against a colorful tablecloth. Then, glue or tape them on, and you have a pretty pom pom display.

Here’s a great example of a pom pom tablecloth from A Bubbly Life.

Image sourced from Make:


Love Tree

Put the twigs in your backyard to good use by making a cute “love tree” for Valentine’s Day. Stick a bunch of twigs in a vase, then create colorful hearts to hang or stick on this “tree.’ Decorate further with little ribbons and colorful pipe cleaners, and maybe set out the cork birds you created earlier.

Here’s a great example of a love tree from Make:.

Image sourced from Atta Girl Says


Candy Heart Centerpiece

Make a sweet centerpiece of candy hearts. Buy a foam cone, paint it any color you want, then glue heart candies on them, side-by-side. Keep an eye on the candy consumption, though, making sure most of it ends up on the foam rather than in your kids’ mouths (though a few treats are allowed).

Here’s a great example of a candy heart centerpiece from Atta Girl Says.


Image sourced from My French Twist


Mantle Paper Hearts

Craft up some quick mantle decorations to set out for the day. Use old corks, a stick, and colored paper to create these. Simply prop the sticks up with the corks, and pierce the paper — which has been shaped into a heart — into the stick.

Here’s a great example of mantle paper hearts from My French Twist.

Image sourced from The House That Lars Built


Baby's Breath Wreath

Add another wreath to your collection with this elegant and natural Valentine’s Day craft. Shape foam in a heart or circle, then have your family arrange pink baby’s breath stems in it. Hang it up using a beautiful ribbon or colorful yarn, and you’ve achieved a charming and au naturel look for your Valentine’s Day decor.

Here’s a great example of a baby’s breath wreath from The House That Lars Built.

Image sourced from Hello Glow


Customized Candles

First, create a customized design in Photoshop or Canva, then trace over it onto the candle. Use a linoleum cutter to go over the trace marks. Then, get the kids to carefully fill in this design with a gold leaf pen, and voila, your personalized candles are ready to be gifted.

Here’s a great example of a customized candle from Hello Glow.

Image sourced from Messy Little Monster


Valentine’s Sharpie Dinnerware

Sit down with the family to transform dinnerware for Valentine’s Day. Choose what you’d like to decorate — it can be mugs, plates, or even glass bottles — and Sharpie a design on the outside. Bake this in the oven to keep it from chipping, and you are done. We also recommend hand-washing these special items, to make your design last longer.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s Sharpie dinnerware from Messy Little Monster.


Easy/DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Image sourced from Little Bins For Little Hands


DIY Confetti Heart Slime

Jazz up your slime recipe with a bit of confetti hearts, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day spirit. For that extra shine, you can even spruce up this recipe with some glitter, and the final gooey blob should make any child extremely happy.

Here’s a great example of DIY confetti heart slime from Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image sourced from Little Bins For Little Hands


Valentine's Foam

Explore the magic of science with this love-ly yeast and hydrogen peroxide experiment. Mix hydrogen peroxide with dish soap and red food coloring, then mix dissolved yeast granules into this mixture to produce heaps of pink-hued foam. It’s perfectly safe for little hands and will teach them about hands-on play and exploration too.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s foam from Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image sourced from A Wonderful Thought


Yarn Hearts

You can’t have Valentine’s Day without a lot of heart-shaped crafts. This DIY yarn heart activity is one of our easier ones and takes about 10 minutes to make. Perfect for kids and time-strapped adults, all you need are heart-shaped cardboard pieces, colorful yarn, and some sticky tape. We promise a good, family-friendly time with this one.

Here’s a great example of yarn hearts from A Wonderful Thought.

Image sourced from Crafty Chica


DIY Heart Tie Dye T-shirt

Put your fashion where your heart is and tie dye any old cotton tee for Valentine’s Day. Stencil on a heart and get as creative as you like with the colors. You can dye the t-shirt completely or just the heart; then, enjoy your new clothes. 

Here’s a great example of a DIY heart tie dye t-shirt from Crafty Chica.

Image sourced from The Crafting Nook


Origami Fortune Cookies

Make your Valentine feel treasured and loved with these cute origami fortune cookies. Online tutorials can help you get the paper cookies made; insert a message or treat in there for a fun surprise, and your fortune cookies become extra special.

Here’s a great example of origami fortune cookies from The Crafting Nook.


Image sourced from Make Life Lovely


Heart Mobile

Stringing up hearts was never this much fun! Cut hearts of different sizes from thick paper, tape them to a string, and hang them up as beautiful heart mobiles. For added fun, you can even cut out the inside of a couple of hearts, to make frames, then tape some mini hearts inside this so they spin.

Here’s a great example of a heart mobile from Make Life Lovely.

Image sourced from Arts And Classy


DIY Bath Bombs

If you have citric acid (or alternatives like lemon juice and buttermilk powder), why not give bath bombs a go? Check out any easy bath bomb DIY recipe, then customize it for Valentine’s Day by adding rose petals, raspberries, milk and honey, and other lovely combinations. Gift them to that someone special or just use them to treat yourself.

Here’s a great example of DIY bath bombs from Arts And Classy.

Image sourced from Thrifty Fun


Candy Bouquet

This oldie-but-goodie is perfect to make your Valentine feel special. As a bonus, no one has to deal with wilted flowers, either! Simply tie lollipops, licorice sticks, and long chocolate bars in a bouquet shape to create your candy bouquet. For a more personal touch, you can even make a few cake pops to add to the candy mix.

Here’s a great example of a candy bouquet from Thrifty Fun.

Image sourced from The Suburban Mom


DIY Magic Wand

Abracadabra, you’ve been spelled for love! Transform simple pencils into magic wands for your little ones. And all you have to do is paint the pencil in cool shades, add hot glue to the eraser side after it has dried, and repaint these parts to get that “woodsy” effect.

Here’s a great example of DIY magic wands from The Suburban Mom.

Image sourced from Augusta Public Library


Bubble Flower Chains

Gift your little ones with some Valentine’s jewelry — that they made themselves. Mix dish soap, paint, and water, then hand them a straw to blow and create bubbles. Guide them to press white paper onto the bubbles, let it dry, then cut out flower shapes. Thread a colorful cord through them, and their flower necklace is ready to be worn!

Here’s a great example of creating a bubble flower chain from Augusta Public Library.

Image sourced from Paper And Glue


Heart-Shaped Suncatchers

All this simple craft needs is some lace doilies, which can be found in any craft store. Sit down to paint them any color — or colors — you want, thread colorful yarn through them, and hang them up as your very own Valentine’s suncatchers.

Here’s a great example of heart-shaped suncatchers from Paper And Glue.

Image sourced from Sugar Bee Crafts


Paper Flowers

If real flowers wilt too fast for your liking, try out these DIY paper blooms instead. Cut little circles with a hole in the center, then paste cut-out petals around their edges. With a wire, thread a button in the middle, pushing it through the hole to make the stem. Repeat this to create an entire bouquet of paper flowers.

Here’s a great example of paper flowers from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Image sourced from Pinterest


DIY Wooden Bead Necklace

Make a cute necklace for your little Valentines using just wooden beads and wire. For added pops of color, paint the beads using your kids’ favorite hues, thread wire through them, and finish with a good old double knot. We recommend taking the time to make a long necklace; that way, you won’t worry about adding a clasp or hook.

Here’s a great example of a DIY wooden bead necklace from Pinterest.

Image sourced from The Press Democrat


DIY Succulent Heart

Making a heart-shaped succulent gift for Valentine’s Day is as easy as finding the right heart-shaped planter. Once you have that, all you have to do is paint some hearts or other theme-based decorations and insert different succulents. Pick as many or as few as you want, and wrap it with a ribbon or bow for added decoration.

Here’s a great example of a DIY succulent heart from The Press Democrat.

Image sourced from Pinterest


DIY Heart-Shaped Pillows

Give old sweaters new life by transforming them into heart-shaped pillows. Cut out heart shapes from the front and back, then stitch the sides, leaving a gap for the stuffing. Fill it up, stitch the opening, and you’ll have adorable heart-shaped pillows to place on your couch, bed, or any spot that needs a festive touch.

Here’s a great example of DIY heart-shaped pillows from Pinterest.

Baking/Cooking Valentine’s Day Crafts

Image sourced from The Guardian


Lemon Curd Emoji Tarts

The twist to this lemon curd tart is in its decoration, which uses the “food is linked to emotions” adage very literally. The emojis, added once the lemon curd has chilled and set inside the tart, are made using icing and food coloring. Let them set and enjoy!

Here’s a great example of lemon curd emoji tarts from The Guardian.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Cupid’s Arrows

Get some jelly hearts and stick them on one end of a straight pretzel stick. Cut the top of another heart to make “feathers,” and stick this to the bottom of your arrow. You can also use the cut-up parts as treats for your kids! Make a bunch of these salty-sweet arrows, and let Cupid work his magic.

Here’s a great example of Cupid’s arrows from One Little Project.


Image sourced from A Day In Candyland


Valentine’s Day Cookie Pops

Skewer any sandwich cookie of your choice and dunk it in melted candy or chocolate. Top with sprinkles, edible glitter, or any other topping. Alternatively, you can crush the biscuits with a bit of butter and cream to make lollipops, then add your decorations. Arrange a bunch of these in a cute vase and gift it to loved ones.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s Day cookie pops from A Day In Candyland.


Image sourced from Eat Smarter


Heart-Shaped Sushi

Sushi lovers will adore this cute Valentine’s Day variation of the classic recipe. While the ingredients stay the same — sushi rice, seaweed, fish — the nori sheet takes on a new form: a heart shape instead of the traditional roll. This delightful twist adds a touch of love to every bite, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day dish.

Here’s a great example of heart-shaped sushi from Eat Smarter.

Image sourced from Lil Luna


Valentine’s Day Pizza

Pizza is always a crowd pleaser, and this Valentine’s twist adds the perfect amount of romance to the dish while being super easy to pull off. Whether you’re using handmade or store-bought dough, all you need to do is shape it into a heart. Add your toppings, which can be cut up into heart shapes too, and you’re done!

Here’s a great example of a heart-shaped pizza from Lil Luna.

Image sourced from Amanda’s Cookin’


Conversation Heart Cookies

Take the signature conversation candies idea and turn it into heart-shaped treats, you only need a great cookie dough. Use any dough recipe you prefer to make a batch of heart-shaped cookies. Then, layer on colorful cookie glaze, let it cool, and pipe text onto it using royal icing.

Here’s a great example of conversation heart cookies from Amanda’s Cookin’.


Image sourced from Pexels


Cupcake Decorating Party

Mix up a batch of cupcake mix, then have your pals over for a fun DIY “decorate your own cupcake” party. Set out bowls of sprinkles, frosting in different colors, edible glitter, nuts, cherries, heart-shaped mini cookies, chopped chocolate, and more, to encourage wild and creative decorations. Then, all that’s left to do is enjoy.

Here’s a great example of a cupcake decorating party from Pexels.

Image sourced from Cooking Chew


Pink Rice Krispies Cookies

Melted butter and marshmallows make a gooey glue to hold the Rice Krispies together. Add a bit of pink or red food coloring and cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter once it’s slightly cool. For added fun, you can turn these into popsicles, simply by sticking a skewer or lollipop stick into the bottom.

Here’s a great example of pink Rice Krispies cookies from Cooking Chew.

Image sourced from Crafty Creative Kathy


Valentine’s Day Robot Snack

This one’s for the culinarily challenged to gift to their little Valentines. All you have to do is stick little raisin boxes onto the robot’s juice box body and they become “feet.” Then, hot glue an applesauce cup — upside down — onto the juice box. Stick on googly eyes and two straws to make the hands, and your robot snack is ready.

Here’s a great example of a Valentine’s Day robot snack from Crafty Creative Kathy.

Image sourced from Kim Schob


Chocolate Spoons

Keep a couple of chocolate spoons on hand for Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients either. Just dip spoons into melted white, milk, or dark chocolate, set it on wax paper, and immediately add your sprinkles. Once it’s cooled, they are ready to add some delicious chocolate flavor to any hot drink.

Here’s a great example of chocolate spoons from Kim Schob.

Image sourced from That’s What Che Said


Heart-Shaped Pink Milk Cubes

Surprise the family with pink milk cubes in their morning coffee or glass of milk. The prep is ridiculously minimal too — pour milk mixed with red or pink food coloring into heart-shaped ice molds, and wait for them to freeze. That’s all! Serve them as you like and watch everyone’s faces light up.

Here’s a great example of heart-shaped pink milk cubes from That’s What Che Said.

Image sourced from Honestly Yum


Valentine's Day Tea Bags

Create DIY tea bags by filling loose-leaf tea bags with tea powder, sewing them shut, and attaching them to a cardstock heart. This thoughtful gift idea can be customized too — switch the tea with coffee or hot chocolate powder, cut the tea bags in a heart shape, and write messages on the heart.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s Day tea bags from Honestly Yum.

Image sourced from Sally’s Baking Addiction


Mile-High Frosted Cookies

If you’re someone who loves frosting more than the cookie, then this one’s for you. Bake cookies using any recipe, then add a layer of thick vanilla frosting in shades of pink. Remember to keep the frosting as tall as the cookies are. Add final touches with sprinkles, then devour this treat with loved ones.

Here’s a great example of mile-high frosted cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Image sourced from Paxton & Whitfield


Heart-y Cheese Platter

This one’s as easy as it gets. One more cooking craft with no actual cooking involved, you only require a good variety of cheese and some heart-shaped cookie cutters. Then, cut out heart-shaped cheese pieces, place them on a tray, and your Valentine’s cheese platter is ready to serve. 

Here’s a great example of a heart-y cheese platter from Paxton & Whitfield.

Image sourced from Taste of Home


Valentine's Day Boozy Coffee Creams

End your Valentine’s dinner with this creamy boozy dessert. Melt chocolate pieces in a boiled cream and coffee liqueur mixture, then pour this into wide-mouth glasses. Add whipped cream over the mixture after it cools slightly, then dust cocoa powder over this using a heart-shaped sieve, and voila, your Valentine’s dessert is ready.

Here’s a great example of Valentine’s Day boozy coffee creams from Taste of Home.