100 Christmas Crafts

Craft your way to Christmas joy with these inspiring DIY projects for a memorable holiday season.

Get into the holiday spirit with the ultimate collection of Christmas crafts! Join us as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by tapping into your inner creative genius. There’s something for everyone, no matter your interests or preferences. Whether you’re looking for fun activities to do with the kids or creative ways to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered. 

From homemade ornaments and wreaths to personalized stockings and festive DIY decor, these crafts are sure to add a touch of holiday cheer to your home. So, get ready to unleash your creativity because it’s time to get crafty.

Easy/Cheap Christmas Crafts

Image sourced from Simple Everyday Mom


Snowman Paper Bag Puppets

Get creative this winter by making a snowman paper bag puppet! Grab a white paper bag and decorate it with markers or cut-outs for eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile. Add a scarf and buttons using colored paper. Slide your hand inside and let the snowman puppet come to life!

Here is a great snowman paper bag puppet example from Simple Everyday Mom.

Image sourced from Project for Teens


Mason Jar Snow Globes

Create enchanting winter wonderlands with these mason jar snow globes. Fill mason jars with water, glitter, and miniature holiday figurines. Secure the lid tightly and shake gently to watch the snowflakes swirl. These charming snow globes make delightful decorations or thoughtful homemade gifts for the holiday season.

Here is a great mason jar snow globe example from Project for Teens.

Image sourced from Handmade Charlotte


Paper Snowman Garland

Capture the frosty magic of winter by making a paper snowman garland. Cut out charming snowman shapes from white paper and adorn them with hats, scarves, and carrot noses. String them together using ribbon or twine and hang them up to fill your home with delightful wintertime cheer.

Here is a great paper snowman garland example from Handmade Charlotte.

Image sourced from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!


Button Christmas Trees

Add a delightful touch to your holiday decor with these button Christmas trees. Arrange various sizes and colors of buttons on a cardstock or felt base in the shape of a tree. Glue them in place; you can also add a star on top. These button trees make perfect ornaments or festive tabletop decorations.

Here is a great button Christmas tree example from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

Image sourced from Fun365


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Add a touch of wintry magic to your holiday decorations with these DIY popsicle stick snowflakes. Arrange painted popsicle sticks in intricate snowflake patterns and decorate them with glitter or sequins for a sparkling finish. Hang them on your tree or use them to beautify your walls, adding a festive charm to any space.

Here is a great popsicle stick snowflake example from Fun365.

Image sourced from Praktic Ideas


Santa Hat Chair Covers

Bring Santa’s jolly spirit to your chairs with DIY Santa hat chair covers! Use red fabric to create cone-shaped hats, then add white faux fur trim and a pom-pom. Slip them over the chair backs for a festive touch that will delight guests.

Here is a great Santa hat chair cover example from Praktic Ideas.

Image sourced from Glued To My Crafts


Paper Plate Wreaths

Transform ordinary paper plates into stunning Christmas wreaths with this simple craft project. Cut out the center of a paper plate and let your creativity shine as you decorate it with paint, ribbons, and festive trims. Hang these vibrant wreaths on doors or walls for cheerful and budget-friendly holiday decor.

Here is a great paper plate wreath example from Glued To My Crafts.

Image sourced from Timfly via lovethispic


Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Embrace the beauty of nature with these pine cone Christmas trees. Collect pine cones of various sizes and decorate them with miniature ornaments, beads, or glitter for a festive touch. Display these rustic decorations on your mantel or tabletop for a bit of woodland charm.

Image sourced from Styles at Life


Paper Cup Snowmen

Create adorable paper cup snowmen with this simple DIY project! Paint paper cups white, add googly eyes, a carrot-shaped nose, and a felt hat. Use markers to draw a smile and buttons. Stack the cups, glue them together, and say hello to your new winter friend.

Here is a great paper cup snowman example from Styles at Life.

Image sourced from Craft by Hedgie and Rex


Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments

Add a dash of whimsy to your Christmas tree with these adorable clothespin reindeer ornaments. Simply paint clothespins brown, attach googly eyes, and use a small red pom-pom for the nose. Finish it off with antlers made from pipe cleaners. These charming ornaments are a delightful addition to any holiday decor.

Here is a great clothespin reindeer ornament example from Craft by Hedgie and Rex.

Image sourced from Make Life Lovely


Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

Create heartfelt and personalized holiday greeting cards with a hand-printed Christmas tree. Trace your child’s hand onto green construction paper, cut it out, and attach it to a folded card. Add decorations and a star on top to complete the festive tree. Share the joy of the season with these adorable cards.

Here is a great handprint Christmas tree example from Make Life Lovely.

Image sourced from Easy Peasy and Fun


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Paper Plate Masks

Let your little ones play at being Santa’s favorite reindeer with these Rudolph paper plate masks. Transform plain paper plates into adorable masks with antlers, a red nose, and expressive eyes. Perfect for holiday parties or imaginative play, these masks will bring joy and laughter to the Christmas season.

Here is a great reindeer paper plate mask example from Easy Peasy and Fun.  

Image sourced from Rush Brush


Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Add some warmth and nostalgia to your tree with these charming felt Christmas tree ornaments. Cut out various shapes from colorful felt, such as trees, stars, and snowflakes, and sew or glue them together. Hang these delightful ornaments to create a festive and cozy atmosphere in your home.

Here is a great felt Christmas tree ornament example from Rush Brush.

Image sourced from The Pioneer Woman


Popcorn Garlands

Make your space festive with DIY popcorn garlands! Fire up some popcorn and let it cool. Thread a needle with string or fishing line, then carefully string the popcorn kernels together. Add cranberries or other decorations for extra flair. Hang the garland on your tree or around the house for a unique touch.

Here is a great popcorn garland example from The Pioneer Woman.

Image sourced from Easy Peasy and Fun


Christmas Tree-shaped Bookmarks

To create Christmas tree-shaped bookmarks, cut green cardstock or construction paper into triangular shapes. Decorate with colored pens, glitter, or stickers. Make a slit at the bottom to slide onto the page. Add a star or ribbon at the top and, voila, you have festive and functional bookmarks for the holiday season.

Here is a great Christmas tree bookmark example from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Image sourced from Simple Everyday Mom


Handprint Dough Design

Create personalized and timeless Christmas ornaments with these delightful salt dough creations. Mix salt, flour, and water to form a dough, then shape it into festive designs like snowflakes, stars, or reindeer. After baking and cooling, decorate them with paints, markers, or glitter. Hang these handmade ornaments on your tree or gift them to loved ones.

Here is a great handprint dough design example from Simple Everyday Mom.

Image sourced from My Montessori Journey


Jingle Bell Bracelet

Add a festive jingle to your wrist with a jingle bell bracelet. String jingle bells onto a stretchy cord. Mix and match bells of different sizes and colors if you like and tie them in a secure knot. Slip it on and enjoy the merry sounds of Christmas wherever you go!

Here is a great jingle bell bracelet example from My Montessori Journey.

Artistic Christmas Crafts

Image sourced from Squarespace


Hand-painted Ornaments

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with these hand-painted ornaments. Using plain ceramic or wooden ornaments, use acrylic paints to create intricate designs, patterns, or even festive scenes. Each unique piece will become a cherished keepsake that reflects your artistic flair.

Image sourced from lillyella


Yarn-wrapped Wreath

Enhance your holiday decor with this gorgeous yarn-wrapped wreath. Wrap yarn of any color around a foam or wire wreath form, creating a cozy and textured base. Add ornaments, bows, or pine cones to create the perfect finish. Hang this delightful wreath on your door or wall, welcoming the Christmas season with warmth and style.

Here is a great yarn-wrapped wreath example from lillyella.

Image sourced from Alpha Mom


Paper Snowflakes

Bring the beauty of winter indoors with these whimsical paper snowflakes. Cut out intricate designs from folded paper, then unfold to reveal the delicate snowflake patterns. Hang them from ceilings and windows, or string them together to create a garland. They add a touch of enchantment to your holiday season.

Here is a great paper snowflake example from Alpha Mom.

Image sourced from Redeem Your Ground


Pine Cone Garland

Get ready to bring the rustic charm of the outdoors into your home with this delightful pine cone garland. Hunt for pine cones in all shapes and sizes, then string them together with sturdy twine or string. Don’t forget to jazz it up with vibrant ribbons or rustic jute bows for that extra sprinkle of festivity.

Here is a great pine cone garland example from Redeem Your Ground.

Image sourced from World of Vegan


Salt Dough Ornaments

Create lasting memories with these timeless salt dough ornaments. Mix flour, salt, and water to form a dough, then shape it into festive designs like stars, bells, or angels. After baking and cooling, let your imagination shine as you paint and decorate them, making them unique additions to your tree or heartfelt gifts for loved ones.

Here is a great salt dough ornament example from World of Vegan.

Image sourced from Martha Stewart


Felt Stockings

Add a cozy vibe to your holiday decor with these charming felt stockings. Cut out stocking shapes from colorful felt, then sew or glue them together. Personalize them with names or embroidery for a sentimental touch. Hang these delightful stockings on your mantel or use them as gift holders.

Here is a great felt stocking example from Martha Stewart.

Image sourced from Rhythms of Play


Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Add that magical glow to your Christmas celebrations. Thread sparkling beads onto wire or string to create intricate snowflake designs. Add a sparkling touch with rhinestones or sequins. These delicate ornaments reflect the beauty of winter and add a festive shimmer to your Christmas decorations.

Here is a great beaded snowflake ornament example from Rhythms of Play.

Image sourced from Sostrene Grene


Paper Ornaments

Unleash your creativity with these paper ornaments. Use balloons, newspaper, and glue to create custom shapes, such as stars, balls, or bells. Once dry, paint them in vibrant colors, add glitter, or decorate them with festive patterns. Hang them on your tree, giving your holiday decor a handmade and artistic touch.

Here is a great paper ornament example from Sostrene Grene.

Image sourced from Kippi at Home


Ribbon Christmas Tree

Bring elegance and charm to your holiday decorations with a stunning ribbon Christmas tree. Starting with a cone-shaped form, wrap ribbons of various colors and patterns around it, layering them to create a visually appealing design. Top it off with a star or a bow and showcase this eye-catching centerpiece on your table or mantel.

Here is a great ribbon Christmas tree example from Kippi at Home.

Image sourced from Aubree Originals


Pom-pom Wreath

Add a playful and cozy touch to your holiday decor with a delightful pom-pom wreath. Grab as many colorful pom-poms as you can and attach them to a wreath shape with glue or wire, creating a fluffy and vibrant display. Hang it on your door or wall and spread joy and warmth to all this Christmas season.

Here is a great pom-pom wreath example from Aubree Originals.

Image sourced from @RebeccaYoxall


Hand-painted Gift Tags

Get ready to turn gift-giving into a creative adventure! Whip out your scissors and cut out tag shapes from colorful cardstock or craft paper. Then, release your inner Picasso and use acrylic paints to bring these tags to life with dazzling designs and playful patterns.

Image sourced from Homemade Heather


Clay Snowflake Ornaments

Get your hands dirty and shape these unique creations from clay, adding glitter for that extra sparkle. Hang them on your Christmas tree and watch as their whimsical beauty shines. Get ready for a tree that’s straight out of a fairy tale. Let the Winter Wonderland magic begin!

Here is a great clay snowflake ornament example from Homemade Heather.

Image sourced from Aunt Annie Craft


Clay Figurines

Sculpt your way into the holiday spirit with these delightful clay figurines. Mold air-dry clay into adorable characters like Santa, snowmen, or reindeer. Let them dry, and then paint them in bright colors. These handcrafted figurines make perfect decorations or heartfelt gifts.

Here is a great clay figurine example from Aunt Annie Craft.

Image sourced from Craftsy


Embroidered Ornaments

Beautify your Christmas tree with these embroidered ornaments. Choose your favorite designs and embroider them onto fabric or felt, using intricate stitches and colorful threads. Add beads or sequins for extra sparkle. Hang these handcrafted ornaments on your tree, showcasing the artistry of needle and thread, for a truly special holiday display.

Here is a great embroidered ornament example from Craftsy.

Image sourced from HGTV


Pine Cone Tree

Bring the charm of nature into your home with a pine cone tree. Gather pine cones of various sizes and attach them to a cone-shaped base using hot glue or wire. Add a sparkling effect with spray paint or glitter, and decorate with miniature ornaments for a whimsical woodland centerpiece that celebrates the beauty of the season.

Here is a great pine cone tree example from HGTV.

Image sourced from Raising Veggie Lovers


Button Wreath

Add a delightful twist to your holiday decor with a charming button wreath. Arrange an assortment of colorful buttons in a circular shape on a wreath base, securing them with glue. Use bows or ribbons for a festive touch. This eye-catching wreath will wow guests with its whimsical charm.

Here is a great button wreath example from Raising Veggie Lovers.

Image sourced from Etsy


Paper Quilling Ornaments

Unleash your creativity with paper quilling ornaments. Roll colorful paper strips into tight coils, shape them into various designs, and secure them with glue. Add ribbons and let your handcrafted ornaments beautify your tree, radiating charm and showcasing your artistic prowess.

Here is a great paper quilling ornament example from Etsy

Paper Christmas Crafts

Image sourced from Brother Creative Center


Paper Chains

Grab some colorful strips of paper and interlock them into delightful loops. Continue the rhythmic process, extending the chain of vibrant paper links as long as you want. Hang your new creation and see how it completely transforms any space. 

Here is a great paper chain example from Brother Creative Center.

Image sourced from The House That Lars Built


Paper Hangings

Gather festive paper and deftly fold and cut it into delightful shapes. Decorate them with glitter, ribbons, and — of course — a healthy dose of imagination. The more shapes you create, the more enchanting the results will be. Add these hangings to your Christmas tree for the best effect.

Here is a great paper hanging example from The House That Lars Built. 

Image sourced from Hobbycraft


Paper Wreaths

We can’t get enough of wreaths! Grab vibrant paper, artfully shape it into loops, and connect them like a merry puzzle. Add bows, ornaments, and a touch of personal flair. Hang your new piece on the door to welcome guests in style. 

Here is a great paper wreath example from Hobbycraft.

Image sourced from Skip to My Lou


Paper Candy Canes

Get ready to create the perfect homage to your sweet tooth! Get yourself some colorful paper and deftly roll it into stripes, twisting them into a spiral. Decorate with glitter and bows, bringing the sugary charm of these decorations to life. 

Here is a great candy cane example from Skip to My Lou.

Image sourced from Crafty Lumberjacks


Paper Mistletoe

Pick out green paper and expertly shape it into leaves and berries. Delicately twist them into one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas. Add a ribbon for an enchanting touch. Hang your handmade mistletoe over the doorway to add a touch of romance to the festivities.

Here is a great paper mistletoe example from Crafty Lumberjacks.

Image sourced from Made by Joel


Paper Nativity Scenes

Create a paper nativity scene by creating cut-out figures of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Add a stable backdrop and arrange the characters accordingly to bring the timeless story to life. Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas never looked better.

Here is a great paper nativity scene example from Made by Joel.

Image sourced from Craftsy


Paper Garlands

Use colorful paper to create the ultimate Christmas decor. Skillfully cut it into strips and connect each one. Decorate it with glitter, stickers, and sequins. Hang your beautiful garland over the mantelpiece or entryways, transforming any space into a merry wonderland. 

Here is a great paper garland example from Craftsy.

Image sourced from The Craftaholic Witch


Paper Christmas Trees

Take your holiday decor to the next level by creating your very own paper Christmas trees. Get some colorful paper and use scissors to create gorgeous decorations. Use glitter, sequins, and ornaments to decorate them. They may be miniature, but they’ll stand tall when it comes to adding Christmas cheer.

Here is a great paper Christmas tree example from The Craftaholic Witch.

Image sourced from The Navage Patch


Paper Angels

Looking to add some angelic beauty to your holiday decorations? Look no further than these ethereal paper angels. Get white paper or cardstock and fold it to create the appearance of a robe and wings. Add a round wooden ball to represent the head and secure it to your design.

Here is a great paper angel example from The Navage Patch.

Image sourced from Cardstock Warehouse


Paper Stars

Bring the enchantment of a starry night indoors with these dazzling paper stars. Fold colorful paper into neat triangles and glue them together to create beautiful paper stars. You can hang them individually or create a stunning starry garland by stringing them together. These celestial crafts will add a touch of magic to your Christmas decor.

Here is a great paper stars example from Cardstock Warehouse.

Image sourced from PAPERMAU


Paper Santa Claus

Capture the joy and merriment of Christmas with this jolly paper Santa Claus craft. This jovial old St. Nick will transform your holiday decor. Grab festive paper, skillfully fold it, and cut it into Santa’s iconic figure. Add a fluffy cotton beard, a cherry-red nose, and a merry twinkle to his eyes. 

Here is a great paper Santa Claus example from PAPERMAU.

Image sourced from FirstPalette


Paper Reindeer

Get ready to embark on a merry crafting adventure with these adorable paper reindeer. Perfect for spreading holiday cheer, these whimsical creatures reflect the magic of Christmas. Use brown construction paper or cardstock for the body, a red pom-pom for the nose, small black buttons for the eyes, and brown pipe cleaners or chenille stems for the antlers.

Here is a great paper reindeer example from FirstPalette.

Image sourced from Intructables


Paper Gingerbread Houses

Get ready to construct your own sugary abode as we step into a world of sweet enchantment with these delightful paper gingerbread Houses. Cut out the shape of a gingerbread house from brown cardstock or construction paper. Decorate with candy-shaped cutouts, gumdrop buttons, and icing details to create these festive crafts.

Here is a perfect paper gingerbread house example from Intructables.

Image sourced from Paper Source


Paper Stockings

Cut colorful paper into the shape of Christmas stockings. Glitter, ribbons, and cheerful patterns can be used to decorate them. Hang them on your mantel, staircase, or as part of a holiday garland. Fill them with small treats or surprises for loved ones, or use them as festive placeholders at the dinner table.

Here is a great paper stocking example from Paper Source

Image sourced from My Creative Stirrings


Paper Candle Holders

Create a warm Christmas ambiance with these elegant paper candle holders. Get colored or patterned paper and cleverly cut and glue it to create a blooming flower. Display them on a mantle, tabletop, or as part of a centerpiece. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere they create while ensuring safety with LED tea lights or battery-operated candles.

Here is a great paper candle holder example from My Creative Stirrings.

Image sourced from Super Simple


Paper Snowmen

Grab some white paper and cut out snowman shapes. Add a top hat, a carrot nose, and mischievous eyes. Use brightly colored paper to create scarves and googly eyes. Create a whole family of paper snowmen by using different sizes and variations. Display them on a shelf or windowsill, or create a fun snowman scene.

Here is a great paper snowmen example from Super Simple.

Image sourced from Everything Art and Craft


Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Delight friends and family with pop-up Christmas cards. Fold a piece of cardstock in half, cut a slit, and fold the cut piece forward. Finally, add festive cutouts and decorations to the pop-up section. To make your card really pop, write a personal message to loved ones and watch the joy unfold when the card is opened. 

Here is a great pop-up Christmas card example from Everything Art and Craft.

Ornament Christmas Crafts

Image sourced from I Luve It


Jenga Ornaments

Transform Jenga blocks into adorable Jenga ornaments, adding a playful touch to your Christmas tree. Paint festive faces on them in bright colors and balance and join the blocks to form a small Jenga tower. You can also hang them on your Christmas tree, garlands, or wreaths.

Here is a great Jenga ornament example from I Luve It.

Image source from My Home and Travels


Scrabble Tile Ornaments

Add a touch of wordplay to your Christmas tree with charming Scrabble tile ornaments. Grab some Scrabble tiles and have fun creating holiday-themed words and phrases. Glue tiles to a backing and hang it with a ribbon. Let the power of words and the joy of Scrabble fill your Christmas celebrations with charm.

Here is a great Scrabble tile ornament example from My Home and Travels.

Image sourced from The Range


Snowman Ornament

Capture the frosty magic of winter with a snowman ornament. Collect little circular ornaments, paint them white, and add googly eyes, a carrot nose, and a mischievous smile. Embrace the joy of the season with this charming addition to your Christmas tree.

Here is a great snowman ornament example from The Range

Image sourced from DIY Vibes


Ribbon Christmas Trees

Transform ordinary ribbons into enchanting ribbon Christmas trees. Form a cone shape with multicolored ribbons as the base. Wrap and stack ribbons to make a beautiful spiral shape. Put a star on top and decorate with ornaments. Create multiple trees in different sizes and colors for a stunning display. 

Here is a great ribbon Christmas tree example from DIY Vibes.

Image sourced from Esty


Chalkboard Ornaments

Crafted with chalkboard paint and a sprinkle of creativity, these ornaments allow you to write personalized messages or draw festive designs year after year. Take a wooden ornament and coat it with blackboard paint to create fun, festive designs or share warm Christmas greetings.

You can buy it here from Esty.

Image sourced from Artistro


Painted Wooden Ornaments

Created with wooden shapes and a burst of color, these hand-painted ornaments will add artistry to your holiday decor. Get a wooden ornament and some bright paint. Paint unique designs or recreate joyful scenes. Hang your handcrafted ornaments on your Christmas tree, garlands, or wreaths.

Here is a great painted wooden ornament example from Artistro.

Image sourced from The Lakeside Collection


Patterned Ornaments

Create a visual spectacle on your Christmas tree with patterned ornaments. Pick out a plain ornament and some patterned papers. Cut and glue the papers to the ornaments, creating a collage of joyful designs. Add glitter or sequins for extra sparkle.

Here is a great patterned ornament example from The Lakeside Collection.

Image sourced from Plaid Online


Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments

DIY creations feature the imprint of your thumb transformed into cute reindeer faces. Get plain white baubles, use paint to create thumbprint faces, then paint on any extra details. 

Here is a great thumbprint reindeer ornament example from Plaid Online.

Image sourced from Mailpix


Personalized Photo Ornament

Make your Christmas tree truly special with personalized photo ornaments. These heartfelt DIY creations allow you to showcase your cherished memories and loved ones in a beautiful way. Get some transparent ornaments, print and trim cherished photos, and insert them inside.

You can buy it here on Mailpix.

Image sourced from Pineapple Paper Co.


Glitter Ornaments

Add a touch of glamor and sparkle to your Christmas tree with glitter ornaments. These dazzling ornaments will catch the light and create a lovely ambiance in your home. Using clear ornaments, apply adhesives to the surface and generously sprinkle on some sparkling glitter. 

Here is a great glitter ornament example from Pineapple Paper Co.

Image sourced from Sassy Creations


Ribbon Ornaments

Gather a collection of ribbons in different colors, patterns, and widths and twist them into fun shapes like bows, flowers, or spirals. Secure them with glue or stitching. Add decorations like beads or sequins and hang them on your Christmas tree, spacing them out to create a delightful display.

Here is a great ribbon ornament example from Sassy Creations.

Image sourced from Nanalulus Linens & Handkerchiefs


Button Ornaments

Add a touch of vintage charm and handmade flair to your Christmas tree with button ornaments. Gather an assortment of colorful buttons, thread, and glue. Arrange buttons into charming designs like trees or snowflakes and secure them with stitching or glue. 

Here is a great button ornament example from Nanalulus Linens & Handkerchiefs.

Image sourced from Floy Height


Beaded Ornaments

Set out on a colorful, beaded adventure! Grab a set of colorful beads and some wire or string. String the beads in elaborate patterns to create brilliant beaded ornaments. Let the shimmering beads catch the light to create a captivating visual effect. 

Here is a great beaded ornament example from Floy Height

Image sourced from Jubilee Homespun Fabric


Fabric Ornaments

Create unique fabric crafts that can’t be found anywhere else. Choose vibrant fabrics and cut them into hoods and robes. Add small wooden noses, fluffy beards, and you have adorable Christmas gnomes who will add festive cheer to your celebrations.

Here is a great fabric ornament example from Jubilee Homespun Fabric.

Image sourced from Lee Lee


Paper Mache Ornaments

Put your paper mache skills to the test and create the ultimate Christmas ornament. Tear strips of newspaper, dip them in glue, and shape them into various tree leaf shapes. Let them dry, and then paint them vibrant colors. Add glitter and varnish for extra pizzazz. 

Here is a great paper mache ornament example from Lee Lee.

Image sourced from Momma Grillz Makes


Wood Slice Ornaments

Add rustic charm to your Christmas tree with wood slice ornaments. Made from natural wood slices, they’ll infuse a warm, earthy feel into your celebrations. Start with wood slices in various sizes and thicknesses. Use acrylic paints or wood stains to decorate them. You can opt for simple patterns, festive images, or nature-inspired motifs.

Here is a great wood slice ornament example from Momma Grillz Makes

Image sourced from Make It and Love It


Yarn-wrapped Ornaments

Get colorful yarn and choose ornament bases like trees or stars. Secure one end of the yarn, then wrap it around the ornament, layering and crisscrossing as you go. Trim the excess yarn when you’re done. The soft yarn textures and vibrant colors will add a cozy, festive ambiance. 

Here is a great yarn-wrapped ornament example from Make  It and Love It.

Christmas Crafts for Kids and Preschoolers

Image sourced from Easy Peasy and Fun


Tea Light Snowmen

Kids will love creating these tea light snowmen. Get some mini tea lights for the nose and make a paper top hat. Decorate with googly eyes, a carrot nose, and a cute smile. Turn on the tea lights to see them come to life with a warm and festive glow. 

Here is a great tea light snowman ornament example from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Image sourced from Lori Dasher via Pinterest


Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Add a burst of color to the Christmas decor with a tissue paper Christmas Tree. Have the kids cut tissue paper into various sizes and colors using child-friendly scissors. Crumple each piece and glue it onto a cone-shaped base. Remember to add a glittery star on top.

Image sourced from The Best Ideas for Kids


Angel Doilies

The kids can transform doilies into charming angel ornaments, which are perfect for adorning your tree or adding a slice of Heaven to your holiday decorations. Grab paper doilies and fold them into cone shapes for the angel’s body. Fold paper doilies into triangles to create the wings and finish it off with a round wooden head and tinsel halo. 

Here is a great angel doily example from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Image sourced from Always the Holidays


Bottle Cap Snowmen

Give new life to old bottle caps. Start by collecting clean and dry bottle caps of various sizes. Paint the entire surface of each bottle cap with white acrylic paint. Use colored acrylic paints to add the snowman’s features. Paint eyes, a carrot-shaped nose, and a smiling mouth using small paintbrushes or fine-tip markers. 

Here is a great bottle cap snowman example from Always the Holidays.

Image sourced from Our Kid Things


Clothespin Snowflakes

Transform ordinary wooden clothespins into stunning snowflake-inspired ornaments. Take some wooden clothespins, paint them, and glue them together in the shape of a snowflake. Glitter or sequins can be used to provide an extra sparkle. Finish the ornament off with a ribbon or thread for hanging.

Here is a great clothespin snowflake example from Our Kid Things

Image sourced from This Grandma is Fun


Cinnamon Stick Christmas Trees

Using simple cinnamon sticks, the kids can create aromatic miniature trees that are perfect for tabletop displays or as charming accents throughout your home. Gather cinnamon sticks of different sizes. Place them in any shape you prefer and secure them with hot glue. Use ribbons, small ornaments, or beads to decorate them. 

Here is a great cinnamon stick Christmas tree example from This Grandma is Fun.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Melted Bead Christmas Ornaments

The little ones will love making these melted bead ornaments. Arrange pony beads inside metal cookie cutters, filling them with a single layer of beads. Melt them in a preheated oven until they are fused together. Sprinkle glitter, small charms, or sequins over the beads to make them sparkle.

Here is a great melted bead Christmas ornament example from One Little Project.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Glitter Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

This delightful DIY project is great for the kids! Have them mix flour, salt, and water to create a dough. Roll it out and cut it into festive shapes, then bake them and allow them to cool. Get them to decorate the shapes with colorful glitter or brightly colored paints.

Here is a great glitter salt dough Christmas ornament example from One Little Project.

Image sourced from It All Started With Paint


Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Trees

Spread love and joy this holiday season with this great craft idea for the kids. Grab some Hershey’s Kisses, colorful paper, toothpicks, and glue. Cut out Christmas tree shapes, secure them to the toothpicks, and press them down into the Kisses.

Here is a great Hershey’s Kisses Christmas tree example from  It All Started With Paint.

Image sourced from Saving You Dinero


Fingerprint Snowmen

Everyone loves adorable fingerprint snowmen. Have the kids dip their fingers in white paint and create snowmen on paper or ornaments. Add eyes, a carrot nose, and twig arms using different colored paints. Let it dry, and add details with markers. It’s perfect for children and adults alike.

Here is a great fingerprint snowmen example from Saving You Dinero.

Image sourced from coolcreativity


Burlap Rudolph Ornament

Create a festive reindeer using burlap fabric and a few basic craft supplies. Cut a reindeer shape from brown burlap fabric. Use glue to attach googly eyes, a red button nose, and antlers made of twigs. Allow the glue to dry completely before handling or hanging the ornament. 

Here is a great burlap Rudolph ornament example by coolcreativity.

Image sourced from About A Mom


Snowflake Puzzle Piece Ornament

The kids can turn their old puzzle pieces into stunning snowflake ornaments with this creative craft idea. Gather puzzle pieces and paint them white. Arrange them into a snowflake shape, gluing them together to create a larger piece. Add glitter or sequins for extra sparkle. 

Here is a great snowflake puzzle piece ornament example from About A Mom.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Paint Chip Christmas Cards

Let the little ones get crafty with these paint-chip Christmas cards. Collect paint chips in festive shades. Cut them into holiday-themed shapes like trees or stockings. Arrange and glue them onto cardstock. Add decorations and a heartfelt message and you can send them to friends and family.

Here is a great paint chip Christmas card example from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Growing Up Gabel


Bow Tie Pasta Wreath

The kids will have a blast creating these delightful bow tie pasta wreaths. Get them to paint bow tie pasta with green paint. Then, glue them in a circular pattern and finish the design with a ribbon bow. Hang their fun and one-of-a-kind decoration on your door or mantelpiece. 

Here is a great bow tie pasta wreath example from Growing Up Gabel.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Take one pipe cleaner and bend it into the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, have the kids wrap green tinsel along the length of the pipe and voila! You have simple but cute Christmas tree decorations that you can place around your home. 

Here is a great pipe cleaner Christmas tree example from One Little Project

Image sourced from Hello, Wonderful


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Have the kids gather popsicle sticks and arrange them into snowflake shapes, securing them with glue. Paint them in wintry hues and add glitter for that added sparkle. Snowflakes will always be a delightful addition to your winter decor and they’re fun to make.

Here is a great popsicle stick snowflake example from Hello, Wonderful.

Image sourced from Smile Mercantile


Glittery Acorn Ornaments

Grab some acorns and give them a glittery makeover! First, coat the acorn caps with glue and sprinkle on glitter like a magic fairy. Let them dry, then attach a loop of string or ribbon to hang them. Voila! Your acorns are now dazzling disco balls, ready to shine and add a delightful twinkle to your holiday decor.

Here is a great glittery acorn ornament example from Smile Mercantile.

Image sourced from Homemade Farmland


Luminary Paper Bags

Transform ordinary paper bags into enchanting luminaries! Cut out festive shapes like stars and moons. Place battery-powered tea lights inside each bag to cast a magical glow. Decorate with markers, stickers, and glitter. Now, scatter them around your yard or line them up on your porch. Watch as your neighborhood becomes a wonderland of glowing paper bag lanterns!

Here is a great luminary paper bag example from Homemade Farmland. 

Christmas Crafts For Adults

Image sourced from Esty


Glittery Treat Jars

Add a fun twist to your holiday treats with glittery treat jars. They’re perfect for storing delicious goodies and also make for beautiful and eye-catching holiday decorations. Use clean glass jars with lids. Apply a layer of adhesive and sprinkle glitter all over the jar, allowing it to dry. Fill the container with delicious treats and screw on the lid. 

You can buy it here from Esty

Image sourced from The Chirping Moms


Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet

Bring holiday cheer to playtime with this adorable paper bag reindeer puppet. Take a brown paper bag and cut out antlers from construction paper. Glue them on the bag’s flap. Add googly eyes with buttons and a red pom-pom nose. 

Here is a great paper bag reindeer puppet example from The Chirping Moms.

Image sourced from Crafty Morning


Wine Glass Snowmen

Get creative this holiday season with wine glass snowmen. Fill the wine glasses with fake snow and create snowmen faces using paper or felt. Finish your works of art off with cute festive hats and bows around the wine glass stems. 

Here is a great wine glass snowmen example from Crafty Morning.

Image sourced from Think.Make.Share.


Felt Christmas Stockings

Personalize your holiday decor with felt Christmas stockings. Cut out stocking shapes from colorful felt. Add applique designs like snowflakes or mistletoe using fabric glue and embroider initials, names, or festive patterns. Stitch the stockings together, adding a loop for hanging. 

Here’s a great felt Christmas stocking example from Think.Make.Share.

Image sourced from Raising Veggie Lovers


Paper Straw Christmas Trees

Create a charming and eco-friendly holiday display with paper straw Christmas trees. Gather colorful paper straws and cut them into various lengths. Arrange them in a cone shape, gluing them together. Decorate with tiny ornaments or pom-poms and add a star on top.

Here’s a great paper straw Christmas tree example from Raising Veggie Lovers

Image sourced from MarmadeStudio via Etsy


Hand-painted Christmas Mugs

Whether it’s Santa Claus, snowflakes, or reindeer, these customized mugs will make sipping your favorite holiday beverages extra special. Start with plain ceramic mugs. Use acrylic paint to design festive imagery. Let the paint dry and seal with a food-safe varnish. Now, go ahead and sip hot cocoa from your hand-painted Christmas mug.

Image sourced from Southern Living


Christmas Tree Skirt

This essential holiday accessory not only adds a decorative touch but also protects your floor from fallen needles. All you need is burlap. Cut it into a round shape, and then adorn it with white snowflakes — you can use stick-ons or decals. 

Here’s a great Christmas tree skirt example from Southern Living.

Image sourced from Happiness is Homemade


Personalized Christmas Tree Topper

This special decoration will become the crowning glory of your tree, showcasing your individuality and style. Start with a plain star or angel topper. Decorate it with glitter, sequins, or paint it with festive colors, and personalize it with names or initials. Attach a sturdy base or wire to secure it to the tree. 

Here is a great personalized Christmas tree topper example from Happiness is Homemade.

Image sourced from The Blush Home Blog


Beaded Garland

Add elegance to your festive theme. Gather white or cream beads and a string or wire. Thread the beads in your desired pattern or mix and match them for a playful look. Knot the ends together to secure them. Drape your beaded garland on the tree or around the house to add glamor.

Here is a great beaded garland example from The Blush Home Blog.

Image sourced from Mommy Made That


String Art Christmas Tree

Create a captivating string art Christmas tree using colorful string and nails. Start with a wooden board or canvas. Hammer nails into a Christmas tree shape. Choose colored strings and wrap them around the nails, creating a mesmerizing pattern, and add a star on top. 

Here is a great string art Christmas tree example from Mommy Made That.

Image sourced from The Sewing Director


Fabric Christmas Trees

Sew joy and festive flair into your holiday decor with fabric Christmas Trees. Cut triangular shapes from festive fabric. Sew along the edges, leaving an opening. Fill the opening with stuffing and sew it closed. Decorate it with buttons, sequins, or ribbons.

Here’s a great fabric Christmas tree example from The Sewing Director.

Image sourced from a Magical Mess


Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Repurpose wine corks and a wooden dowel into a delightful tabletop Christmas tree. Collect discarded wine corks and a wooden dowel. Stack the corks on the dowel, starting with the widest at the bottom, and glue them together. Add a paper star on top to crown your tree.

Here is a great wine cork Christmas tree from Magical Mess

Image sourced from The Mama Notes


Paper Bag Advent Calendars

Take small paper bags and decorate them with numbers or festive designs. Fill each bag with a small treat or surprise. Arrange them in a tree shape or hang them on a string. Open a bag each day to count down to Christmas day, adding excitement to the holiday season.

Here is a great paper bag advent calendar example from The Mama Notes.

Image sourced from Apartment Therapy


Origami Christmas Ornaments

From delicate snowflakes to charming stars, these origami ornaments will add a touch of elegance and creativity to your holiday tree. Grab patterned paper and fold it into festive shapes like stars or angels. Thread a string through the ornaments to hang them up.

Here’s a great origami Christmas ornament example from Apartment Therapy