50 Toddler Halloween Costumes

Prepare for aww-worthy moments as these irresistible Halloween costumes for toddlers make trick-or-treating a giggle-filled adventure.

Prepare for an explosion of cuteness and creativity as we present our handpicked collection of toddler Halloween costumes. With this exciting lineup, we’re here to ensure your little ones become the shining stars of the spooky season! Toddler Halloween costumes are all about capturing our pint-sized trick-or-treaters’ magic, wonder, and adorable charm. From tiny superheroes saving the day to little princesses ruling their enchanted kingdoms, these costumes are designed to spark their imaginations and create unforgettable memories.

We have scoured the realm of Halloween creativity to create this collection of irresistible costume ideas that will have you smiling from ear to ear. So, get ready to immerse yourselves in a world of whimsy and delight as we showcase the best of the best in toddler Halloween costumes. Let the giggles, aww-worthy moments, and precious memories begin!


Image sourced from @projectnursery


Cardboard Box Robot

Transform a cardboard box into an adorable robot costume for your little one. Cut out armholes and a hole for the head, and decorate the box with colorful buttons, switches, and dials using paint or markers. Add aluminum foil or pipe cleaners for antennas, and let your toddler unleash their inner robot.

This creative robot costume example is from @jessreneeclark.

Image sourced from Elizabeth Cranmer


Construction Worker

Turn your little one into a mini construction worker. Dress them in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a vest or a tool belt. Use yellow tape or paint to create caution stripes on the shirt and hat. Add toy tools and a hard hat to complete the look.

This creative construction worker costume example is from Elizabeth Cranmer.

Image sourced from Carol Farr


Charming Chicken Costume

Transform your little one into an adorable chicken with this simple and fun DIY costume. Start with a white onesie. Cut out feather shapes from white fabric and attach them to the onesie or shirt using fabric glue or stitching. Attach a beak using felt or foam to a headband. Your little chicken will be clucking with cuteness in this easy-to-make costume!

Image sourced from Freepik


Smart Librarian

Ignite your little girl’s intellectual curiosity with a smart librarian costume. Dress her in a professional-looking outfit, such as a tailored blazer, blouse, and skirt or pants. Add a pair of sophisticated glasses and a librarian ID badge for authenticity. Watch as she embodies intelligence and a love for learning in this bright librarian ensemble.

Image sourced from Hannah Duffy via Flickr


Mini Chef

Let your little one’s culinary dreams come to life with a delightful mini-chef costume. Pair a white chef’s hat and apron with comfortable pants and a shirt for a professional look. Complete the ensemble by accessorizing with a wooden spoon or mini cooking utensils, adding an extra culinary charm to their costume.

Image sourced from @AminaFilkins


Tiny Magician

Watch your little one perform enchanting tricks in their own magician costume. Begin with a black cape and top it off with a classic top hat. Don’t forget the essential accessory—a wand for casting spells! Customize the cape with glittery stars or moons to add a magic touch, making their costume spellbinding.

Image sourced from Amazon


Miniature Artist

Unleash your child’s inner creativity with a delightful miniature artist costume. Dress them in a colorful smock to protect their clothes. Create an easel using cardboard, allowing them to showcase their artistic talent. Provide non-toxic paint brushes for a safe and enjoyable painting experience. Let their imaginations run wild as they create their own masterpiece in this charming artist ensemble.

You can purchase this miniature artist costume from Amazon.

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Little Gardener

Let your little one embrace the wonders of nature as a charming little gardener. Dress them in denim overalls, and top it off with a floppy hat to shield them from the sun. Equip them with a toy watering can to complete the gardening ensemble. Add artificial flowers or small gardening tools to showcase their green thumb for extra detail.

This delightful little gardener costume is available from Amazon.

Image sourced from Andrea Lynn


Scarecrow Sensation

Create a charming scarecrow costume for your little one with this easy DIY idea. Start with a plaid shirt and jeans as the base. Add patches or sew-on straw accents for a rustic touch. Craft a floppy hat using burlap or felt fabric and attach straw strands for hair. Complete the ensemble with boots. Your little scarecrow will steal the show.

Image sourced from @craftingafunlife


Brave Pirates

Embark on a pirate adventure with a DIY costume. Dress your toddler in striped pants and a loose shirt. Use a bandana or a scarf as a headband, and add an eye patch and a cardboard sword for the finishing touches. Let their imagination set sail on a Halloween treasure hunt.

This captivating image of a brave pirate costume is from @craftingafunlife.


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Pumpkin Perfection

Embrace the spirit of autumn with an adorable baby pumpkin costume. Dress your little one in a soft orange onesie or a real pumpkin. Add green leaves and a curly stem hat to complete the look. Watch as your little pumpkin brings smiles and joy wherever they go, radiating the essence of harvest and Halloween spirit.

This delightful image of a baby pumpkin costume is available to buy at Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Fearless Firefighter

Inspire your little boy’s bravery and heroism with a fearless firefighter costume. Dress him in a vibrant yellow jacket and matching pants, reflecting the iconic firefighter uniform. Complete the look with a firefighter helmet, ready to tackle any imaginary blaze. For an authentic touch, equip him with a toy fire hose, letting his imagination soar as he saves the day.

This captivating fearless firefighter costume is available for purchase via Amazon.

Image sourced from @DeliaCreates


Mighty Ninja

Unleash the stealthy ninja within your child with a mighty ninja costume. Dress him in a black jumpsuit, a mask, and a belt adorned with foam ninja weapons. Watch as he moves with agility and collects treats with ninja-like precision on Halloween night.

This captivating image of a mighty ninja costume is from @DeliaCreates.

Image sourced from Amazon


Adventurous Explorer

Ignite your child’s sense of adventure with an adventurous explorer costume. Dress him in comfortable cargo pants, a rugged safari vest, and a trusty explorer hat. Equip him with binoculars, ready to embark on a thrilling expedition of Halloween fun!

This captivating adventurous explorer costume is for sale on Amazon.

Image sourced from SewIncrediblyCrafty


Courageous Knight

Transport your little boy to the enchanting medieval era with a courageous knight costume. Dress him in a regal knight’s tunic, pants, and a shining helmet. Arm him with a trusty foam sword and shield, ready to protect the kingdom while embarking on an epic trick-or-treating quest.

This noble toddler Halloween costume example is from SewIncrediblyCrafty.

Image sourced from @Flickr


Playful Dinosaur

Unleash your little boy’s inner dinosaur with a playful dinosaur costume. Dress him in a cozy dinosaur onesie or jumpsuit, complete with a tail and a hood adorned with dinosaur details. Watch as he stomps and roars delightfully, bringing prehistoric fun to Halloween night.

Image sourced from Amazon


Clever Scientist

Inspire curiosity with a clever scientist costume. Dress your child in a white lab coat, donning safety goggles for a touch of authenticity. Equip him with accessories like test tubes or magnifying glasses, sparking scientific imagination and setting the stage for thrilling Halloween discoveries!

This curious toddler Halloween costume example is available for sale on Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Adventurous Astronaut

Take off into space in an exciting astronaut costume. Dress your child in a sleek white astronaut jumpsuit with a futuristic helmet and sturdy boots. Add NASA patches to highlight his space exploration mission, and give him a toy space shuttle for an out-of-this-world Halloween experience.

This cosmic toddler Halloween costume example is available to buy at Amazon.

Image sourced from @GettyImages


Dashing Cowboy

Saddle up and ride into Halloween with a dashing cowboy costume for your little boy. Dress him in comfortable jeans, a classic plaid shirt, and top it off with a rugged cowboy hat. Accessorize his look with a bandana tied around his neck and equip him with a toy lasso, ready for Wild West-inspired adventures.

Image sourced from Reddit User rrzccr


Ted Lasso

Inspired by the lovable character from the hit TV show, dress your child as Ted Lasso for Halloween. Create a simple costume by pairing a blue short-sleeved polo shirt with khaki pants. Add a brown wig and a mustache for Ted’s signature look. Complete the outfit with a whistle around his neck and a positive attitude that’ll make everyone smile. 

This adorable Ted Lasso costume image is from Reddit User u/rrzccr.


Image sourced from Amazon


Friendly Ladybug

Watch your little girl transform into an adorable ladybug with this costume idea. Dress her in a red onesie or dress as the base, and add black felt spots for the classic ladybug pattern. Complete the look with a cute headband featuring antennae, and witness her excitement as she buzzes around in this charming ladybug ensemble.

This charming image of a friendly ladybug costume is on sale at Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Colorful Butterfly

Ignite your little girl’s imagination with a vibrant butterfly costume. Use a colorful tutu or dress as the focal point, and attach beautiful butterfly wings for a whimsical touch. Complete the ensemble with a charming headband adorned with antennae, adding an extra dose of butterfly charm to her Halloween look.

You can buy this colorful butterfly costume from Amazon.

Image sourced from Tammy Coon


Little Witch

Transform your little girl into a magical witch with this enchanting costume idea. Start with a black dress or skirt paired with a matching black hat. Accessorize with a broomstick and a wand for an extra touch of witchy charm. Let her cast spells of joy and spread Halloween magic wherever she goes.

Image sourced from PureCostumes


Beautiful White Swan

Let your little girl embrace elegance and grace with a stunning white swan costume. Start with a white leotard or dress as the base. Attach fluffy white feathers to create a feathered skirt or wings for a majestic touch. Watch as she glides through Halloween festivities, enchanting everyone with her beauty and poise.

Image sourced from Amazon


Little Superhero

Unleash the superpowers within your little one with a custom-designed superhero costume. Create a vibrant cape or a simple mask, and personalize a t-shirt or onesie with their favorite superhero emblem. Add unique accents or symbols using fabric glue or sewing to make their costume unique.

This homemade superhero costume is available to buy from Amazon.

Image sourced from Bobbie Byrd


Garden Princess

Transform your little princess into a delightful garden fairy with this enchanting flower pot costume. Start with a flower pot-shaped dress or bucket, decorated with vibrant flowers and green leaves. Decorate her hair with a floral crown or headband. Watch as she radiates the beauty of a blooming garden, spreading joy and wonder wherever she goes.

This charming image of a flower pot costume is from Bobbie Byrd.

Image sourced from Eighteen25


Enchanting Elsa

Let your little girl step into the magical world of Frozen with this Elsa costume. Dress her in a shimmering ice-blue gown with delicate snowflake details. Complete the look with a sparkling tiara and a flowing cape. Watch as she twirls and sings, bringing the beloved character to life with her own icy charm.

This delightful image of an Elsa costume is from Eighteen25.

Image sourced from Amazon


Radiant Lady Liberty

Inspire patriotism and freedom with a captivating Lady Liberty costume for your little girl. Dress her in a flowing green robe, adorned with a foam torch and crown. Add a touch of shimmer with silver accents and soft green face paint for an authentic look. Watch as she embodies the spirit of liberty and justice, symbolizing hope and strength.

This inspiring Lady Liberty costume is available to buy at Amazon.

Image sourced from Flickr


Empowered Rosie

Introduce your little girl to the strength and determination of Rosie the Riveter with this empowering costume idea. Dress her in a denim jumpsuit or romper with a red polka-dot bandana around her head. Watch as she embodies the spirit of empowerment and inspires everyone around her.

Image sourced from Amazon


Sweet Strawberry Delight

Transform your little girl into a delightful strawberry with this charming costume idea. Dress her in a red dress or onesie as the base, and attach green felt leaves to represent the strawberry’s stem. Complete the look with a cute headband adorned with strawberry accents. Watch as she brings a burst of fruity joy to Halloween festivities.

This adorable strawberry costume is available to buy from Amazon.


Image sourced from Amazon


Enchanting Garden Gnome

Bring the joy of the garden to life with a charming garden gnome costume for your toddler. Start with a pair of colorful overalls and a matching shirt. Add a pointy red hat and a bushy white beard to capture the classic gnome look. Complete the ensemble with a small gardening tool or a mushroom prop to enhance the garden-inspired theme.

This delightful garden gnome costume can be purchased from Amazon.

Image sourced from Ashley Jankowski


Whimsical Hot Air Balloon

Elevate your toddler’s Halloween experience with an enchanting hot-air balloon costume. Create a mesmerizing effect by attaching numerous small balloons to a lightweight harness or frame. Use a mix of vibrant colors to mimic the colorful patterns of a real hot air balloon. Complete the look with a basket-like base around their waist for an authentic touch.

Image sourced from LovelyIndeed


Lego Block Brilliance

Unleash your toddler’s creativity with a captivating LEGO block costume. Construct the costume using foam or cardboard to resemble a giant LEGO block. Paint it in vibrant colors and add the iconic LEGO logo for authenticity. Ensure proper arms, legs, and head openings for comfort and mobility. Watch as your little one becomes the master builder of Halloween.

This awesome image of a LEGO block costume is from @LovelyIndeed.

Image sourced from @kayemaych (Kayla Burton)


Where’s Waldo?

Adventure awaits with a Where’s Waldo costume for boys and girls. Dress your little one in a red and white striped shirt, blue pants, and black-rimmed glasses for that iconic Waldo look. Complete the ensemble with a red and white beanie and magnifying glass to enhance the interactive fun. Let the search begin with this Where’s Waldo costume!

Image sourced from Amazon


Care Bear Cuteness

Bring the magic of Care Bears to life with this adorable costume idea. Dress your little one in a fluffy, colorful onesie or dress featuring the signature Care Bear belly badge. Add matching ears and a cute tail to complete the look. Let them spread love and cheer as they embody the lovable spirit of the Care Bears.

This delightfully cuddly Care Bear costume can be purchased now at Amazon.

Image sourced from AtHomeWithSweetT


Buzzing Bumblebee

Let your little ones take flight with this delightful bumblebee costume idea, suitable for both boys and girls. Dress them in a yellow and black striped onesie or dress, capturing the iconic bumblebee look. Complete the ensemble with delicate wings and a headband featuring adorable bee antennae. Watch as they buzz around, spreading smiles and sweetness.

This adorable image of a bumblebee costume is from AtHomeWithSweetT.

Image sourced from AgnesCreates


Ghostly Elegance

Create a spooky yet enchanting look with a ghost costume for both boys and girls. Start with a flowing white sheet to drape over their body, leaving space for their eyes to peek through. Add some ethereal touches with silver or glow-in-the-dark accents. Watch as they float through the night, embodying the spirit of Halloween in this ghostly ensemble.

This hauntingly delightful image of a ghost costume is from AgnesCreates.

Image sourced from David B. Gleason


Panda Perfection

Transform your little one into an adorable panda with this charming costume idea. Dress them in a black and white onesie or dress, mimicking the iconic panda coloration. Add panda ears to a headband and paint their nose and whiskers for extra cuteness. Watch as they waddle and play, embodying the charm of these beloved creatures in this delightful panda costume.

Image sourced from prettyplainjanes


Spider Sensation

Unleash the arachnid adventure with an incredible spider costume for your little one. Transform them into a mesmerizing eight-legged creature with a black bodysuit featuring intricate spider web patterns. Add a touch of spookiness with a spider-themed mask or a headband adorned with spider eyes. Watch your child weave through Halloween, spinning a web of excitement and capturing everyone’s attention.

This sensational image of a spider costume is from prettyplainjanes.

Image sourced from coolesthomemadecostumes


Minecraft Adventure

Embark on a Minecraft-inspired adventure with your child. Make a blocky cardboard or foam outfit in the game’s iconic style. Mimic Minecraft blocks with multicolored squares. Add details like a foam sword and a square-shaped headpiece for the full effect. Let their imagination roam free as they explore the Halloween landscape, ready to build and mine in their Minecraft-inspired ensemble.

This block-tastic image of a Minecraft costume is from @coolesthomemadecostumes.

Matching with Parents

Image sourced from Instagram


Ratatouille-Inspired Delight

Embark on a culinary adventure as Remy and Alfredo from the beloved movie Ratatouille with this adorable parent-child costume idea. Let your little one be the star as the charming rat chef Remy, dressed in a gray onesie with mouse ears and a tail. Alfredo, the proud parent, wears a chef’s apron and hat, carrying a wooden spoon for added flair.

These delightful images of Remy and Alfredo costumes are from Fatherly.

Image sourced from @samastarr


Hilarious Hangover Duo

Recreate the comedic madness of the movie Hangover with this side-splitting parent-child costume idea. Wear a messy wig, sunglasses, and an eccentric outfit to channel Zach Galifianakis’s role. Strap a baby carrier to your chest, with the baby dressed in a cute onesie. Get ready to bring laughter to any Halloween gathering with this unforgettable Hangover-inspired costume combination.

This hilarious image of a Hangover-inspired costume is from @samastarr.

Image sourced from CostumeWorks


Mischievous Minion Adventure

Embrace the world of Despicable Me with this delightful parent-child costume. Transform into the lovable supervillain Gru by wearing a black suit, a bald cap, and a signature pointy nose. Dress your child as a mischievous Minion, complete with a yellow jumpsuit, goggles, and a cute overall design. You’ll embark on a memorable Halloween adventure, spreading joy and laughter together.

This playful image of a Gru and crew costume is from CostumeWorks.

Image sourced from @linc11


Star Wars Family

Embark on an intergalactic journey with a Star Wars-inspired family costume ensemble. Choose iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, while the little one becomes an adorable baby Yoda. Let the Force be with you as your family becomes part of the Star Wars universe this Halloween.

Image sourced from Drakonnen via Reddit


Marvelous Avengers Team-Up

Unleash your family’s superhero powers with an epic Avengers-themed costume ensemble. Let the parents take on the roles of Captain America and Black Widow, embodying their strength and resilience. Assemble the little ones as Thor, Iron Man, or the Hulk with miniaturized versions of their iconic costumes. Embrace the spirit of heroism and teamwork as your family becomes Earth’s mightiest heroes.

This incredible image of an Avengers family costume ensemble is from Drakonnen.

Image sourced from CostumeWorks


Perfect Pizza Duo

Delight your family with a mouthwatering pizza-themed costume. Let the baby become a cute slice of pizza, complete with crust and toppings, while the parent resembles the rest of the pizza. The parent’s costume can feature a round shape with various toppings. Prepare to serve up some cheesy fun as you and your little one become the most delicious duo.

Image sourced from @kelsey6396


Toy Story Adventure

Embark on an incredible Toy Story adventure with a family-themed costume. A parent can bring Woody to life. For the other parent, dress as Jessie. Let the kids join the fun as Buzz Lightyear and other beloved Toy Story characters like Rex or Mr. Potato Head. Prepare for an unforgettable Halloween where your family becomes part of the Toy Story magic.

Image sourced from Costume Works


Dynamic Duo: Batman and Robin

Unleash the crime-fighting prowess of Batman and Robin with this heroic family costume. The dad can become the Dark Knight, donning a sleek black Batman suit with a cape and iconic bat symbol. The son can join as Robin, wearing a vibrant green and red outfit. Together, they’ll protect Gotham City and inspire everyone they encounter.

This thrilling image of a Batman and Robin family costume is from CostumeWorks.

Image sourced from @courtney.lindbert


Up! Adventure: Carl and Russell

Flip the roles and go on an Up-inspired adventure! With a Wilderness Explorer uniform, hat, and badges, the parent can become Russell. The child can become the lovable Carl Fredricksen, wearing a bowtie, a brown suit, and round glasses to capture his iconic look. Together, they’ll bring a delightful twist to this beloved story and create unforgettable memories on Halloween.

This enchanting image of a role-reversed Up-inspired family costume is from @courtney.lindbert.

Image sourced from cocoscaravan


Game of Thrones: Daenerys and her Dragons

Unleash the power of the Seven Kingdoms with a captivating Game of Thrones-inspired family costume. Let the mom channel her inner Daenerys Targaryen, dressed in flowing garments, decorated with dragon accessories, and a platinum blonde wig. The child can become her loyal dragon. Together, they’ll conquer Halloween with their regal presence and embody the epic world of Westeros.

This epic image of a Game of Thrones-inspired family costume is from cocoscaravan.