100 Couples Halloween Costumes

From classic duos to trending themes, find your costume match made in Halloween heaven.

This is the perfect opportunity for couples to strengthen their bond and show their creativity with coordinated couple’s Halloween costumes. Whether you’re going for a spooky, fun, or enchanted theme, this carefully curated list will provide all the inspiration you need to find the perfect costume combination and leave a lasting impression at your next Halloween party.

With so many incredible couple’s Halloween costumes to choose from, we’ve gone beyond the obvious choices to bring you exciting options that suit different interests and themes. From iconic movie duos and infamous historical pairs to whimsical fantasy characters and clever pop culture references, our list covers it all. 

Disney Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from Iryna Dzul


Beauty and the Beast

It’s a tale as old as time. Recreate the timeless story of Beauty and her Beast this Halloween by wearing an elegant yellow ball gown and dashing suit. The ensemble isn’t complete without Beast’s horns as well as the rose. 



Image sourced from Hollyn Wood


Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Dress up as the ultimate fairy tale couple when you don your Prince Charming and Cinderella costumes. It’s the ideal Halloween costume to perfectly capture a double dose of Halloween magic! The only things missing are the glass slippers and the woodland creatures to help you get ready.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Embark on a magical adventure with an Aladdin and Princess Jasmine costume. Channel the enchanting love story and exotic charm of Agrabah with these vibrant and detailed outfits. From Aladdin’s iconic vest and fez to Jasmine’s flowing gown and jeweled accessories, you’ll be ready to soar on a magic carpet ride of Halloween excitement.



Image sourced from Jellybean Junkyard


The Incredibles

Gear up for a super-powered Halloween adventure with this dynamic duo. Transform into Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, sporting their iconic red and black superhero suits. With their extraordinary powers and unwavering unity, this incredible couple is ready to save the day and make Halloween unforgettable.

Here is a great “The Incredibles” costume idea from Jellybean Junkyard.

Image sourced from Courtney Whitehead


Tarzan and Jane

Embrace the wild side with the Tarzan and Jane costume. Become the epitome of jungle adventurers as you swing into Halloween together. With rugged Tarzan attire and an elegant Jane ensemble, this couple’s costume is a tribute to the timeless love story of the jungle.

Here is a great Tarzan and Jane costume idea from Courtney Whitehead.

Image sourced from Party City


Toy Story

Enter the world of toys with this charming Halloween costume. One becomes Woody, the cowboy with a heart of gold, while the other transforms into Buzz Lightyear, the brave space ranger.  You’ll capture the magic, friendship, and adventure that Toy Story has brought to our hearts.

You can buy it here from Party City.

Image sourced from Lee Gierszewski


Smurf and Smurfette

Dive into the enchanting world of the Smurfs with this adorable couple’s Halloween costume. One transforms into the iconic blue Smurf, while the other shines as the lovely Smurfette. It’s a beautiful representation of love and friendship, adventure, and blue-skinned fun.

Here is a great Smurf and Smurfette costume idea from Lee Gierszewski.

Image sourced from Everyday Ellis


Monsters Inc.

Step into the whimsical world of Monstropolis with this playful costume idea. You and your partner can become the lovable Sulley, covered in colorful fur, and the mischievous Mike Wazowski, sporting his iconic single eye. You’ll bring laughter and fun to the Halloween festivities.

Here is a great “Monsters Inc.” costume idea from Everyday Ellis.

Image sourced from Sarah Busch


Lilo & Stitch

Dive into the heartwarming world of Disney with this adorable Halloween couple costume. Lilo captures the spirit of adventure in her Hawaiian dress, while Stitch brings mischief with his blue fur. Together, you embody friendship, ohana, and the magic of a memorable Halloween.

Here is a great “Lilo & Stitch” costume idea from Sarah Busch.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

Take flight to Neverland with this magical couple’s costume. Peter Pan sports his iconic green tunic, while Tinker Bell shines in her shimmering fairy attire. Together, you capture the spirit of adventure and enchantment, creating a whimsical costume duo.


Image sourced from Naveed Mahbub


Shrek and Princess Fiona

Enter the whimsical fairytale world of “Shrek” with this enchanting Halloween couples costume. Shrek embraces his green ogre charm, while Princess Fiona shines in her iconic gown. Together, they embody the perfect blend of humor and romance, bringing the beloved characters to life.

Here is a great Shrek and Fiona costume idea from Naveed Mahbub.


Image sourced from Wonder Costumes


Alice in Wonderland

Embark on a whimsical journey with this enchanting costume idea. Step into the fantasy world as Alice and the Mad Hatter, with their eccentric attire and signature accessories. Embrace the magic and curiosity of Wonderland, creating an unforgettable costume duo that captures imaginations.

Here is a great “Alice in Wonderland” costume idea from Wonder Costumes.


Image sourced from Kaitie


Up-Inspired Costumes

Take flight on a whimsical adventure with this heartwarming Halloween couple costume. Dress as Carl and Russell, donning their iconic outfits and accessories, complete with a handful of colorful balloons. With love as your guide, you embody the spirit of adventure and create a costume duo that captures hearts

Here is a great “Up” inspired costume idea from Kaitie

Image sourced from Party Princess Productions


Ariel and Prince Eric

Dive into the realm of fantasy with this enchanting Halloween couple costume. Embrace Ariel’s mermaid charm with her flowing red hair and shimmering tail, while Prince Eric exudes princely elegance. Together, they bring a tale of love and adventure to life, making waves at any Halloween celebration.”

You can book it here from Party Princess Productions

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from JibJab


Workout Buddies

Pump up the laughs with this hilarious couple’s Halloween costume. Dress up as quirky workout partners, donning vibrant gym attire, headbands, and comical accessories. From silly sweatbands to outrageous weights, these costumes will keep the energy high and the smiles wide at any Halloween event.

Here is a great workout buddies costume idea from JibJab.

Image sourced from Lindsay Brauer


Sunburned Tourists

Get ready to crack some smiles with these comical costumes. Embrace the lobster-red look with exaggerated sunburn makeup and tacky Hawaiian shirts. Complete the ensemble with sunscreen your best smiles, capturing the essence of hilariously sun-kissed vacationers.

Here is a great sunburned tourists costume idea from Lindsay Brauer.

Image sourced from BuzzFeed


Where’s Waldo?

Join the search for adventure and fun with this whimsical costume idea. Dress as the iconic characters, donning the red-and-white striped shirt, glasses, and beanie. Together, you become an adventurous duo that adds a touch of nostalgia and excitement to any Halloween gathering.


Image sourced from Mikaela Murphy


KFC and a Chicken

Bring some finger-licking fun to your Halloween with the KFC and Chicken couple’s costume. One can don the iconic KFC Colonel outfit, complete with a white suit and bowtie, while the other becomes the delectable chicken, complete with feathers and beak. It’s a hilarious and tasty twist on a couple’s costumes!

Here is a great KFC and chicken costume idea from Mikaela Murphy.

Image sourced from Stanford Dining


Two Peas in a Pod

Celebrate your inseparable bond with this adorable costume idea. Dress as vibrant green peas, snugly nestled in a matching pod. Together, you radiate harmony and togetherness, symbolizing the perfect pairing that brings joy and unity to any Halloween gathering.

Here is a great “Two Peas in a Pod” costume idea from Stanford Dining

Image sourced from @yunah.lee



Spice up your Halloween with the Soy-Mates couple’s costume! Show off your love for all things soy with hilarious matching outfits. One of you becomes a giant soy sauce bottle, while the other transforms into a tofu block. Get ready to “soy” it loud and “soy” it proud this Halloween!

Here is a great “Soy-Mates” costume idea from @yunah.lee


Image sourced from @vicinstyle


Soap and Loofah

Get ready for a bubbly Halloween with these soap and loofah costumes. One of you can dress as a bar of soap, complete with suds and a shower cap, while the other becomes a loofah with a fluffy outfit and colorful mesh. It’s a fun and lighthearted couple costume idea.

Here is a great soap and loofah costume idea from @vicinstyle.

Image sourced from Stephanie Man


Tinder Match Couples Costume

Pay homage to the modern era with this amusing Halloween costume idea for couples. One person represents the Tinder logo, while the other embodies the flame symbolizing a match. Celebrate contemporary romance and ignite laughter as you showcase your clever sense of humor.

Here is a great Tinder match costume idea from Stephanie Man.

Image sourced from Linh Phan


Soda and Popcorn

Quench your thirst for fun with this delightful costume idea. One person becomes a refreshing soda, complete with a fizzy label, while the other transforms into a savory bag of popcorn. Together, you’ll serve up a perfect blend of snacks and entertainment at any Halloween party.

Here is a great soda and popcorn costume idea from Linh Phan.


Image sourced from Celina Bongar


Low Battery and No Wi-Fi

Showcase your humorous side with this clever costume idea. One person embodies the symbol of a low battery, while the other person represents the dreaded “No Wi-Fi” icon. Share the struggles of modern life in a fun and relatable way at any Halloween gathering.

Here is a great “Low Battery, no Wi-Fi” costume idea from Celina Bongar.


Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes



Embrace the mischievous charm of these lovable characters with these delightful costumes. Dress up as the iconic Minions, complete with their signature goggles and overalls. Spread joy, laughter, and banana-loving fun as you bring the Minion spirit to any Halloween event.

Here is a great “Minions” costume idea from Couples Halloween Costumes.  

Image sourced from Pinterest


Grandma and Grandpa

Step back in time with this heartwarming couple’s Halloween costume. Grandma is dressed in her vintage floral dress, while grandpa is in a dapper suit and bowtie. Together, they embody the wisdom and nostalgia of a bygone era, creating a charming and endearing costume duo.

Here is a great grandma and grandpa costume idea from Pinterest

Image sourced from Make It and Love It


Candy Bandits

Indulge in some sweet mischief with this delightful costume idea. Don your black and white striped outfits, eye masks, and wide-brimmed hats. Complete the look with swag bags labeled ‘candy’ and enjoy a night of playful thievery, spreading smiles, and stealing hearts.

Here is a great candy bandits costume idea from Make It and Love It.  

Image sourced from Ilene Rubiano


Sumo Wrestlers

Step into the ring of tradition and strength with this unique costume idea. Both individuals dress as sumo wrestlers, donning oversized suits and embracing the spirit of sumo wrestling. Together, you embody power, discipline, and the rich heritage of Japanese culture in a playful and memorable way.

Here is a great sumo wrestler costume idea from Ilene Rubiano.


Image sourced from Halloween Costumes


Bacon and Eggs

Cook up some fun with this deliciously quirky Halloween couple costume. Embrace the breakfast-themed hilarity as one becomes crispy bacon, while the other dons a sunny-side-up egg outfit. With a dash of humor and a side of pun, this costume idea is sure to make everyone’s morning brighter.

You can buy it here from Halloween Costumes.

Image sourced from Leigh


Panda and Bamboo

Embrace cuteness and nature with the panda and bamboo costume. Dress as a cuddly panda in a black and white costume, complete with panda ears and face paint. Pair it with a bamboo stalk outfit to represent the beloved food of pandas. It’s the perfect choice for an adorable and eco-friendly Halloween costume.

Here is a great panda and bamboo costume idea from Leigh P.

Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


Tourist and Statue of Liberty

Take a trip to the Big Apple with this captivating couples Halloween costume. One becomes an enthusiastic tourist, sporting a camera and vacation attire, while the other transforms into the majestic Statue of Liberty. These costumes blend sightseeing and patriotism, creating an iconic and memorable idea.

Here is a great tourist/Statue of Liberty costume idea from Couples Halloween Costumes.

Image sourced from Jess Vazquez


Pizza Planet Employees

Take a nostalgic trip to the toy-filled pizzeria with the Pizza Planet employee costume. Channel the fun and adventure of “Toy Story” as you and your partner dress up as the iconic employees, complete with Pizza Planet logos and playful accessories. It’s a perfect choice for fans of the beloved movie franchise.

Here is a great Pizza Planet employees costume idea from Jess Vazquez.

Image sourced from couple Couples Halloween Costumes


Netflix and Chill

Indulge in the ultimate couple’s night-in with the “Netflix and chill costume. Step into the world of streaming and relaxation as one of you dresses as a larger-than-life TV screen, adorned with the Netflix logo, while the other becomes a cozy blanket. It’s the perfect Halloween ensemble to showcase your love for all things entertainment and relaxation.

Here is a great “Netflix and chill” costume idea from Couples Halloween Costumes.

Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


Lego Couple

Enjoy an unforgettable Halloween with this whimsical costume idea. Embody the timeless appeal of Lego by transforming into a larger-than-life Lego brick and a charming Lego minifigure. Celebrate imagination and playfulness as you bring the beloved building blocks to life, piece by piece.

Here is a great Lego costume idea from Couples Halloween Costumes.

Image sourced from Amazon


Puzzle Pieces

Complete each other’s puzzle with the creative puzzle piece costume idea. Whether you’re seeking a fun and interactive costume or celebrating the unity of your relationship, these outfits are perfect. Interlock your puzzle pieces and showcase the bond you share. It’s a creative and engaging way to stand out at any Halloween party.

You can buy it here on Amazon.

Image sourced from Erika Nunley


Vegetable Couple

Add a dash of veggie fun to your Halloween with this delightful costume duo. One dresses as peas in a pod, while the other shines as a vibrant carrot. These costumes bring a refreshing and playful twist to the festivities, spreading healthy and delicious vibes all around.

Here is a great vegetable costume idea from Erika Nunley.


Image sourced from Con Life


C3P0 and R2D2

Venture into a galaxy far, far away with this iconic couple’s Halloween costume. C3PO shines in golden armor while R2D2 beeps and boops in his astromech droid design. Together, you capture the charm and iconic appeal of the beloved “Star Wars” saga.

Here is a great C3PO and R2D2 costume idea from Con Life. 

Image sourced from Costume Works


The Sims

Enter the virtual realm of creativity and simulation with this creative costume idea. Showcase the iconic green diamond above your head, donning pixelated outfits and hairstyles. With playful gestures and exaggerated expressions, capture the charm and fun of the beloved life simulation game.

Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from @forever_admired


Terrifying Zombie Couple

Unleash the undead with this spine-chilling costume idea. Transform into horrifying zombies with tattered clothing, ghastly makeup, and bloody wounds. With haunting stares and a staggered walk, these bone-chilling costumes will send shivers down spines and create a night of frightful thrills.

Here is a great zombie costume idea from @forever_admired

Image sourced from @couplehalloweencostumes


Horror Bride and Groom

Enter the realm of darkness with this haunting couple’s Halloween costume. Embrace the macabre as the horror bride wears a tattered wedding gown, while the groom exudes his undead charm. With ghostly makeup and eerie accessories, this spine-tingling pair is a match made in horror heaven. 

Here is a great horror bride and groom costume idea from @couplehalloweencostumes.

Image sourced from @leadinglifewithmyheart


Skeleton Couple

Embrace the eerie appeal of this scary costume idea. Dress as matching skeletons, adorned with intricately designed bone patterns and glowing accents. This skeletal duo captures the essence of Halloween, creating a hauntingly beautiful presence at any spooky celebration.

Here is a great skeleton costume idea from @leadinglifewithmyheart.

Image sourced from Michelle Shepherd


Ventriloquist and Puppet

Step into a realm of eerie entertainment with this unique ventriloquist and puppet costume. The ventriloquist commands attention with his black ensemble and puppet strings, while the lifeless dummy adds an ominous touch. This unsettling pair is bound to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Here is a great ventriloquist and puppet costume idea from Michelle Shepherd.

Image sourced from Brea C. Moore


The Purge

Get ready for a night of chilling chaos with this movie-inspired costume idea. Embrace the dystopian society as you dress in eerie masks and blood-spattered attire, and carry menacing (fake) weapons. Together, you’ll capture the unsettling spirit of “The Purge.”

Here is a great “The Purge” costume idea from Brea C. Moore.

Image sourced from Keiko Lynn


Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz

Give off the eerie charm of the afterlife with this haunting costume idea. Beetlejuice exudes mischief with his striped suit and wild hair, while Lydia captures gothic beauty in her red attire. Together, they create a supernatural duo that will send shivers down your spine.

Here is a great Beetlejuice and Lydia costume idea from Keiko Lynn.

Image sourced from @lianev


Frankenstein and His Bride

Release monstrous romance with this electrifying costume idea. Frankenstein embodies raw power with his stitched attire and bolted neck, while his bride captivates with her haunting beauty. This iconic pair will bring classic horror to life in a chilling fashion. 

Here is a great Frankenstein and his bride costume idea from @lianev.

Image sourced from Pinterest


The Pumpkin King and Scarecrow

Capture the essence of the harvest season with costumes that will delight and cause a fright. The Pumpkin King features a carved face and an eerie hollow glare, while the Scarecrow will keep the crows (and people) away. Plus, it’s easy to achieve the look.


Image sourced from @melissamolinaro


Mexican Sugar Skull Costume

Celebrate the vibrance of Mexican traditions with these captivating costumes. Show off the beauty and symbolism of sugar skulls by adorning your faces with intricate and bold designs. Complete the look with a black suit and dress, and you’ll honor the spirits while creating a mesmerizing entrance.

Image sourced from Maddie Butterfield


Circus Skeletons

Step into the macabre world of the circus when you dress as skeletal performers adorned in circus attire, complete with top hats, tails, and striped leggings. These matching costumes reflect the eerie circus underworld and are a great, easy option.

Here is a great circus skeleton costume idea from Maddie Butterfield.

Image sourced from Mayra Duran


Gangster Clowns

Enter a world of dark humor and mischief with this wickedly entertaining costume idea. Dress as gangster clowns, blending classic mobster style with playful clown accents. Complete the look with pinstripe suits, colorful makeup, and oversized props. It’s a thrilling fusion of laughter and danger.

Here is a great gangster clown costume idea from Mayra Duran.


Image sourced from @crystalsdolleyes


Deranged Clowns

Bring laughter and malice to Halloween! Dress up as colorful clowns with oversized bow ties, vibrant wigs, and polka dot outfits. With face paint and silly props, these clowns will spread smiles and a touch of fear, and will create an entertaining atmosphere at any Halloween party.

Here is a great deranged clowns costume idea from @crystalsdolleyes

Image sourced from Pinterest


The Strangers

Get ready to send shivers down everyone’s spines with “The Strangers” couple costume. Dress as the mysterious masked strangers from the chilling movie in matching black suits, white shirts, and eerie masks. It’s perfect for those who love a thrill and want to give their friends a scare on Halloween night.

Image sourced from Keiko Lynn


Jack and Sally

Show off the enchanting and gothic charm of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with this haunting yet romantic costume idea. Jack dons his iconic pinstripe suit, while Sally enchants in her patchwork dress. This costume perfectly symbolizes dark beauty and undying love.

Here is a great Jack and Sally costume idea from Keiko Lynn.


Image sourced from Tipsy Elves


Devilish Partners

This couple’s costume idea has all the fiery appeal of the underworld. Sizzle in a red and black ensemble, complete with devil horns and tails. As a pair, you’ll ignite the night with your wicked charm and dark seductive wiles.

You can buy it here from Tipsy Elves

Images sourced from Stephanie and Matthew Dowling


Mummified Couple

Unearth the mysteries of Egypt on Halloween night. Wrapped in tattered bandages, you and your partner will look as though you’ve just stepped out of a sarcophagus. The costumes are easy to put together and will bring a sense of fascination to any Halloween celebration.

Here is a great mummified couple costume idea from Stephanie and Matthew Dowling.

Image sourced from Jessica Koontz


Zombie Bride and Groom

Add a splash (or slash) of bloody color to your Halloween with these electrifying costumes. Become the undead with a twist as you transform into a gory zombie couple, complete with undead makeup and attire. It’s the perfect blend of horror and artistry.

Here is a great pop art zombies costume idea from Jessica Koontz.

Cute Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from Halloween Costumes


Captain Hook and Tinker Bell

Set sail for a magical Halloween adventure with this enchanting couple costume. Create the look of the cunning Captain Hook with his pirate regalia and the cute, sassy Tinker Bell for a whimsical pairing that just screams “I love Neverland.”

Here is a great Captain Hook and Tinker Bell costume idea from Halloween Costumes. 

Image sourced from @halloween____costumes


Princess Peach and Mario

Dress up as this cute video game power couple. The charming Princess Peach, adorned in her signature pink gown with a poofy skirt and white petticoat, and the heroic Mario, complete with his signature red hat and overalls, will bring the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom to life.

Here is a great Princess Peach and Mario costume idea from @halloween____costumes.

Image sourced from Millie Reyes


Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Who invited Santa? Break the stereotype this Halloween by arriving as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Red Christmas robes and any red attire you have should do the trick. And don’t forget to wear Christmas hats to complete the merry look.

Here is a great Mr. and Mrs. Claus costume idea from Millie Reyes

Image sourced from @halloween____costumes


Popeye and Olive Oyl

Sail into Halloween with this classic cartoon duo. Popeye flexes his muscles in his iconic sailor attire, while Olive Oyl charms in her red and black dress and signature hairstyle. This costume idea brings these beloved cartoon characters to life.

Here is a great Popeye and Olive Oyl costume idea from @halloween____costumes.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Woody and Jessie

Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ Halloween adventure with this playful “Toy Story” costume idea. Create the spirit of the Wild West as Woody, with his cowboy hat and sheriff badge, and the spirited cowgirl Jessie. Yeehaw, you’ll wrangle up smiles and create unforgettable memories.


Image sourced from Tipsy Elves


Cow Couple

Moo-ve over, ordinary costumes, because this cute cow couple’s costume is “udderly” adorable. Dress up as cuddly cows with matching black and white spotted jumpsuits, cow ears, and cute tails. Whether you’re “grazing” or dancing, this costume is perfect for a fun Halloween night.

You can buy it here from Tipsy Elves

Image sourced from L'Officiel Philippines


Barbie and Ken

Name a cuter, cooler duo! We’ll wait. Create Barbie and Ken’s iconic fashion look with flashy pink outfits, blonde wigs, and accessories. Think of the photo opportunities! You’ll make a picture-perfect pair that’s sure to turn heads at any Halloween party.

Here is a great Barbie and Ken costume idea from L’Officiel Philippines.  

Image sourced from Reddit


Starbucks Couple

Brew up some Halloween party fun! Dress as baristas, donning green aprons, caps, and logo-emblazoned shirts. Complete the look with custom Starbucks cups and matching accessories. Together, you’ll serve up a double shot of Halloween delight with a touch of java-inspired charm.


Image sourced from Pinterest


Ash and Pikachu

Bring the exciting world of Pokémon to life! Dress as Ash, who transforms into the desired Pokémon trainer, and the adorable Pikachu in yellow (don’t forget the red cheeks and ears). This costume captures the spirit of friendship and adventure.



Historical Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from Costume Works


Ragnar and Lagertha

Embark on a Viking adventure with this power couple costume idea. Channel the strength and valor of Ragnar and Lagertha with their signature braided hairdos and clan symbol-bearing outfits. Dressing as these legendary Norse warriors is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


Image sourced from Nicole Rollolazo


Medusa and Stone Statue

If you want to make an entrance then look no further. Medusa bewitches with a snake-adorned headpiece and a flowing gown, while her stone statue partner stands by in frozen petrification. This creative costume is a great combination of uniqueness, danger, and Greek mythology.

Here is a great Medusa and stone statue costume idea from Nicole Rollolazo.

Image sourced from Sierra Jackson


Cleopatra and Caesar

Add a comical twist on ancient history with this hilarious costume idea. While Cleopatra wears an elegant white gown with a black wig, Caesar wears a toga with a funny touch. These ensembles create a lighthearted portrayal of these legendary figures.

Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


Ancient Egyptian Royalty

Embark on an ancient adventure this Halloween. These pharaoh and his queen outfits are bold and capture Egyptian royalty perfectly, right down to the headdress and crown. It’s a great costume idea, especially if you’re both lovers of ancient history.

Here is a great ancient Egyptian royalty costume idea from Facebook

Movie/TV Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from Riley Alexandra


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Step into the thrilling world of espionage with these “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Halloween costumes. Best of all, the outfits are easy to put together! Simply throw on white shirts and undergarments and you’re ready for a fun, action-packed Halloween night.

Here is a great Mr. and Mrs. Smith costume idea from Riley Alexandra.

Image sourced from Yahoo


Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic

If you couldn’t get enough of the docuseries “Tiger King,” then these Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic outfits are perfect for you! Wear a flamboyant shirt and jeans and you’ve nailed Joe’s look. For Carole’s look, wear a flowing flowery dress and a crown of flowers in your hair. If you have kids, you can dress them as tiger cubs! 



Image sourced from @stacyleirens


Harley Quinn and the Joker

Dress as the unhinged Harley Quinn by wearing a bright red and blue jumper and matching shorts, and don’t forget about her signature pigtails. For the Joker’s look, a good makeup job including the sinister smile will seal the deal.

Here is a great Harley Quinn and the Joker costume idea from @stacyleirens.

Image sourced from @halloween____costumes


Gomez and Morticia Addams

Enjoy these enchanting Halloween costumes’ macabre charm. While Morticia dazzles with her long, black gown and eerie beauty, channel Gomez’s swagger in a stylish black suit. Turn heads on Halloween night by capturing the dark romanticism of the Addams Family.

Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


Fairly OddParents

Step into the world of Fairly OddParents this Halloween with these amazing costumes. Channel the nostalgic rush of this beloved cartoon as you take on the roles of its iconic characters. Pair up as Cosmo and Wanda or Timmy Turner and Tootie to give your love story a fun twist.


Image sourced from Anna Krekova Photography


Geralt and Yennefer

This Halloween, dress up as the dynamic duo from “The Witcher” and summon your inner power couple. With Geralt’s distinctive armor, silver sword, and white hair, you can recreate the ultimate medieval fantasy look. For Yennefer’s look, wear a vintage-style black dress and black wig.

This is a great Geralt and Yennefer costume idea from Anna Krekova Photography


Image sourced from @natasha_sen


Lara Croft and Indiana Jones

Explore your sense of adventure with the Lara Croft and Indiana Jones costumes! Indy, the explorer with the whip, partners up with Lara, the brave, pistol-toting archaeologist. No adventure is too extreme for this formidable team. Grab all the leather you can find, and don’t forget Lara’s trademark tank top or Indy’s hat. 

Here is a great Lara Croft and Indiana Jones costume idea from @natasha_sen.

Image sourced from @couplehalloweencostumes


Day of the Dead

Revive the magic of the Day of the Dead with these chilling costumes this Halloween. Celebrate the faithful departed with vibrantly painted sugar skull designs, bone-chilling smiles, and colorful flower accents. Mark Halloween in style by combining beauty and tradition in these eye-catching costumes.


Image sourced from Tatiana Scheetz


Aquaman and Mera

The legendary underwater couple, Aquaman and Mera, make for a charming Halloween couple. Slip into Aquaman’s sculpted bodysuit with golden accents and wield the mighty trident as you become the Protector of the Deep. Sparkle as Mera in a fitting emerald outfit and flowing red wig.

Here is a great Aquaman and Mera costume idea from Tatiana Scheetz.

Image sourced from @daguti_


Fred and Wilma Flinstone

Become the much-beloved prehistoric pair Fred and Wilma as we go back in time! As Wilma, you’ll look stunning in a white dress and matching precious pearls, while Fred will wear his trademark orange nightgown and blue tie — along with his caveman club, of course. 

Here is a great Fred and Wilma Flinstone costume idea from @daguti_

Image sourced from About Costume


Fred and Daphne

This is an obvious choice for fans of the hit animated series, “Scooby Doo.” If you love solving puzzles, then become the ultimate detective couple with these costumes. Shine as Fred in his blue pants, orange ascot, blonde hair, and signature white shirt. Sparkle as Daphne by sporting an orange wig, purple gown, and matching heels.


Image sourced from Desert Chica


Squid Game Player and Guard

Get ready for a roller-coaster Halloween with this “Squid Game” inspired costume. Dress up as a guard and contestant from the popular Netflix series, complete with red and green jumpsuits and the black mask for the guard. Stand out at any party and recreate the thrilling atmosphere of the deadly games.

Here is a great “Squid Game” guard and player costume idea from Desert Chica

Image sourced from Simply Eighties


Mamma Mia!

With these ‘Mamma Mia’ costumes, become Donna and Sam, channeling their love story and vibrant personalities. Embrace the 70s-inspired fashion, belting out ABBA hits as you dance the night away. Get ready for a night of musical magic and unforgettable memories.


Animal Couples Halloween Costumes

Image sourced from Savannah Moats


Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Fairytale lovers, assemble; Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are making a grand entrance. As Little Red, become the picture of innocence in her iconic red cape and basket. As the wolf, rock a fursuit, wickedly-sharp teeth, and a sly grin. 

Here is a great Little Red Riding Hood and wolf costume idea from Savannah Moats.

Image sourced from Pure Costumes


Monkey Couple

We’re not monkeying around, these costumes are great for couples who love comfort! These matching monkey jumpsuits are comfortable and cute at the same time. Wear them with sneakers and you’ll be the bouncing, energetic life of the Halloween party. 

You can buy it here from Pure Costumes.

Image sourced from Charlotte Litke


Hunter and His Catch

The hunter finally catches his beloved. As the hunter, dress in earthy tones or khaki and proudly show off your partner, who dresses up as the happily caught “prize.” It may not be for everyone, but it’s a fun, playful spin on the relationship game. 

Here is a great hunter and his catch costume idea from Charlotte Litke.


Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


King Kong and Ann Darrow

Roaring with cinematic flair, the King Kong and Ann Darrow costumes capture the tale of beauty and the beast. King Kong towers in his furry full-body costume, while Ann dazzles in her classic gown. It’s a captivating homage to a legendary story.


Superhero Couples Halloween Costumes

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Clark Kent and Wonder Woman

There can be no doubt that this is the best “power couple” costume because is there a mightier alliance? We don’t think so. Dress up as Clark Kent caught in his transition into Superman and pair up with the warrior princess in her full costume. 


Image sourced from Couples Halloween Costumes


Batman and Catwoman

The Batman and Catwoman costumes represent the thrills of a double life while reflecting the intriguing allure of the night. Batman, with his dark cape and signature feline mask, represents justice and strength. Catwoman, dressed in a sleek bodysuit and feline mask, symbolizes deception and sleuthing. Together, they generate an electrifying chemistry that is hard to ignore.


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Black Panther

Drink from the heart-shaped herb and become the legend! Embody the strength and feline grace of King T’Challa. Don the iconic Black Panther suit with faux tech-infused gauntlets, showcasing your love for this amazing superhero. Unleash the vibranium spirit together!

Here is a great “Black Panther” costume idea from @thegamefanatics

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The Avengers

Become the protectors of the universe with Avengers costumes! Channel your inner cosmic power and choose the ultimate Avengers character to match your personality. From the Hulk and the Black Widow to Captain Marvel and Captain America, safeguarding the night from any Halloween wickedness has never looked so good.

Here is a Captain Marvel and Captain America costume idea from @yarpenna

Classic Couples Halloween Costumes

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Jack and Rose

This is about as tragic yet romantic as they come. Recreate the timeless love of “Titanic” with Jack’s charming 1910s attire and Rose’s elegant gown. These outfits aren’t complete without Jack’s sketchbook and a pendant resembling the “Heart of the Ocean.”


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Romeo and Juliet

Bring Shakespearean romance to life with this enchanting costume. Showcase the elegance of Verona with Juliet’s flowing gown and Romeo’s dashing doublet. These star-crossed lovers represent tragic love, making for a mesmerizing costume choice that transcends time.


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Romantic Pirates

Set sail on a love-filled adventure. Get the pirate couple look with ruffled shirts, leather vests, and tricorn hats. Complete the ensemble with eye patches, gold accessories, and a touch of mystery, as you embody the romance and bravery of the high seas.

Here is a great romantic pirates costume idea from @chelsea__koch.

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Gangster Couple

This gangster couple’s costume exudes 1920s charm, capturing the spirit of prohibition-era lawlessness and romance. Dressed in a tailored suit, he dons a fedora and holds a gun, while she flaunts a sequined flapper dress with a feathered headband. Together, they’re ready to wow the crowd, and by any means necessary.


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Doctor and Nurse

The doctor and nurse costumes are a timeless classic that’s never going out of style. He wears a white lab coat, a stethoscope draped around his neck, while she wears a classic nurse’s uniform, complete with a cap and medical accessories. It’s the promise of a night of fun — but safe — partying.

Here is a great doctor and nurse costume idea from Cristee.

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Bonnie and Clyde

This Bonnie and Clyde costume captures the spirit of 1930s outlaws, promising a night of mischief and rebellious romance. Clyde sports a waistcoat suit with his wide-brimmed hat, while Bonnie flaunts a beret, pencil skirt, and pumps. The look wouldn’t be complete without their sacks of cash, of course. 

Here is a great Bonnie and Clyde costume idea from Stephanie Weinberg.

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Ninja Couple

The ninja couple’s costume is a dynamic ensemble that’s perfect for partners looking to channel stealth and fitness. With sleek black ninja suits, complete with matching masks and weaponry, this costume captures the essence of mystery and the martial arts.

Here is a great ninja couple costume idea from Ally.


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Priest and a Nun

Dressed in reimagined traditional religious attire, a priest and nun couple in costume bring an air of twisted sanctity and intrigue. With austere black robes and a white collar for him and an adapted nun’s outfit for her, you’re sure to turn heads at any costume party.


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Progressive People

Bring the fight for inclusivity and equality to Halloween. Dress as symbols of change, with one partner wearing a T-shirt or cape with the progressive banner on it, and the other symbolizing empowerment. This socially-minded couple’s costume is sure to be a conversation starter at any party.

Here is a great progressive people costume idea from Megan Sipe.

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Devil and Angel

Celebrate the duality of good and evil with the Devil and angel costumes. With a shining white gown, angelic wings, and a halo, the angel oozes celestial beauty. The Devil adds a little — or maybe not so little — danger to the mix with his flaming red garb, menacing cape, and sharp horns. 


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Prisoner and Prison Officer

Dress up as an unconventional couple this Halloween with the prisoner and police officer costumes. One person can don the classic orange jumpsuit, while the other wears a commanding police uniform. It’s a playful twist on the traditional roles and is sure to attract attention and spark some fun role-playing adventures.