75 Christmas Crafts for Kids

Prepare for this festive extravaganza with 75 Christmas crafts that will give your child memories of Christmas they'll never forget.


Welcome to our incredible collection of 75 Christmas Crafts for Kids! The holiday season is an enchanting time of year, and there’s no better way to add to the magic than by involving your children in some fun do-it-yourself projects. Our creative activity collection will surely spark your child’s imagination and add a touch of joy to your home this holiday season. 

From charming ornaments to festive decorations, we’ve carefully curated a range of impressive options. Every project, whether it’s making snowflakes, designing Santa hats, or creating handmade gifts, is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement during the festive season. Prepare your crafting materials, embark on a journey of creativity, and let the festive crafting escapade begin!


Source: @jangriffitts via Pinterest


Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry can be created by stringing colorful beads on elastic cords or wire to make one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Suggest your children add their initials or names to the jewelry to make it personalized and meaningful.



Decorated Mugs

Use ceramic markers or acrylic paints to give plain ceramic cups a holiday makeover. Suggests to your children that they create charming snowmen and reindeer or illustrate a festive scene.

Put the mugs in the oven to permanently bake the paint onto the surface, like this fantastic design by Fun Family Crafts.

Source: @jennymdavis



Make your own Christmas masterpieces out of cork, wooden, or ceramic coasters. Kids can personalize them with drawings of snowflakes, Santa Claus, or Christmas trees. They can even use paints or markers to add their special and personalized touches. To make it last longer, apply a thin layer of varnish or Mod Podge.

Source: DIYDecorCrafts



Kids can make Christmas-themed keychains by stringing beads onto a ring and decorating it with seasonal charms like candy canes, gingerbread guys, and jingle bells. Help them add a tassel or fluffy pom-pom to make it more playful.

You could also go full paper, like this simple keychain idea on DIYDecorCrafts.

Source: Shaunna Evans



Felt, foam, and popsicle sticks can all be used to make charming Christmas ornaments. Shapes can be cut out, glued together, and then embellished with glitter, sequins, or ribbons by the little ones. 

You can give them as presents or hang them on the tree like this great ornament we found at Shaunna Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Source: Cindy Hopper


Wrapping Paper

Turn some brown butcher paper or basic craft paper into unique wrapping paper. Use holiday-themed stamps or potato shapes to help the children stamp and paint a festive pattern perfect for the holiday season. 

For a more personal touch, the kids might use their hands or footprints to make this reindeer design by Skip to my Lou.

Source: Toni


Gift Tags

Make your gift tags out of cardstock or heavy paper. Stockings, stars, and Christmas trees can all be traced, cut out, and then decorated with glitter glue, markers, or stickers. The final touch should include adding a hole, a string, and the recipient’s name.

This reindeer gift tag by @girljustdiy is a simple and effective beauty that carries the spirit of the season.

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun



Children can make bookmarks for the holidays by cutting out shapes from cardstock and embellishing them with stickers, stamps, or drawings. Protect the bookmarks from wear and tear by laminating them or covering them with clear contact paper. 

Gift your readers these cheery bookmarks at Easy Peasy and Fun to keep them reading.


Source: Kim via The Best Ideas for Kids


Salt Dough Ornaments

Make stunning ornaments with salt dough recipes. The dough can be rolled out, shapes can be cut out with cookie cutters, and a hole can be made with a straw. Once the ornaments are baked and cooled, they can be painted and embellished with acrylic colors and glitter.

This handprint idea from The Best Ideas for Kids could well be the best this Christmas.

Source: Erin Walejko


Popsicle Stick Snowmen

Make some cute snowmen out of popsicle sticks and let the kids decorate them. Sticks can be painted white and then decorated with buttons, eyes, and a carrot nose. Make a friend share in the Christmas job by drawing a smile across their face.

Source: Katie Adams


Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Craft beautiful Christmas tree ornaments by cutting out shapes from felt. The kids can design the pieces with beads, sequins, and needlework thread. You can hang them from the tree by attaching a loop of ribbon or twine. 

Utilize a candy cane to make the ornament a real treat, such as this idea at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Source: made to be a momma


Potato Stamped Christmas Cards

Using potato stamps, you can create one-of-a-kind holiday greeting cards that are perfect for sharing your individuality. Kids can carve potatoes into simple shapes like stars and trees. Stamp the blank cards with paint-coated stamps. 

Use stickers or markers to adorn the space even more like this beautiful card at made to be a momma.

Source: Meg Duerksen


Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Memories can be preserved forever in the form of handprinted Christmas ornaments. Whether you decorate with finger-painted snowmen, or carefully present a family photo inside the bauble, these simple ribbon-looped decorations are time-capsule keepsakes.

This hand-painted ornament was captured by Meg Duerkser.

Source: Rose via roseclearfield


Styrofoam Snow Globes

Use tiny Styrofoam balls, jars, and glitter, to create beautiful snow globes. Children can decorate the inside of the jar with paint and glue to make snowmen or landscapes, then place the styrofoam balls inside the jar before adding water and glitter to create the snow globe effect. 

Lock the lids and invert them to enjoy the snow floating down, like this design by Roseclearfield.

Source: simpleeverydaymom


Paper Plate Santas

Make paper plate Santas by drawing a smiley face on a dinner plate and letting the children decorate it with paper mustaches and eyebrows. Santa’s cap can be decorated with cotton balls, and a ribbon loop can be used to display the plate on the wall.

This design by simpleeverydaymom can inspire your craft. 



Christmas Tree Napkin Rings

Make some napkin rings in the shape of Christmas trees for a party. Children can make cones by rolling triangles of green construction paper decorated with markers or stickers. Apply glue to the edges and a star-shaped opening to the top.

Source: Michelle Rowan


Ornament Countdown Chains

Create a festive calendar using ornament countdown chains. The kids can make their holiday decorations by cutting strips of construction paper, coloring them in, and stringing them together. Put a number on each chain link and take it out one at a time as a countdown to Christmas.

Source: amandakingloff


Christmas Tree Garlands

Make some festive garlands to hang on the Christmas tree. Children can have fun with yarn or string by cutting out designs from construction paper like stars, trees, and snowflakes and decorating them. 

Add some holiday cheer by draping garlands like the one by PROJECT KID around the tree.

Source: thechirpingmoms


Paper Bag Reindeer

Children can decorate a paper bag with googly eyes, a red pom-pom for the nose, a marker-drawn mouth, and antlers cut from brown construction paper to make reindeer for a puppet show.

They can make some cute reindeer puppets like this thechirpingmoms one, made out of plain brown paper bags.

Source: Tanya via sweetlittleparties


Tissue Paper Snowflakes

Kids can make gorgeous snowflake patterns by folding squares of tissue paper, cutting out decorative motifs along the edges, and unfolding the paper. You can use them as window decor or tie them together to make a festive winter garland.

Create beautiful, intricate snowflakes or complex designs like this one from sweetlittleparties with tissue paper.

Source: Rainy Day Mum


Salt-Dough Christmas Cookies

Bake some tasty cookies out of salt dough in any shape. Children can mold the dough into anything they want. Holes for hanging can be made with a straw, and the cookies can be baked until they are golden brown. 

When the cookies have cooled, they can be decorated with frosting and tasty toppings like these from Rainy Day Mum.

Source: desumama


Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

Collect pinecones and let the kids adorn them with glitter to create beautiful holiday decorations. The pinecones can be decorated with glue, Mod Podge, and glitter. Wrap a ribbon or cord around the ornament and hang it on the tree. 

These shiny ornaments by desumama will bring a touch of nature to the holiday trimmings.

Source: scrapingandstamping


Milk Carton Christmas Village

Create a lovely winter wonderland from recycled milk cartons with the “Milk Carton Christmas Village.” Kids can give the cartons a makeover by painting them bright colors, adding construction paper windows and doors, and adorning them with snow, trees, and little figurines. 

This simple homemade scrapingandstamping is a great idea to start with.

Craft Activities

Source: Amanda Formaro


Gingerbread Houses

Building and decorating gingerbread houses is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively during this festive season. Children can add sweet touches to the houses with icing, candy, and sprinkles. 

See if you can replicate this elaborately designed gingerbread village by Amanda Formaro.

Source: sumcoco


Cookie Decorating

Let kids show off their creativity by decorating cookies. Sugar cookies should be shaped, baked, and cooled then decorated by the children using icing, colored sugar, and other edible designs. 

Inspire them to experiment with styles and patterns like this beauty by sumcoco.

Source: craftymorning


Crafts with Pinecones

Kids can make pine cones into small Christmas trees by painting them green and adding ornaments, or they can paint them and use pom-poms or googly eyes to make Christmassy creatures. They can also use ribbons or string to create wreaths, garlands, or ornaments out of pinecones.

This cute Christmas tree by craftymorning can inspire other creative ideas.

Source: livingwellmom


Crafts with Felt

Children can create felt decorations by cutting out simple shapes like snowflakes, stars, or animals and then adorning them with stitches or sequins. They can also sew or glue the parts together to create finger puppets, keychains, or felted creatures.

These amazing felt designs by livingwellmom might help you start.

Source: Pink Stripey Socks


Crafts with Paper

Paper crafts are simple, inexpensive, and a lot of fun. Children can decorate their rooms or the Christmas tree by making paper chains and garlands or folding origami Christmas trees or snowflakes. 

To create even more complex objects, they can try paper quilling or replicate this simple tree design by Pink Stripey Socks.

Source: HGTV


Crafts with Yarn

Yarn crafts are a great option for kids looking for tactile DIYs. Children can use yarn to make tassels, pom-poms, and ornaments. Braided bracelets, knitted or crocheted scarves, and miniature tapestries that are woven on a cardboard loom are all within their capabilities.

This yarn Christmas tree on HGTV is an impressive example of what they can achieve.

Source: parentinghealthybabies


Crafts with Beads

Kids can use a wide variety of beads to create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Beadwork isn’t just for necklaces and bracelets; you can also use it to make keychains, sun catchers, and ornaments by stringing beads onto wire or string and adding charms.

This set of bracelets on parentinghealthybabies shows you what the kids can do with beads.

Source: Art Bar


Crafts with Sequins

Adding a little glitz to craft projects is easy with sequins or glitter. Have your child create foam or paper cutouts with sequins for a glittery holiday decoration or card. Sequins can be glued onto a template or a canvas to generate colorful, glittering creations they can call their own.

This great design on Art Bar is one worth duplicating.

Wearable Crafts

Source: The Crafting Chicks


Santa Claus Hat

Have the kids help Santa out by having them make their own Santa hats with red cloth or felt, and white faux fur. Assist them with laying out the pattern pieces, cutting them out, and putting the hat together, either with glue or a sewing kit. 

Put a pom-pom for added holiday cheer to get this hat style we found at The Crafting Chicks.

Source: KindergartenWorks


Reindeer Antlers Headband

Kids can become adorable reindeer with the help of reindeer antler headbands. Antlers can be made out of brown pipe cleaners, paper cards, or felt. Glue them or twist the pipe cleaners around a headband to secure them. Bows or little jingle bells would look great affixed to the horns.

This simple design by KindergartenWorks is the simplest and cutest idea.

Source: Shaunna Evans


Christmas Tree T-Shirt

Assist your kids when using fabric markers or fabric paint to sketch or stencil a Christmas tree shape onto the front of a shirt. Help them to sew or glue ornaments, stars, or glitter on the T-shirt, and let them don it with pride.

Embrace the holiday season with this Christmas Tree T-Shirt at Shaunna Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Source: agirlandagluegun


Snowflake Hair Pins

Stunning snowflake hair pins can be made by following this simple tutorial. Shape white or silver pipe cleaners into snowflake shapes, and then use hot glue to secure them to hair pins or bobby pins. 

Glamorize a winter garment or item by embellishing it with tiny rhinestones or glitter like these by agirlandagluegun.

Source: Terry Ingram via Pinterest


Elf Shoes

Elf shoes can be cut from green or red felt. Assist children in putting the pieces together, making sure to leave spaces for the feet. Dress them up with ribbons tied around the ankles and jingle bells or pom-poms around the feet.

Source: Children's Museum


Jingle Bell Bracelets

Make some merry jingle bell bracelets with some elastic cord and some different colored bells. Instruct the youngsters on how to string the bells onto the cord, varying the sizes and colors as they go. Once they’ve tied the ends, they’ll have a musical and festive ornament to wear.

Source: Joanne Bourque-Baarts via Pinterest


Snowman Socks

Let kids craft their own snowman-inspired footwear by transforming a pair of fuzzy white socks into a loveable snowman. Assist them in decorating the socks by creating snowman faces, buttons, and scarves with fabric markers or paint.



Candy Cane Necklace

Make a candy cane necklace by stringing candy canes together. Assist the kids in stringing the canes onto a string or thin ribbon in an alternating color pattern that evokes the Christmas spirit. 

They may then tie the ends together to create a necklace that can be worn or given as a gift, like this one by thesprucecrafts.

Source: S&S Worldwide


Santa Beard Mask

Make a Santa beard mask from white felt or cotton balls for a cute and festive holiday project. Cut out the shape and string it up using an elastic band. Help your kids finish off their Santa getup with red face paint or markers for rosy cheeks and nose.

Wool or anything fluffy like this beard at S&S Worldwide can do.

Source: Wish


Reindeer Slippers

Assist the kids in cutting brown felt into reindeer face shapes and gluing or stitching them to a pair of slippers. Complete the cute reindeer costume with pipe cleaner antlers and googly eyes.

Nature Crafts

Source: digsdigs


Pinecone Christmas Trees

Assist the kids with painting some pinecones green and allowing them to dry. Then they can add embellishments like glitter, pom-poms, and miniature decorations to the pinecones. To build the tree stand, just glue it to a little piece of wood or cork. 

You will have instant adorable and organic Christmas decor like this one by digsdigs.

Source: Stacy Geiger Salter


Leaf Reindeer

To make a reindeer, the kids may need your help gathering or cutting out leaf shapes, which they can then glue together. Put on some pipe cleaner antlers, a red pom-pom for a snout, and some googly eyes.

Source: littlethingsbringsmiles


Twig Snowflakes

Help the kids collect little twigs or craft sticks and shape them into snowflake patterns. Use glue or twine to bind the twigs together. Give the snowflakes a festive touch by having them painted white or sprinkled with glitter.

You can try out this rustic idea with littlethingsbringsmiles.

Source: Parents.com


Acorn Ornaments

Help the children gather acorns, remove the crowns, and decorate their undersides with bright paint. They can use glitter, little beads, or marker pens to add finishing touches after the project has dried. Wrap some string or ribbon around the acorns so they can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Source: Karen's Whimsy


Holly Leaf Place Cards

The Kids can make greeting cards by cutting out leaves from green construction paper and folding them in half. Make it more festive by writing the names of your visitors on the front and decorating it with red paper berries or tiny pom-poms.

This simple but awesome card by Karen’s Whimsy would be an inspiration.

Source: The Birch Boutique


Birch Bark Reindeer

Charming reindeer ornaments can be fashioned from birch bark. Assist children in cutting out reindeer forms from birch bark or craft paper so that they can be glued onto a background. Embellish it with pipe cleaner antlers, a red pom-pom for a snout, and googly eyes.

Source: sherisilver


Winter Bird Feeders

Create bird feeders to help birds through the colder months. Peanut butter or vegetable shortening can be spread on pinecones, empty toilet paper rolls, or other items to make fun birdfeeders. Hang the birdseed craft outside to attract a variety of winged visitors.

This simple feeder by sherisilver can be a place to start.



Twig Star Ornaments

Create some charming twig star ornaments for your tree this holiday season. Collect little twigs and arrange them in star formations. Then glue or string them together and use paint, glitter, or tiny beads to decorate the stars. 

Fasten a ribbon or rope to the back so it can be hung from a tree like this one by HOMEDIT.

Source: AllFreeHolidayCrafts


Pinecone Elves

Make some cute little elf figurines out of pinecones by painting the pinecones with joyful Christmas hues. Put on a paper or felt cap, a small wooden bead for the nose, and some googly eyes. 

Pinecone elves with arms and legs like this one by AllFreeHolidayCrafts made from pipe cleaners or felt, add fun to any Christmas decoration.

Source: Pinterest


Nature-inspired Wreath

Help the kids gather natural objects. Use wire or hot glue to secure the objects to a wire wreath frame. Allow them to decorate with bows and ribbons. Display the wreath on your front door or wall to let visitors know they are welcome.

Paper Crafts

Source: Crafts on Sea


Santa Claus Paper Puppet

Aid the children in snipping out Santa’s red and white paper legs, arms, body, and cap. Put some glue or brass fasteners on the parts and put them together. Make the costume more lifelike by including a cotton ball beard, googly eyes, and a paper belt. 

Kids can imitate this simple Santa puppet on Crafts on Sea.

Source: housingaforest


Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Remove the middle of a paper plate to reveal a ring, and have the kids add their own personal touch to the ring by decorating it with paint, markers, or paper holly leaves, bows, and ornaments. Use a ribbon or string to suspend the wreath.

This wreath on housingaforest is as simple as it gets.

Source: steffieshexenhaus


Pop-Up Christmas Tree

Create a card featuring a festive Christmas tree that pops out to surprise the recipient. To make a tree form, show the kids how to fold a sheet of green construction paper accordion-style, then cut along the top fold but not the bottom. 

Source: theshabbytree


Accordion Folded Paper Angel

Make a beautiful angel decoration by folding a piece of paper in an accordion fashion. Instruct the kids to fold a sheet of white paper accordion-style, after which they can design and cut out an angel. Upon unfolding the paper, a three-dimensional angel will appear. 

This simple angel by theshabbytree can be hung using a ribbon.

Source: A Piece of Rainbow


3D Paper Snowflakes

Help the children create beautiful snowflake patterns by folding and cutting paper. The paper folds out into a stunning, three-dimensional snowflake. Use the snowflakes as a seasonal decoration by hanging them from the ceiling or window panes.

See if you can beat this lovely snowflake at A Piece of Rainbow.

Source: pinkstripeysocks


Christmas Village Cutouts

Using paper cutouts, you can build a picturesque winter village. Help the kids make paper models of houses, stores, and churches. You can make a festive village backdrop by arranging the cutouts on a large sheet of paper or cardboard.

This colored cutout pinkstripeysocks can serve as an inspiration.

Source: bloomingbrilliant


Paper Stocking Countdown Calendar

Create a paper stocking calendar and use it to count down the days until Christmas. Make 24 mini stockings out of paper and hang them from a string or ribbon. Children can look forward to opening their stockings on the advent calendar daily to find a fun activity or gift.

This sock idea from bloomingbrilliant can inspire your stockings.

Source: Kicks And Kindness


Santa Claus Gift Box

Make a Santa Claus-themed present box out of construction paper or cardstock. Help the kids use construction paper or markers to draw on Santa’s features, then help them cut out and create a box shape.

Source: fromabcstoacts


Paper Chain Snowman

Make a snowman out of paper chains for a festive holiday display. To make a paper chain, have the kids help you cut white paper into strips and then loop them together. Fasten on more loops for the trunk, face, and limbs. 

Add a bit of whimsy like fromabcstoacts, and top him off with a paper hat.

Source: @Dulcero


Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet

Make a paper bag puppet of a reindeer for some lighthearted fun. Encourage the kids to use brown construction paper, googly eyes, and a red paper nose to adorn the bag. Use brown construction paper or pipe cleaners to make antlers.


Source: hltastaffroom


Paper Chain Garland

Make a paper chain garland out of scraps of construction paper for a quick and easy holiday decoration. Assist children in making a paper chain by cutting strips and joining them in a loop. Make something bright and happy by decorating with a variety of colors. 

Wrap the paper chain garland around the Christmas tree or a wall like hltastaffroom.

Source: unknown on Instagram


Handprint Wreath

Craft a unique handprint wreath with a sheet of green construction paper. Assist the kids in tracing their hands, cutting them out, and gluing them together in a circle. Add some bows, ribbons, or little paper decorations to the wreath to decorate it. 

Display the handprint wreath with pride on a door like this beauty on Instagram.

Source: Dossier Blog


Christmas-themed Paper Fans

Cut rectangles from colored paper and fold them accordion-style. Tie a ribbon around the folded paper and trim the paper ends into rounded or pointed shapes to add style. The paper fans can be decorated with stickers, glitter, or drawings of Santa. 

The beautiful paper fans on DossierBlog can be used as seasonal props or hung on walls.



Tissue Paper Poinsettias

Poinsettias made from tissue paper are easy to craft and add color to any holiday display. Help the children by slitting huge pieces of red and green tissue paper into flower shapes. Stack the flower cutouts and fasten the center with a twist knot or pipe cleaner. 

These lovely petals by Kim Hutchison via Midwest Living can be crafted into a garland.

Source: Meg Allan Cole


Pom-Pom Garland

Create a jovial pom-pom garland with a variety of yarn colors or pom-poms. Assist kids with stringing pom-poms of varying sizes and colors onto a strand of yarn, then wrap them up tight. 

This pom-pom garland by Makezine can be hung anywhere for a splash of holiday cheer.

Source: craftymorning


Ribbon Christmas Trees

Help the kids cut ribbons into varying lengths. The ribbons should be stacked and glued into a tree shape, with the longest ribbons at the bottom and the shortest at the top. Beads, sequins, and other little ornaments can then be used to decorate the tree. 

This ribbon tree by craftymorning will look so nice on a table this holiday.

Source: elegantnest


Glittery Pine Cone Centerpiece

You and the kids can get into the holiday spirit by decorating pinecones with paint, glue, and glitter. Put the pinecones in a bowl or tray and decorate it with ribbon, other ornaments, or fake snow to make a beautiful table centerpiece.

This simple glittering beauty by elegantnest can light up your Christmas.

Source: Tina Richardson


Snowman Door Hanger

Help the kids construct snowmen from pre-cut shapes, and assist in the addition of facial features such as eyes, a carrot nose, a mouth, and buttons. Tie a ribbon or rope to the snowman’s back to hang it from a hook or doorknob.

Source: My Life and Kids


Sparkly Reindeer Table Decorations

Help the children cut out reindeer forms and decorate them with anything they like. Put on some pipe cleaner antlers, a red pom-pom for a snout, and some googly eyes. Alternatively, they can make the decorations on cardboard and paste them on flat surfaces.

This shiny design by My Life and Kids can be done with cardboard and some glitter.

Source: Eat Pray Love Play


Festive Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars can be transformed into beautiful lanterns for the holiday. Decorate jars with paint or a glue-water mixture for covering them with tissue paper. After the jar is dry, seal it and put some ribbon, glitter, or stickers on the outside. 

The warm light from these lanterns by Eat Pray Love Play is perfect for winter.

Source: crateandbarrel


Christmas Tree Skirts

Tree skirts for the holiday season are an easy way to make your Christmas tree stand out. Make a skirt out of fabric to complement your seasonal decorations. For a more celebratory feel, try using embellishments like sequins, ribbons, or appliques. 

This tree skirt by crateandbarrel is a nice addition that will make your Christmas tree lovelier.

Source: Southern Living


Advent Calendars

Mark the days leading up to Christmas with this festive tradition. Make your own advent calendar by stuffing tiny envelopes, boxes, or pockets with holiday treats and fun activities. Put stickers, numbers, or holiday-themed decorations on the calendar.

This cute shoebox-style calendar from Southern Living is an inspirational idea.

Source: Ideal Home


Holiday Photo Booth

Create lasting memories with a photo booth decked out in the spirit of the season. Decorate the wall or ceiling with holiday-themed textiles, garlands, or other items. Bring some jolly extras like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and Christmas masks. 

Take pictures of happy family gatherings like Ideal Home to treasure the season forever.

Source: heyasparky


Holiday Memory Jar

Create a Christmas memory jar to kick off a brand-new tradition. Encourage the kids to keep a journal or diary during the holidays to record special thoughts and feelings. They should put these into an empty jar, along with trophies, to remember the season by. 

This memory jar idea from heyasparky is as simple as it gets.