100 Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to top last year's scary? Look no further than this list of Halloween costume ideas.

Step right into the thrilling world of Halloween costumes! Are you prepared to unleash your creative potential and immerse yourself in a world of eerie, amusing, and astonishing disguises? If you are, join us as we explore a thrilling compilation of 100 Halloween costume ideas! 

This collection of costumes is valuable for those seeking to evoke fright, laughter, or admiration in the season’s event. A good costume displays your spark of creativity and even a bit of green to those admiring you. Our selection of 100 Halloween costumes caters to a diverse range of tastes and ages, featuring both timeless and contemporary in-vogue characters. Prepare yourself to delve into a world of endless possibilities as you elevate your Halloween experience with these creative costume ideas!

Horror Movie Characters

Source: Malori via Costume Works


Annabelle from ‘The Conjuring Universe’

Portray the iconic demonic doll that has captivated viewers and horror fans alike. Put on a doll-like garment and try your hand at some makeup to make you look like a porcelain doll. To convey the evil spirit of Annabelle, you need to bring along a threatening-looking fake weapon.

Start with this ominous design that Costume Works has conjured if you need inspiration.

Source: @bunnybii


You’ll Float Too! Pennywise from IT

Become the Derry-haunting, shape-shifting monster, and prepare to have your worst nightmares realized. With a clown outfit, ideally with some tears or rips, all you need to do is paint a twisted grin and hold some red balloons to up the spook factor. 

Act the very personification of terror by perfecting creepy gestures and an eerie chuckle like @bunnybii’s Pennywise.

Source: Costume Works


Freddy Krueger - Welcome to primetime, b****!

Take on this role by donning a burned mask and wearing razor-sharp gloves to represent the infamous nightmare monster. To imitate Freddy’s scarred persona, put on a red and green striped sweater, a fedora, and prosthetics or makeup. 

Like this impressive depiction by Costume Works, master the art of using threatening poses to evoke fear into the hearts of fellow trick-or-treaters!

Source: Pinterest


Leatherface from ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Portray the horrific chainsaw killer from the Texas woods. With many detailed human skin masks available online, the final touches to the costume are a stained apron and a fake chainsaw. Get into character as Leatherface by perfecting his erratic actions, grunts, and fierce, homicidal glare. 

Source: Feralworks


Ash vs. Evil Dead Zombie

Embrace the macabre as a flesh-eating zombie! Use gory makeup, fake wounds, and worn outfits to set the mood. Walk and stumble like a zombie and groan to convey a need for brains. 

Visit @Feralworks for more ideas on bringing creatures from this great series to life.

Source: Chris Whitney


You Can’t Get Rid of…The Babadook

Welcome the ghostly, frightening, and thought-provoking presence of this mysterious being. A top hat, a long black coat, and messy hair are your required attire. Add ashy makeup, draw dark circles around your eyes, and grin broadly. 

Bring to life the dreadful atmosphere of the Babadook with costumewall.com’s inspired idea.

Source: @Muachristie


The Nun

This Halloween, why not imitate the chilling demonic presence of the nun in The Conjuring films? Put on a long black habit, white face paint, and eerie eyeliner, and always have a cross or rosary on you. Put forth an ominous air and accept your inner gloom.

Check out @Muachristie’s nun for inspired ideas.

Source: @Sarah Busch


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Explore the strange and fantastic realm inhabited by this spectral rogue. Put on a striped suit, do something crazy with your hair, and make your face and eyes look pale and gloomy. 

Adopt the zany, playful attitude of Beetlejuice posted by @Sarah Busch, and recreate yours.

Source: @MelissaRoller


What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? - Ghostface from Scream

This spooky season, take up the role of the masked murderer from the “Scream” films. Get into character by donning a black cloak and a Ghostface mask. Put on an intimidating demeanor, grab a fake knife, and maintain suspense by acting out the part of a ruthless killer.

Check out this incredible recreation by Melissa for a start.

Source: Gotham


Experiment 141 Has Breached Containment

For something out there and unique, transform into a strange and alien-looking experiment. Try your hand at body horror make-up, or piece together a bodysuit complete with measles and pus with open intestines to create disgust and shock all day long.

Source: @maecatt and @nicknielsen


Norman Bates - Psycho

For this costume, put on disturbed shoes with classic clothes, and don’t forget to bring a fake knife. Norman’s unpleasant demeanor sports a cool detachment and an uncanny allure. Recreating the legendary horror film character’s eerie presence requires mastering the character’s clumsiness and inner struggle.

Choose a partner and go as a couple like @maecatt and @nicknielsen.

Source: @Linda Hoerst


Seven Days… - Samara from The Ring

To create fear with each step, assume the role of the ominous ghost from The Ring. Wear a long black gown and hide your face with long, dark hair. Make ghostly and unnatural movements and make yourself look strange. Add chills to the audience’s spines with the help of a scratched VHS tape.

Source: Marienka Gaatjenietaan


Chucky’s Back!

The haunted doll, Chucky, has a classic, terrifying personality. Carry a toy knife and paint your face to mirror Chucky’s scarred features. Adopt a menacing tone of voice and get into the spirit of the doll’s playful murderousness.

Source: @ladygaga


Edward Scissorhands

Embrace the dark and gothic allure of Tim Burton’s iconic character with this outfit. With a black outfit sporting leather belts and buckles, you should paint your face pale, and attach scissor props to your hands. Capture Edward’s gentle yet misunderstood nature as you bring this beloved cinematic figure to life.

Check out Lady Gaga’s costume @ladygaga to get creative.

Source: Gerardo Castro


Michael Myers of ‘Halloween’ - The Shape

This Halloween, become the ruthless, unseen murderer from the infamous franchise. Put on a jumpsuit and a neutral-looking white mask. Strive for the utmost in deliberate slowness of motion and eerie silence. Keep a fake kitchen knife on your person to channel the evil spirit of Michael Myers.

Classic Costumes

Source: reaperhalloweencostume


Don’t Fear The Reaper

For a classic twist, transform into death himself. Carry a scythe and wear a long black cloak with a hood and a skeletal mask. Develop a leisurely pace and exude an ominous air to fully channel the Reaper’s mystique and dread.

This serious-minded reaper was created by @reaperhalloweencostume.

Source: partycity.com


Spooky Scary Skeletons

Embrace the classic Halloween vibe with a skeleton costume. Paint your face white, create black eye sockets and skeletal features, and wear a black outfit adorned with bones. It’s simple, eerie, and perfect for a haunting night of trick-or-treating or attending a spooky party.

Add more swag to your chill, like @partycity.com, and add a crown.

Source: Natasha Miller Cole


Witches and Wizards

Channel one’s inner sorcerer with a bewitching costume. Don a long black robe and a pointed hat, and carry a wand for added flair. Add dramatic makeup, green or purple accents, and enchanting accessories to complete the magical look.

Source: deluxeadultcostumes.com


The Elegant Vampire

The Vampire Diaries, anyone? Embrace your dark side as a sophisticated vampire. Wear a tailored black suit or a flowing gown, style your hair sleekly, and use pale makeup with dark, dramatic lips. Top it off with fangs, red contact lenses, and an air of mystery for a gothic and captivating look.

Check out deluxeadultcostumes.com for vampire costume ideas.

Source: acparadise.com


Vampire Hunter

Wear a leather trench coat, carry a wooden stake, and accessorize with cross-themed items for this punky hunter costume. Mess up your hair, smudge some dirt on your face, and exude an aura of determination. This costume combines ruggedness with a touch of supernatural allure.

To top off the costume, don a hat and go full gear like acparadise.com.

Source: Amanda via Costume Works


Creepy Doll

Unleash your inner horror with a creepy doll costume. Wear a vintage-style outfit with frills and lace, and style your hair in pigtails or curls to complete the look. Apply cracked and doll-like makeup with exaggerated features, and carry a worn-out toy as a prop.

Adopting this hauntingly beautiful costume by Costume Works will give everyone the chills.

Source: Brittany via Costume Works


Creepy Colorful Clowns

Induce fear with a spine-chilling clown costume. Choose a vibrant and oversized outfit, complete with colorful ruffles, and paint your face with an eerie clown design. Add exaggerated features like a red nose and sharp teeth for an extra fear-inducing style. 

This costume by Costume Works guarantees to haunt the nightmares of those who cross your path on Halloween night.

Source: darkincloset.com


The Bat

If making a costume yourself is your speed, why not try decorating a black sweatshirt, snip it in half, and fasten the halves to the sleeves using black safety pins or hot glue? Black electrical tape will hold the umbrella sections together at the hinges, allowing you to spread your wings for the complete bat look. 

You could get more inspired ideas from darkincloset.com.

Source: scratchandstitch.com


Ghosts Re-Invented

Wrap yourself in cheesecloth and secure it with pins; then, add a layer of distressed white gauze (the kind used to adorn windows, doorframes, and mantles) over the top for an extra spiderweb-style design. White face paint and black eyeliner around the eyes will add to the creepiness.

Add more ideas to your ghost, or go with the scratchandstitch.com idea.

Source: halloweencostumes.com


Sexy Vampire Nurse

This costume has the charm of a vampire and the sexiness of a nurse rolled into one. Add fangs, scarlet lipstick, and a cape for a provocative take on the traditional nurse outfit. Enhance the performance with props like a stethoscope and a syringe. 

If you want to go simple, check out halloweencostumes.com.

Source: Pinterest


Frankenstein’s Monster

Bring life to the infamous Frankenstein’s Monster, complete with exposed bolts in his neck and a heavily stitched appearance. With green makeup and old, ripped clothes, you can accessorize with scars and bolts and walk the streets like the misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster.

Source: wassupmate.com


Mexican Sugar Skull

Mexican sugar skull costumes are a fun and creative way to honor the Day of the Dead holiday. Create elaborate skull designs on your face, dress in traditional garb, and accessorize with flowers and skulls. Be a living embodiment of the symbolic splendor of this ancient cultural practice.

Visit wassupmate.com to get creative with sugar skull costumes.

Source: halloweencostumes.com


Adorable Pumpkin

For a cute and festive option, dress up as a pumpkin. Wear an orange outfit, complete with a round, stuffed belly. Paint your face with a smiling pumpkin design, and don’t forget a stem hat. This cheerful costume is perfect for children or those seeking a lighthearted Halloween ensemble.

You can go dressed like this rep from halloweencostumes.com

Source: alienhalloweencostume


Extraterrestrial Alien

Step into the realm of the unknown with an alien costume. Opt for a metallic or iridescent outfit, add futuristic accessories, and apply otherworldly makeup to enhance the look. To go the extra mile, use colored contact lenses to transport your costume to another galaxy.

@alienhalloweencostume does this costume justice.

Movie and TV Characters

Source: @Rosanna Pansino



Take a trip to the Land of Oz as the lovable Dorothy from the classic film ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Put on a blue gingham dress, pair it with a pair of red heels, and tote a plush dog in a picnic basket. 

Take on Rosanna Pansino’s representation of Dorothy’s purity and tenacity.

Source: coolesthomemadecostumes



Put on a bandolier, a Chewbacca mask, and a flared, flurry, or rustling brown suit. Master Chewbacca’s signature barks to bring this fan-favorite character to life.

This Chewbacca costume captured by coolesthomemadecostumes would be a great idea to take to Halloween.

Source: Nichole via Costume Works


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Gather your friends to transform into the infamous crime-fighting turtles. With colored masks or corresponding bandanas, a green and reptilian costume comes together easily. Carry the character’s signature weapon and embody the strength, agility, and camaraderie of these beloved heroes.

This outfit idea at Costume Works is a great place to gain inspiration.

Source: Alison Click


50 Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is as popular a costume now as it was in 2011. Get some grey paint samples (maybe 50 different shades?) from the hardware store and paste them onto a white tee for a family-friendly alternative.

Source: keikolynn.com


Jack Skellington and Sally

Enjoy this hauntingly beautiful romance. Carry a skeleton face around and wear a pinstriped suit to pass as Jack. Put on a patchwork outfit and try some stitch makeup to bring Sally to life. 

Join @keikolynn.com and showcase the couple’s one-of-a-kind chemistry and unconventional love story.

Source: maskerix.com


Darth Vader

For this costume, use a red lightsaber while decked up in an all-black costume and the classic helmet with a unique breathing device. Take on Vader’s booming voice and imposing demeanor to impress your peers as the most fearsome enforcer in the Galactic Empire.

Check out this Darth Vader on maskerix.com.

Source: DC Comics


The Joker

Delve into the mind of Batman’s most savage enemy. With inspiration ranging from Heath Ledger’s manic calm to Cesar Romero’s hysterical Prince of Crime, paint on a threatening grin, and mess up your hair. You can play up the Joker’s mystique and malice, donning a deck of cards and a madcap grin.

Source: @miyukiheart20


Hermione Granger

Draw on your wits and courage, like the well-known wizard. Wear a Gryffindor robe and have a wand handy; this is Hogwarts, after all. Put your hair up in Hermione’s distinctive bushy curls, and use her tenacity and intelligence to transform into a powerful witch for the night.

Join @miyukiheart20 to go full Hogwarts this Halloween.

Source: @Sarah Sweatt



This villain is a part of classic Disney lore. Outfit your head with horned headwear and a black gown with dramatic wing-shaped sleeves. Put on some dramatic makeup, like dark red lips and chiseled cheekbones.

Source: ebaumsworld.com



Opting for something safer than live snakes as hair would be preferable. Test your creative side by crafting a serpent-inspired headpiece and pair it with a medieval gown that harmonizes with the hues of the poisonous beasts.

Source: Anna Fischer


Queen of Hearts

Put together an outlandish Alice in Wonderland costume with this bespoke collar, an outlandish red frock, and some heart-shaped red lipstick. Wrapping a pack of playing cards around your neck will add spice to this character.

Source: @Brooke Winters


Harley Quinn

Play as the popular DC Comics character Harley Quinn and let your craziness shine through. Dress in red and black, sport a baseball bat, and slap a harlequin mask across your face. 

Source: @helenalicesews


Sabrina Spellman

Put your spooky spin on the story of Sabrina, the teenage witch. If the usual red dress and black headband aren’t enough for your creativity, you can try replicating her birthday cake from the popular Netflix series.

@helenalicesews costume is a great place to start for Sabrina Spellman costume ideas.

Source: Comment Se Ruiner


Jon Snow

You too can become the savior of the North this Halloween. All you require is a leather get-up and a fur trip cloak. Master Jon Snow’s smoldering eyes and don a sword with confidence, and Winter shall come to Halloween.

The get-up from @Comment Se Ruiner with the rugged background says it all.

Source: @taylor_toro via Instagram


Wednesday Addams

This costume is simple yet immediately effective. With your hair styled into twin braids, all you need is a black dress with a white color and a stern and solemn look. Enbody this Addams family star by adopting Wednesday’s macabre charm and wry humor.

Source: maskerix.com



This costume is a creative middle-ground for those torn between two outfits. Become Mystique, the shapeshifting mutant with blue skin and red hair from the X-Men. With blue body paint and yellow contact lenses, this costume is sure to transform your party to new heights! 

Join maskerix.com to take on the persona of the X-Men’s strong and alluring Mystique.

Source: Geek Girls



Use the formidable X-Men as your muse. With her classic green and yellow jumpsuit and a streak of dyed white hair, Rogue’s influence is a fun and bright costume for any party. 

Try your hand at taking on Rogue’s resiliency alongside the Geek Girls.

Source: @ahl4mo


White Walkers

Use a frosty white and blue outfit to convey a sense of ethereal mystery. Makeup or additional prosthetics can help you pull off a zombie look, complete with bloodshot eyes. Walk with menace to convey the imposing nature of these villains from beyond the wall.

Learn to welcome the chilling fear they inspire with @ahl4mo.

Source: coolesthomemadecostumes


WE are Groot

From wooden makeup, to a tree ensemble, to simply wearing green and brown, this costume has endless potential for any budget or artistic talent. To further the realistic look, gather some branches and cut them to the appropriate length of your arms and legs.

If you want to go all Groot, you might want to imitate this costume on coolesthomemadecostumes.

Source: @rocketraccooncostume


Rocket Raccoon

Transform into Rocket Raccoon, the witty and sarcastic character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Try your hand a fur-like makeup or hunt down a brown fur suit with a matching mask and tail. Bring this costume to life with toy blasters and Rocket’s mischievous demeanor.

For more Rocket Racoon ideas, check out @rocketraccooncostume.

Source: @japhyhunt



All that is needed for this costume is a long white robe. Add pointy ears and try your hand at makeup to achieve this Star Wars look. Put out an air of charming naivete as you channel the popular Star Wars character.

If baby Yoda is more your speed, embrace the cuteness with a brown, burlap outfit..

Source: Vix Venture


The Bride

Take inspiration from Uma Thurman’s performance as The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. All you need is a yellow jumpsuit with the signature black stripe down the side. If you can accessorize with a samurai blade or her classic shoes, this outfit will win you several impressed looks!

Give off an air of self-assurance and resolve as you play this powerful emblem, just like @Vix Venture.

Source: Tasha via Costume Works


The Mad Hatter

Exude the whimsical and mysterious allure of the Mad Hatter with an outfit bursting with contrasting colors and designs. A large top hat and an exaggerated bow tie bring this outfit together to present the zany, offbeat personality we all love.

Credit goes out to Costume Works for this great costume design.

Source: Shanon Violette


Jules Winnfield

Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield, is a cultural icon in the movie world. All you need is a black suit, white shirt, and black tie to bring this idea together. Wear a curly wig or style your hair, hold a fake gun, and prepare his classic and definitely not family-friendly catchphrase!

Source: Kim Hopson


Mad Max

With tattered or distressed threads, accessorized with leather belts and garters, you can embody the post-apocalyptic warrior from the “Mad Max” films. Paired with steampunk-inspired makeup or battle paint, and lugging around a fake firearm, this costume is sure to make a statement.

Simple yet Creative

Source: Kelly Mindell


Sweet Yet Sour

We wager no one will be anticipating your arrival as a citrus slice at the Halloween party. This amusing and unique costume is a perfect idea for those wishing to add a little spice or flavor to a party!

This simple costume design idea by Kelly Mindell could be the spark your party needs.

Source: Sophie Hoffmann


Tropical Drink or a Witch’s Brew

The straw hat is simple to make on your own with some cards or paper, and some bright pink paint. If you are in search of a fun couple or group costume, try swirly straws or different garnishes, or even a pretty pool boy! 

This costume by Sophie Hoffmann would be a great idea to snag.

Source: Veronica via Costume Works


Do The Robot!

Bring some old-school robot dance to your Halloween party with one of these robot costumes. These amusing-looking mechanical fittings can be made with little more than cardboard boxes, paint, and a free imagination.

This great costume from Costume Works is surely an outfit worth imitating.

Source: @Aliyah Dawson


Dark Angel

Captivate with your dark, angelic presence, which embodies both beauty and danger.

Dress in your most stunning black attire, and sport some dramatic pre-bought or homemade black wings along with some smokey eye makeup, and steal everyone’s breath away. 

Source: Jessica Caso


Mona Lisa

Hate grinning in photos? Here’s the perfect solution! With a fun 3D-style gilded frame to wear, this costume allows you to master a mysterious and modest smirk all night long. With all the focus being on the frame and the smile, the dress can be whatever makes you most comfortable.

Source: ideastand.com


Nail Polish

Everybody knows the horror of picking the wrong nail color. Construct your own array of shades with little more than a headband and some cardboard. This is a great Halloween costume for a group – especially if there are school colors you could choose to represent – and is a unique idea for any uninspired by sexy nurses.

Source: Jennifer Lewis via Costume Works


Chick Magnet

With Halloween being the holiday for over-sexualized costumes, put a fun spin on the idea of a chick magnet. This pun-heavy outfit requires only one main item, the magnet. Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing in a sharp suit, with a magnet around your neck.

This excellent costume is credited to Hunter and Jennifer Lewis at Costume Works.

Source: Danielle Doscher


Voodoo woman

Cast a spell on the crowd with this mystical getup. While the costume itself is somewhat minimalistic (only a hat, vest, bone and skull belt, waist ties, and a necklace depicting a monkey holding its hand), it leaves a lot of potential for personalization.

Source: Christie Fain


Bad Grandma

It’s amazing what a dowdy floral dress and a grey wig can do, especially when accessorized with a cane or a purse full of bizarre and unexpected objects. Master the irreverent allure of a “bad grandma” who shuns convention.

Source: @Heather Jaye


The Runaway Bride

Portray the classic runaway bride archetype with a twist. All you need is a white dress, tousled hair, and maybe an abandoned flower bouquet or health tracker. Perfect a mix of emotions, ranging from sadness to rebellion, as you embody the rebellious spirit of a runaway bride.

Source: Elite Daily


Baby, Now We’ve Got Bad Blood!

Dress as one of the fierce and stylish characters, such as Catastrophe (Taylor Swift), Cut-Throat (Selena Gomez), or any other celebrity cameos from the popular music video. Don a black leather outfit, add bold makeup, and bring an air of confidence and fierceness to your portrayal.

@Elite Daily went all in on this costume to pay homage to Taylor Swift’s iconic music video.

Source: @Bumpf Pfpfpf


Greek Pantheon

Choose one of the mighty deities from Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Aphrodite, or Poseidon. Wear flowing robes, add a laurel wreath crown, and carry a prop that symbolizes your chosen god’s domain. 

Source: Daily Mail


A Pimp

Get into character by dressing lavishly and showing off your wealth. A fur coat, a wide-brimmed hat, and some gold jewelry or a cane add to the look!

Put on an air of self-assurance and charisma by pretending to be a flashy pimp, not unlike Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, as depicted by the DailyMail.

Source: @Crystal King-Olson


Bring Necromancy Back From The Dead

Play the role of a necromancer such as one from the TV show ‘Legacies’ and immerse yourself in the character’s dark and enigmatic realm. Dress in black, put on pale makeup, darken the under-eye area and hold a staff or book of spells. 

Incorporate the mysterious air of this mythical figure like the costume captured by @Crystal King-Olson.

Real People Costumes

Source: Susan via Costume Works


Jack the Ripper

Enter the shadowy and enigmatic world of the notorious serial killer of the Victorian era. Dress in an all-black long coat, wear a top hat, and carry a fake knife. Be sure to infuse the costume with a sense of foreboding horror and suspense.

This Jack the Ripper costume @Costume Works is the real deal.

Source: Laura via costumeworks


Michael Jackson

The King of Pop deserves our mention on this Halloween list. Dress up like him in a dazzling military-inspired getup à la “Bad” or sport his infamous red “Thriller” jacket. Recreate his electric stage appearance by practicing his unique dancing routines.

See if you can beat Laura’s pop king.

Source: Corinne Andersson


Marie Antoinette

The French monarchy should pay tribute to its famous cake-loving queen. With a large curled wig, and an even larger, billowing dress, the regal nature of this outfit almost overlooks the headless fate of the woman herself. 

Source: @peeljackie


Elton John

If you’re low on inspiration, Elton John’s wardrobe of flashy suits, sequined coats, and statement sunglasses is a perfect place to find it. Sport gaudy jewelry and try something outrageous with your hair. With jewels and gems, you’re sure to sparkle like the star himself!

Honor the great performer and musician like @peeljackie did with this costume.

Source: Glaminati


Marilyn Monroe

Put on a delicate white dress, curl your hair in a 40s fashion, and practice blowing a kiss with your bright red lips. Channel the spirit of this iconic actress by exuding elegance, confidence, and a little bit of vulnerability.

Source: @Shekita Estes


Queen Cleopatra

Embody the beauty and power of the legendary Egyptian queen. Wear a flowing gown with golden accents, accessorize with a headdress, collar, and jewelry, and perfect Cleopatra’s dramatic makeup. 

Exude confidence and regal elegance as you transport yourself to ancient Egypt, and if you’re looking for a couple’s outfit, go with another Pharaoh like @Shekita Estes.

Animal Halloween Costumes

Source: Glaminati



If sparkles are more your speed, why not transform into a mystical and enchanting creature? Wear a white outfit with a unicorn horn headband, add as many sparkles and rainbow accessories as your heart designs, and paint your face with an array of colorful designs. 

Source: A Beautiful Mess


Swan Dress

For animal, ballet, or even Icelandic musician Björk fans, this costume is fun and easy to make and wear. With a simple white dress or tutu for the body and a cuddly scarf-like neck that requires limited sewing, this costume is sure to turn a few necks!

This attire posted by A Beautiful Mess should be what your finished costume would look like.

Source: @Randi Nelson


Bunny Rabbit

Wear a fluffy white or pastel-colored outfit, add bunny ears, and paint a cute nose and whiskers on your face. Hop around with an adorable demeanor and bring a smile to everyone’s face as you become a lovable bunny.

Source: Cassandra Hernandez


Fierce Werewolf

Transform into a fearsome creature of the night with a werewolf costume. Wear ripped clothing, attach faux fur patches, and paint your face with dramatic wolf features. Complete the ensemble with ferocious fangs and claws, and get ready to howl at the moon! 

Source: Pinterest


Playful Cat

Embrace your feline side as a playful cat. Wear a black bodysuit or leggings with a matching tail and ears. Add cat-like makeup with whiskers and a cute nose, and accessorize with a collar or a bell. 

Source: Sydne Style


Beautiful Butterfly

This cute concept requires little in the way of supplies. Using just some acrylic paint, some cardboard, and some black elastic, you can make your butterfly with little fuss.

You can choose to create an idea of your own or go with that of Sydne Style.

Source: Kelly via Costume Works


Sea Anemone

To enter in style, try this. Inflate several long balloons and use safety pins to fasten the knot to a shirt. The addition of a few details, such as a felt crown adorned with plastic fish, can further add to your costume.

Go in blue or any other sea shade, like this great costume on Costume Works.

Source: @KarolineHinz


Slow Sloth

Put on a hooded, furry onesie or a costume reminiscent of a sloth, complete with claw-like gloves. Walk around like an endearing sloth and watch as people’s faces light up with your antics.

Take it easy, like a sloth, and enjoy life to the fullest like KarolineHinz.

Cartoon Costumes

Source: @Brittany Feazell


The Headless Horseman

A headless outfit is surprisingly easy and extremely effective. By having a high collar, your head is hidden beneath the chest of the outfit, creating the illusion of a missing head. Sport a dark suit and a black cape, and carry a severed head prop to create an air of mystique and terror.

We don’t know where his head is at, but we’re sure @Brittany Feazell knows.

Source: @amrezy


Jessica Rabbit

Put on Jessica’s go-to outfit—a figure-hugging red dress—with her seductive curls and makeup style. Capture the spirit of this alluring cartoon figure by projecting an air of self-assurance and charm.

Do your best Jessica Rabbit impression and channel the cartoon femme fatale’s seductive style like @amrezy.

Source: @denfors


Princess Fiona

Don a green gown with a golden Middle Age-style waistband, some green face paint, and ogre ears, and your transformation is complete! Incorporate Fiona’s regal grace and independence (and the capacity to kick butt) into your character.

@denfors sure made Fiona a lot cuter with her costume idea.

Source: imgur



This costume is as simple as it is iconic. A simple brown vest over a cream shirt with green face paint, and you too can take on Shrek’s charming demeanor and encourage others to embrace their individuality.

Source: Tiffany


Snow White

This charming appearance requires no assistance from Grumpy, Bashful, or any of the other seven dwarves. Make your own Snow White outfit with ease by grabbing a wig, some red lipstick, a blue top, and a yellow skirt. 

To fully immerse yourself like Tiffany, grab an apple on the way out the door.

Source: Flickr


Peter Pan

Peter Pan says to embrace your inner child; forever young and full of mischief. Sport a forest green tunic, his infamous tricorne cap, and a wooden sword to put forth Peter’s air of boundless enthusiasm and childlike wonder.

Source: Pinterest


The Simpsons

Dress your whole family as their favorite characters from the Simpsons, or any of the lovable characters. Put on crazy wigs, paint your faces a bright yellow, and dress the part to portray these well-known figures.

Source: @Madison Sandlin



Don a getup resembling Pinocchio’s, accessorize with a long nose, and lug around a wooden marionette. Your portrayal of Pinocchio should reflect the childlike wonder of his adventures.

Use this costume idea @Madison Sandlin to give life to the puppet who wishes he were a real boy.

Source: @Julia Howell



Whether you try your hand at creating a walkable tail of shimmering green, or simply wear a purple bunched top with green trousers, this iconic color scheme is sure to get you ready for the big day.

This easy-to-make costume by Julia Howell will unleash your inner mermaid.

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Dress in a black and purple octopus-inspired dress, accessorize with tentacle-like jewelry, and apply exaggerated and theatrical makeup. Embrace your dark side and practice your best Ursula impression by mastering her imposing presence and manipulative demeanor.

It will be hard to beat this Ursula costume on Costume Works.

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White Rabbit

Become the time-obsessed rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Carry a pocket watch and dress as a white rabbit (either in a full costume or a tidy white suit and bunny ears). Guide others through the Wonderland that is Halloween night, while channeling the nervous energy of the White Rabbit.

This perfect depiction of the character by Lily Prec is a custom idea worth duplicating.

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Red Riding Hood

Get into character by donning the classic red hooded cap. Put some flowers or sweets in a basket and have a friend dress as the dreaded hungry wolf for a darker take on the story character.

Transform into the iconic fairy tale figure, Red Riding Hood, with a modern twist, like with the costume idea by Samantha Ayala.

Source: Michelle via CraftyMorning.com



Embody the mischievous and adorable yellow creatures from ‘Despicable Me.’ Dress in blue overalls, wear a yellow beanie or large goggles and paint your face yellow. Embrace their energetic and fun-loving nature as you bring the Minions to life.

These three minions posted by Michelle offer great inspiration for minion costume ideas.

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This costume is perfect for the whole family! Have fun dishing out costumes for all the unforgettable members of Mystery Inc, and prepare to unmask the bad guy. Capture the endearing and humorous personality of the Mystery Inc crew as you and your pals investigate mysteries.

Source: Will Hauze


Daffy Duck

Carry a Daffy Duck stuffed animal and dress in a black feathered jumpsuit or dress; add a yellow beak and webbed feet. Enjoy Daffy for who he is—a duck full of life and misadventure.

Source: @Karen White


Mickey or Minnie Mouse

This costume is a simple classic! With a red polka-dot outfit and little rounded ears, this idea is perfect for couples who want to give off the upbeat, magical vibes people associate with the House of Mouse.

This simple costume posted by Karen White would make a great first impression.

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Take on the role of Toy Story’s free-spirited cowgirl, Jessie. Put on your best cowgirl hat, vest, and cow-print trousers, and pretend you’re out on the range. Capture Jessie’s boundless vivacity and show off your yodeling chops while you’re at it!

This simple costume idea @Brittany Bourgeois will give you the inspiration you need.

As a Last Resort…

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Costume not found

This might be an anti-climactic ending, but if you want to go for ultra-simple, using iron-on lettering, this outfit can be thrown together in the time it takes you to get dressed and out the door.

Go like Danielle DeBow, maintain a grim look of disappointment, but make sure to enjoy the party. It’s Halloween, after all.