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National Surgical Technologists Week – September 15-21, 2024

If you’ve ever wondered how operating rooms seem to run so smoothly, you have a surgical technologist to thank. They’re responsible for properly setting up the room, arranging necessary equipment, and even assisting physicians during surgery. They have some extremely important job duties, and that’s why we honor them September 15-25 during National Surgical Technologists Week.

National Surgical Technologists Week timeline

National Surgical Technologists Week began

The very first National Surgical Technologists Week was held​.

National recognition​

The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting was formed.​

Surgical techs were created

​Surgical Technology became an official career path due to the demands of operating rooms in World War II.

Keeping hands clean​

​​Surgical gloves emerged on the scene.

​Numbing the pain

The first public use of anesthesia took place. ​

How to Observe National Surgical Technologists Week

  1. Tech talk

    Write about this week on social media or chat about it during a coffee date. You never know just who you might influence to become a surgical tech.

  2. Shadow a surgical tech

    Some hospitals may let you shadow a surgical tech for the day, or at the very least, you can talk to someone for an informational interview.

  3. Thank your surgical tech

    A kind gesture will not go unnoticed. A simple thank you card is a great idea, but if you want to get a little more extravagant you might consider baking some tasty treats or delivering flowers.

​5 Things To Know About Becoming A Surgical Tech

  1. ​Every day is different

    There's no such thing as a routine day. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. ​

  2. ​Saving lives is part of the job

    Making sure that everything is up and running — and sanitary — in the operating room is a key factor in saving the lives of patients undergoing surgery. ​

  3. ​Jobs wherever you go

    Since most hospitals employ surgical techs, this career path is easily transferable to different cities and states. ​

  4. ​Not a ton of education

    It's possible to become a surgical tech after completing just a couple of years of college. ​

  5. ​Job growth

    Job growth for surgical techs is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next several years.​

Why National Surgical Technologists Week is Important

  1. The week encourages people to explore this career path

    It points out the important role this position plays in the hospital setting. By learning more information, it's likely that someone may feel inspired to pursue this career.

  2. This week recognizes all of the hard work surgical techs do

    It's definitely a physically and emotionally draining task. Surgical techs play an important role in ensuring that each and every surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. This week brings surgical techs together

    It's a great time for everyone in this profession to come together and celebrate all of the difficult work they accomplish on a daily basis.

National Surgical Technologists Week dates

2021September 19Sunday
2022September 18Sunday
2023September 17Sunday
2024September 15Sunday
2025September 21Sunday

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