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National Garage Condo Day – September 21, 2024

National Garage Condo Day is celebrated on September 21 each year. It was founded by Garage Condos, L.L.C. in 2020 and is a day of appreciation for garage condominiums that have benefited the lives of consumers. Garage condos are storage units in the form of a rentable garage with power, climate control, water, and convenient, round-the-clock access. Garage condos were created in 1999 and have since been providing consumers with abundant space in which to securely and safely store their belongings.

History of National Garage Condo Day

The modern garage dates back to 1912 when architects began hailing the utility of a “new kind of outbuilding” called a ‘garage.’ The word itself was derived from the French ‘garer,’ meaning ‘shelter.’ Before this, cars went into carriage houses alongside horses. Before garages were entirely private, large garages were built by individuals who rented out space to people to house their cars. These public garages, however, were not very convenient because they involved the car owners traveling away from their homes to house their cars. Thus, private residences soon began replacing carriage houses with garages.

By 1921, C.G. Johnson invented the first overhead garage door, made with hinged panels that bent as the door lifted. Five years later, Johnson invented the first-ever electric garage door opener. His invention brought power to the modern garage, leading to the idea that the garage could double up as a home workspace.

Taking inspiration from earlier public garages, garage condos were created in 1999 and have since been providing convenience to consumers.

National Garage Condo Day timeline

The Garage is Invented

The garage is invented.

The First Overhead Garage Door

The first overhead garage door is invented by C.G. Johnson.

Electric Garage Doors

Johnson invents the electric garage door.

Garage Condos

Garage condos are invented.

National Garage Condo Day FAQs

Can you own your condo unit?

Yes, you can!

Why is it called a garage?

It’s called a garage because its root word means ‘shelter.’

Is it safe to live in a garage?

No, they are not safe or sanitary living spaces.

National Garage Condo Day Activities

  1. Learn about garage condos

    If you don’t know much about garage condos, find out more about them. This will help you decide whether the offering can benefit you or not.

  2. Rent out a space

    If it is something you require, rent out a space for yourself. You can find more information online.

  3. Recommend it to someone who might require a space

    Suggest a garage condo to someone who needs extra storage space. It is a convenient solution.

5 Interesting Facts About Garages

  1. 8% square footage in 1915

    In 1915, garages took about 8% of the square footage of an average American home.

  2. 45% square footage in 1960

    By 1960, garages took up about 45% of a home’s square footage.

  3. Many bands started in garages

    Bands such as Nirvana, the Beatles, and Metallica started out in garage spaces.

  4. And so did many companies

    These include Apple, Amazon, and Disney!

  5. Garages are used as main entryways

    About 55% of homeowners use their garage door as the main entryway to their homes.

Why We Love National Garage Condo Day

  1. It’s a feasible idea

    Garage spaces have often been used for storage. If you have some extra space, why not rent it out for extra income.

  2. It’s useful

    For anyone who can afford it, extra storage space is always useful. So why not rent a space today?

  3. It allows you to clear clutter

    Many of us have a bunch of extra stuff cluttering up the house. Garage condos allow you to store your extra stuff out of sight.

National Garage Condo Day dates

2024September 21Saturday
2025September 21Sunday
2026September 21Monday
2027September 21Tuesday
2028September 21Thursday

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