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SatSep 21

Mabon – September 21, 2024

Mabon is celebrated from September 21 of every year, and it ends on September 29. Falling on the autumn equinox, it is a harvest festival that signifies the middle of the harvest cycle — when both days and nights are of equal length — making it the festival of balance and harmony. In Celtic folklore, this festival is named after the Mabon god of Welsh mythology, who is the son of the god of light and mother earth, ‘Modron.’ Mabon is celebrated to thank Mother Earth for the abundance and gifts of nature.

History of Mabon

People around the world throughout the years have celebrated the harvest festival. In the 1700s, Oktoberfest was celebrated by the Bavarians, which began in the last week of September, and was filled with grand feasts and celebrations. It is still in existence today.

In China, the autumn festival is celebrated on the night of the Harvest Moon, and people celebrate this festival by baking cakes, made out of harvested rice, for the moon goddess who will bless them with abundance. In Nigeria, the Yoruba people celebrate the yam festivals with dances and merriment for the ancestors and the fertility of crops for the next year. Iroquois people, during fall, come together for the corn dance and give thanks for the ripening of grains. In some English counties, the feast of St.Michael is observed, and a meal of goose is traditionally served on September 29.

Mabon is considered by the pagans as the day to give thanks for the harvest and to share the bounty with the less fortunate. It has been celebrated by the modern pagans as the last of the eight Sabbats in the 1970s. It is named after the ancient Welsh hero ‘Mabon ap Modron’. Mabon is the second of the three harvest festivals that take place in the Wheel of the Year, Lughnasadh and Samhain being the first and the third, respectively.

Mabon timeline

1600 — 1046 B.C.
The Chinese Harvest Festival Celebration

The harvest festival is held during the Shang Dynasty, but it starts to gain popularity from the early Tang dynasty.

Oktoberfest Celebrations Start With Pomp

Oktoberfest celebration originates in Germany during the celebration of the marriage of the crown prince Bavaria.

The Harvest Festival Comes to U.K.

The tradition to celebrate harvest festivals in churches begins after Reverend Robert Hawker invites parishioners to a special thanksgiving service at his church.

The Term Mabon is Coined

Aiden Kelly coins Mabon's name after the Mabon ap Modron's character from Welsh mythology.

Mabon FAQs

How do you practice Mabon?

You can celebrate it by eating apples, enjoying the day with family, and giving to charity.

How many days does Samhain last?

According to the early texts, Samhain lasts three days and three nights, where people were required to be present in front of the chief or the king, and failure to do so would result in punishment by gods.

How did the ancient people know the equinox?

Ancient people would look up and see four equal quadrants drawn by the sun during the day of the equinox.

Mabon Activities

  1. Decorate your house

    The best way to celebrate Mabon is to decorate your house in the most earthly way possible. Let the spirit of nature guide you and fill your house with autumnal colors.

  2. Go out for a picnic

    There is no better than being one with nature to celebrate Mabon. Feel the soft grass and enjoy the bountiful nature.

  3. Throw a feast

    Invite your friends and family over and enjoy this joyful day with them. Make sure to share the feast with those who need the true spirit of the holiday.

5 Facts About Mabon

  1. It is celebrated at Stonehenge

    Every year Mabon celebrations take place at Stonehenge

  2. It acknowledges life and death

    Mabon acknowledges the cycle of life and death and that all things must come to an end for the generation of new life.

  3. Apples are the symbol of Mabon

    Apples represent wisdom and magic, and they are the symbol of the festival of Mabon.

  4. Mabon is ruled by a Greek god

    The Greek god of wine, ‘Dynosus’ is considered to be the one who rules Mabon.

  5. Red and brown are colors of Mabon

    Mabon is associated with these vibrant autumn colors.

Why We Love Mabon

  1. It brings our loved ones together

    Mabon is celebrated best with friends and family. With music, food, and laughter the festival brings the whole family together.

  2. It tells us the importance of nature

    It is a celebration of the bountiful nature that gives substance to mankind. The day is dedicated to the wonderful mother earth and to appreciating her goodness.

  3. It is a day to help those in need

    It is not just a day of celebration, but also of giving to those who are less fortunate. It is a day of goodness and peace.

Mabon dates

2024September 21Saturday
2025September 21Sunday
2026September 21Monday
2027September 21Tuesday
2028September 21Thursday

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