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TueOct 22

Scar Appreciation Day – October 22, 2024

We are celebrating Scar Appreciation Day on October 22. The day is observed to appreciate and accept the scars we have gotten and move on from the mental trauma and painful memories that caused the scars. Scars may not be a beautiful sight. But scars reassure us that we can endure and that we can heal. Each scar has a different story: accidents, trauma, organ transplants, surgery, assault, etc. This is a day to explore these scars.

History of Scar Appreciation Day

Scars were once a proud symbol of power, struggle, sacrifice, and endurance. We humans started our evolutionary journey as hunter-gatherers. Being a hunter is no easy task. It is a life where physical injuries are common. Most injuries, if not fatal, leave a scar. Some of these scars heal over time, while others stay there permanently. But as we moved from a hunter-gatherer life to a farmer’s life, the number of scars from our ancestors decreased. We have reached a time when only warriors will have scars. Some cultures started intentionally scarring the skin for a fearsome status and reputation. The modern tradition of scarring and tattoos can be traced back to these practices of ancient civilizations.

In the modern world, scars have nothing much to offer. We consider scars an unwanted nuisance. Most of us try to remove scars, especially if they are on the face or somewhere else others can see. But we can not remove all scars. While you can indeed treat some scars, others are permanent marks to remind us of the incident that created them in the first place.

No matter how the scar is formed, every scar has a story to share. Justine Faeth started this day in 2019 to appreciate the scars and raise awareness about the situation that created them.

Scar Appreciation Day timeline

8000 B.C.
Earliest Evidence Of Scarification

Ain Ghazal, in Jordan, has two headless figurines of fertility goddesses from the Paleolithic era with thick scarification lines.

800 B.C. – 700 B.C.
The Era Of Sushruta

Sushruta, the ancient Ayurvedic physician, also known as the father of surgery, uses natural medicines for treating scars.

460 B.C. – 375 B.C.
Hippocrates And Scar Treatment

Hippocrates uses vinegar on wounds and wrapped it around them.

Big Advances

The introduction of medical gloves and other safety equipment, hand washing practices, instrument sterilization, etc., begins.

Scar Appreciation Day FAQs

Are scars permanent?

If a scar hasn’t faded in two years, it is less likely to fade.

What causes scars to turn dark?

Exposure to sunlight, inflammation, poor healing, genetics, etc., can cause a scar to turn black.

Is scar tissue stronger than skin?

Scar tissue is generally stronger than regular skin because it does not have blood vessels, hair, or blood vessels.

How to Observe Scar Appreciation Day

  1. Try natural remedies

    Do you have a scar that has yet to heal fully? Use a natural option like honey or aloe vera mixed with vitamin C. Use it regularly for a month and observe the difference.

  2. Share your story

    Every scar has a story to tell. An accident, a fight, a plight, or something delightful. Share your scar stories with your friends.

  3. Post in social media

    A scar has a lot to express. Capture the image of your scars and upload it to your social media. Describe the story behind them in your post.

5 Facts About Scars That You Should Know

  1. Scars and collagen

    An excess or shortage of collagen can result in scars.

  2. U.V. resistance of scars

    Scars do not have as much U.V. resistance as our normal skin and must be protected from sun damage.

  3. Keloid scars

    Body piercings can result in keloid scars due to unsterilized piercing equipment.

  4. Healing hands of Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is better than vitamin E at healing scars.

  5. Action of hydrogen peroxide

    Applying hydrogen peroxide can damage new cells and delay healing.

Why Scar Appreciation Day is Important

  1. A day to open up

    We love it when people open up about their pain. This is a day to open up about your scars and try to move on from the extra weight.

  2. May get health advice

    Today, everyone shares their scars. Not all scars are permanent. Some can be treated. You might find the proper treatment among all these conversations.

  3. Meet people with similar scars

    Similar events may create matching scars. It is also an opportunity to meet like-minded people who share the same lifestyle.

Scar Appreciation Day dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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