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National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day – October 22, 2024

We are observing National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day on October 22. It is a memorial day to keep the name of Kristopher NaJee Roebuck alive. We use the day to honor him and to fight against gun violence. Roebuck died on October 22, 2018, due to gun violence in Anderson, South Carolina, and was only 22 when he lost his life. He had a wife and children who looked up to him. The day starts a strong movement against gun violence and hate crimes. We are participating on this day to send a strong message to stop gun violence and to have a prosperous and peaceful future.

History of National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day

Violence is a part of life on earth. We can romanticize it as much as we want, but it is always there. Life is a constant effort to stay alive and avoid violence as much as possible. But for most living beings, violence is not a choice but a necessity. Some of them can not survive without being violent towards others. That was the case even for the early humans.

But things changed for us humans as we started to settle. We needed to hunt for food, and the act was always violent. We also had to defend our hard-won meat from other predators and tribes who were looking for easy food. But being in a settlement helped us reduce the conflicts, and gradually we were on a path to subdue our violent instincts. But it was never fully possible, as conflict is never over. As settlements grew into society, different cultures started emerging worldwide. Different cultures mean diverse traditions, practices, belief systems, etc. Wherever there is a difference, conflicts always follow when they meet. Such disputes are still occurring in the name of religion, culture, traditions, beliefs, color, caste, creed, sex, race, etc.

Conflicts always tend to become violent. That was what happened in the case of Kristopher NaJee Roebuck. Conflicts are mainly dealt with using brute force and the most modern weapons possible. In the modern world, a conflict between small groups usually ends in a gunfight or murder. Roebuck is one of the latest victims of violence. It is high time we stop being silent and raise our voices against such unwanted conflicts and violence. A weapon will always be a tool for violence. We are living in a modern world where violence can be resolved using words of wisdom and understanding. We witnessed the death of Roebuck and how it affected his entire family. Let us use this day to ensure such tragedies won’t happen again and keep the name of Kristopher NaJee Roebuck alive.

National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day timeline

1000 A.D
The Prototype Gun

The Chinese start to use a prototype gun that can fire a bullet.

First Recorded Use Of Firearms

The first guns, which could use gunpowder to fire bullets, begin appearing.

The National Firearms Act

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt enacts the National Firearms Act, the first national gun control legislation.

The Death Of Kristopher NaJee Roebuck

Kristopher NaJee Roebuck dies due to gun violence in Anderson.

National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day FAQs

What are hate crimes?

A hate crime can be generally considered as a crime that involves violence. It is usually motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.

What is National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day?

Kristopher NaJee Roebuck is an American born in Anderson. Gun violence killed him on October 22, 2018. The day is used to raise awareness against violence and to keep his name alive as a symbol for the fight against gun violence.

When was Kristopher NaJee Roebuck born?

Kristopher NaJee Roebuck was born on April 24, 1996.

How to Observe National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day

  1. Spread the message of peace and love

    Peace and love are essential elements that are important for a strong community. Use the day to spread peace and love by organizing events that create bonds between people.

  2. Use the name of Kristopher NaJee Roebuck

    Kristopher NaJee Roebuck lost his life to gun violence when he was very young. Let us observe this day and keep his name alive as a beacon of hope against violence and hate.

  3. Advocate against gun violence

    Gun violence is the malice of our modern world. Let us pledge to spread messages against the unsupervised use of firearms.

5 Facts About Guns That You Should Know

  1. Gun injuries

    Gun injuries are the second-leading cause of death among teenagers in the U.S.

  2. Gun-related crime victims

    More than 4,000 young people were victims of gun-related crimes in 2019.

  3. Kids with guns

    In the U.S., one in three homes with kids has a gun.

  4. Unintentional firearm injuries

    Between 2014 and 2018, at least 13,000 people suffered unintentional firearm-related accidents.

  5. Number of guns in the U.S.

    There are more than 393 million guns in circulation in the United States.

Why National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day is Important

  1. A day to spread the message of love and peace

    Love and peace are essential aspects of modern society. This is a day to spread love and peace.

  2. Remembering a lost life

    Kristopher NaJee Roebuck died due to gun violence. We think it is vital to have a day to remember his life and keep his name alive as a reminder of the consequences of modern gun culture.

  3. The voice against gun violence

    Gun violence is as old as time. But it is also time to put an end to it. We love that we have a day dedicated to spreading gun violence awareness and peace and love among the people.

National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck Day dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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