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TueOct 22

National Color Day – October 22, 2024

National Color Day on October 22 gives you a chance to stop and reflect on the relationship we share with the colors that surround us and the innumerable ways in which they impact us. How long has it been since you stopped by a garden to admire a yellow sunflower, or gazed at the deep blue sky? We invite you to celebrate the power of colors today!

History of National Color Day

National Color Day celebrates and enlightens people about the significance attached to each color. Humans have always shared a deep relationship with the colors that surround them. As we grow up, our tastes evolve and so does our association with the things that we once liked. But this omnipresent element of nature hardly gets its due recognition.

National Color Day is celebrated to recognize the duality of our relationship with colors. We often use colors to our benefit but we seldom talk about the power and influence that our chosen color has on our mood, state of mind, and attention span.

The right color can enhance your beauty and the wrong one can ruin a photograph. Our brains associate colors with memories and shape our experiences of melancholy and trauma. Much of the impact that a color can have on us is based on our biology, and then there’s our personal relationship with colors. The advertising industry reaps great benefits from the color theory, which illustrates our predisposition to some colors. For example, a combination of red and yellow can stimulate our brain — a concept that reflects on the logos of McDonald’s, Netflix, KFC, and Target.

Launched by General Motors in 2009 as a part of a promotion for a brand new Chevrolet, National Color Day has been celebrated ever since.

National Color Day timeline

The Color Wheel

Sir Isaac Newton discovers the visible spectrum of light and studies the impact of color for the first time.

Goethe’s Investigation

Artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe explores the psychological aspects of colors and lays the foundation for the color theory.

The Colorimeter

French photographer Jules Duboscq invents the colorimeter to measure the wavelengths absorbed by a particle.

Alfred’s Photometer

American painter Alfred Munsell invents the photometer to measure luminance, a.k.a., the color value of an object.

National Color Day FAQs

What is the most unpopular color?

According to a survey, yellow is the most unpopular color, with a fan base of just 5%.

Why do people see colors differently?

Rods and cones, the two types of cells inside the human eye, determine what color we see. Wavelengths of a color matter as much as our own absorption of it, because 90% of the color we interpret is based on our memory.

What color is ‘the dress’?

The dress is actually blue and black. Due to the blue light being overrepresented by the shadows, many people see it as white and gold.

National Color Day Activities

  1. Color your stress away

    Indulging in arts and crafts and painting, in particular, has tremendous benefits. It is more than stroking a brush on paper — painting forces you to connect your body to your mind. October 22 is a great day to reconnect with your inner self.

  2. Organize a ‘mix and match’ color event

    Mix magenta with yellow and you get red. Combine red and green and you get a shade of yellow. Colors are nothing but a big group project. This National Color Day, educate yourself about how these shades come into existence and don’t be afraid to get your hands ‘colored’ in the process.

  3. Wear your least favorite color

    Many will advise you to rock your best colors on National Color Day, but not us. Because we believe in embracing change. This year, peep into your closet, pick out a piece of clothing you’d never dare to wear, and step out of your comfort zone.

5 Facts About Colors That’ll Blow Your Mind

  1. Blue is the warmest color

    According to a study, blue is the world’s most popular color, with 40% of people picking it as their favorite.

  2. Red comes first

    Red is the first color that an infant can see, as it has the longest wavelength.

  3. Hate stress? Think pink!

    The color pink relieves anxiety and stress because of its calming effect and palliative qualities.

  4. Code green for rest, yellow for panic

    Fixing your gaze on the color yellow can cause nausea, whereas staring at green colors can calm your mind.

  5. Bulls hate red? Well, that’s a lie

    Bulls can’t even recognize the color red, let alone be triggered by it — it’s the movement of the muleta that angers them.

Why We Love National Color Day

  1. It’s a feast of colors

    The hustle and bustle of daily life can make you miss out on the most latent wonders of the world. When was the last time you marveled at the many wonders of nature that surround us? October 22 is a great day to stop and appreciate the blue sky.

  2. An excuse to explore

    Step out of the greys and blacks, and explore the world of magenta and orange. On National Color Day, you have a chance to go experiment with the crazy colors of life.

  3. A tribute to Sir Isaac Newton

    We know a lot about colors because Newton decided to experiment with sunlight in his free time. The modern-day color theory is based on Newton’s primary assertion that a prism separates white light into colors. National Color Day is a great day to honor this genius and his relentless curiosity.

National Color Day dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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