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FriFeb 14

International Winter Bike to Work Day – February 14, 2025

International Winter Bike To Work Day, which is celebrated on the second Friday in February and takes place on February 14 this year, is a globally celebrated holiday for commuting on bicycles. The day has been set aside to encourage citizens from around the world to consider biking to work as opposed to the common alternative of driving. In the U.S., bicycle advocacy groups encourage people to engage in commuting on bicycles as a healthy and safe alternative to driving by providing route information and tips for new bicycle commuters.

The American Medical Association also endorses Bike to Work Day as part of its agenda to encourage active transportation. International Winter Bike To Work Day also has the backing of many organizations. On Bike to Work Day, there is usually a variety of bicycle-related events organized to keep participants engaged. Furthermore, International Winter Bike To Work Day is an exercise that supersedes merely improving the health of its participants — it also helps to keep our environment healthy by reducing gas emissions.

History of International Winter Bike to Work Day

The idea for International Winter Bike To Work Day can be easily connected to the U.S. national holiday Bicycle to Work Day, which is an annual event that was initiated by the Federation of American Cyclists in 1956. Today, International Winter Bike To Work Day is celebrated in many different countries. The holiday has proven to have a positive impact on the health of many by way of cardiovascular benefits, as well as building muscular definition and creating a general feeling of good physical health. It also has environmental benefits in terms of reducing the carbon emissions that most motor vehicles produce.

International Winter Bike To Work Day aims to convince people of the benefits of cycling even at such a time of the year as the winter season. Since its inception, the holiday has produced great reviews and usually sees an increase in participation with every new edition. Participation in the holiday has, for the most part, yielded positive results as it’s been proven that people who use bicycles instead of cars and other such means of transportation, are healthier, and very likely more interested in the health of our planet and the protection of our environment.

International Winter Bike To Work Day has seen participation from countries such as Canada, the U.S., Russia, Croatia, Germany, and Poland, among others. Authorities in these countries have since constantly been working on ways to encourage participation in the International Winter Bike To Work Day by devising new ways to make commuting on bicycles more convenient for cyclists, even in the winter season where weather conditions can greatly impede transportation. Due to the growing interest in winter cycling, special winter bicycle tires are now offered by various stores. Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly expressed support for cycling.

International Winter Bike to Work Day timeline

The First Bicycle Is Made

The first bicycle is made in 1817 by Baron von Drais.

The League of American Wheelmen

The bicycle club, League of American Wheelmen, is formed.

The First Mass-Produced Mountain Bikes

The first mass-produced mountain bikes are rolled out in 1981 and the International BMX Federation is founded.

Lance Armstrong Wins the Tour de France

Armstrong wins the prestigious cycling competition Tour de France for the first time.

International Winter Bike to Work Day FAQs

What day of the year is International Winter Bike To Work Day?

International Winter Bike To Work Day does not have a definite calendar date, however, it is celebrated every second Friday in February.

Is International Winter Bike To Work Day a public holiday?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but the holiday is not a public holiday. Considering that the idea is to bike to work, it would definitely defeat the purpose if it were a public holiday.

Why should we bike to work?

Cycling has its health benefits as well as environmental benefits. So if you care about your health (which we hope you do), or the environment, you should definitely bike to work.

International Winter Bike to Work Day Activities

  1. Bike to work

    It’s literally in the name of the holiday, so the best way to celebrate it is to simply bike to work (or anywhere else you need to be). Keep healthy and protect the environment!

  2. Post on social media

    For International Winter Bike To Work Day, you can simply post bike-related articles, or a picture of you riding a bike.

  3. Support a cyclist

    It may not be something extraordinary, but there are ways you can support a cyclist. You could buy them a new bicycle, offer to fix or pay for a repair on their bicycle, or make them some hot chocolate for the road. Any nice gesture would be just fine.


  1. There are over a billion bikes globally

    There are currently at least one billion bikes all over the world right now. This is enough for one-seventh of the world’s population to ride.

  2. Bicycles are cheaper to maintain

    It has been said that the cost of maintaining a bicycle is 20 times less than the cost of maintaining a car.

  3. Bicycles save millions of gallons of gasoline

    According to reports, bicycles save upwards of 238 million gallons of gas each year.

  4. Bicycles are more energy efficient

    When it comes to transforming energy to travel, bicycles are more efficient than other means of transportation.

  5. The U.S. has over 400 cycling clubs

    There are over 400 cycling clubs in the United States.

Why We Love International Winter Bike to Work Day

  1. It has health benefits

    Commuting to work on a bike can give you a much-needed full-body workout, thereby adding more health points for you.

  2. It helps save the planet

    If we would all ride bikes instead of cars and other motor vehicles, we would definitely have a much better global climate. International Winter Bike To Work Day is an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and try to save our planet.

  3. It has aesthetic value

    There is definitely something about seeing groups of bicycles riding together that is aesthetically pleasing. And if not for anything else, this makes us love International Winter Bike to Work Day.

International Winter Bike to Work Day dates

2022February 11Friday
2023February 10Friday
2024February 9Friday
2025February 14Friday
2026February 13Friday

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