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TueFeb 13

National Internet Friends Day – February 13, 2024

National Internet Friends Day is celebrated on February 13 every year and celebrates internet friendships. Internet friendships have become an important source of interaction for children and adults around the world as life gets busier.

Internet friendships have become a natural extension of people’s need for connections. While a lot of people have managed to make friends with their mutuals on social media sites, it is frequently in smaller groups like group chats, discord servers, and dashboards that people make friends.

History of National Internet Friends Day

National Internet Friends Day celebrates the importance and value of online friendships. These friendships are frequently dismissed as being less valuable than in-person friendships.

Online relationships are similar to and just as important as in-person relationships. These relationships last just as long as friendships made offline.

Much like in-person relationships, online friendships are built by spending time together and doing things that everyone can bond over. People mostly start talking to each other online based on common interests. These conversations may wane over time if the people find that they have nothing else in common. Sometimes the conversations continue, and people build relationships that can last for years.

Internet friendships can also refer to friendships that started in person but have to be maintained online because someone had to relocate. In this fast-changing world, where people relocate or travel, online friendships are the norm. Staying connected online allows people to maintain a connection with friends that they cannot see often.

The suspicions around internet friendships are due to internet predators that have bad intentions. These predators attempt to groom young women and men. This is why extra care needs to be taken with online friendships.

Having supervised video calls ensures online safety. Other precautionary measures involve not sharing personal information like full names and addresses with a stranger online.

National Internet Friends Day timeline

The First Personal Computer is Developed

I.B.M. develops the first personal computer for business purposes.

The Internet is Born

January 1 is considered the official birthday of the internet.

Americans Start Connecting Online

A.O.L. allows the wider American population to have access to the internet.

Chat Rooms and Social Media Become Popular

With A.O.L.’s themed chat rooms and the first social media sites like SixDegrees, more people connect.


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