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ThuFeb 13

International Condom Day – February 13, 2025

International Condom Day is celebrated on February 13 every year, one day before Valentine’s Day. The day is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of reminding people to practice safety when being intimate with their partners. The day was set up as a way to remind people that condoms are one of the best ways to protect themselves not only from unwanted pregnancies but Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.s) as well. There are variations of the condom so that they can be used by everyone regardless of their gender. Proper usage reduces the risk of diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS, among others.

History of International Condom Day

International Condom Day is celebrated on February 13 every year. The holiday is celebrated before Valentine’s Day in an effort to remind people that the condom is one of the best and most convenient ways of preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms function by forming a physical barrier that prevents ejaculated semen from the penetrating partner from entering the body of the penetrated partner.

Modern condoms are primarily made of latex, especially the ones for men. However, non-latex condoms made of polyurethane also exist. These can be used by men suffering from latex allergies. Condoms designed to be used by women also exist, and these are primarily made of polyurethane.

Male condoms are easily available, affordable, and easy to use. This makes them the most commonly used method of contraception after female sterilization.

Used correctly, condoms prevent about 98% of pregnancies. However, since the majority of people do not use condoms properly, this drops the pregnancy prevention rate to about 82 — 90% of pregnancies.

Condoms are also highly recommended to reduce the transmission of S.T.D.s. It has contributed significantly to the reduction of the infection rate for S.T.D.s like AIDS, genital herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, which are the most common of the S.T.D.s.

Condoms are not perfect but the greatest risk that results in infections is inconsistent usage of condoms.

International Condom Day timeline

Early Usage of Condoms

The history of contraceptive technology suggests that condoms have been used as a contraceptive device since the mid-1500s.

Rubber Condoms are Used

After the discovery of rubber vulcanization in the 1830s, rubber condoms are developed for use by men.

Latex Condoms Are Developed

By suspending rubber in water, latex is developed, and the material is soon replaced by rubber in the production of condoms.

Female Condoms Are Approved

The modern female condom is developed by Lasse Hessel, a Danish MD, and approved by the FDA in 1994.

International Condom Day FAQs

What’s a female condom called?

A female condom is also called an internal condom.

Can wearing a condom get you pregnant?

Condoms prevent pregnancies in anything between 82% — 98% of cases, depending on how well they are used.

Can I use a condom daily?

Condoms should be used every time you have sex.

International Condom Day Activities

  1. Visit the A.H.F. shows

    The Aids Healthcare Foundation organizes fun shows that center around safe sex on International Condom Day. Head over to one of these free shows for a great time!

  2. Talk to your partner

    International Condom Day is the perfect time to discuss safe sex with your partner and what they might prefer during intimacy. Use this opportunity to grow closer and better your communication.

  3. Check the expiration on your boxes

    Expired condoms can break easily and cause accidents! We’d rather you be safe than sorry, so make sure your condoms are all within the expiration dates.

5 Facts About Condoms That Will Surprise You

  1. Up to nine billion yearly condom sales

    Rates of condom sales are highest in East and South-East Asia, North America, and Europe. It is the most common method of contraception in these regions

  2. Only one partner should wear a condom

    If the penetrating partner is wearing a condom, then an internal condom shouldn’t be used because the two condoms can stick together.

  3. Latex’s popularity grew because it’s cheaper

    Latex replaced rubber as the material for condoms because it was cheaper and easier to make.

  4. Free condoms are handed out

    A.H.F.’s International Condom Day celebrations involve shows, education, and thousands of condoms handed out for free.

  5. It’s considered essential medicine

    The condom is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines — a list of medications that are considered the most effective, safe, and necessary in a medical system.

Why We Love International Condom Day

  1. We think it’s quite fitting

    We love that International Condom Day is timed so well and celebrated a day before Valentine’s Day. It's the perfect opportunity to spread awareness in a fun way.

  2. We love the shows

    A.H.F.’s shows on International Condom Day are always well done, and we love to be part of it. And we also love that the shows around safe sex are all free!

  3. We want to encourage condom use

    Condoms are a great way of preventing S.T.D.s including HIV/AIDS. We want to make sure that no one has to suffer unnecessarily by encouraging everyone to practice safe sex.

International Condom Day dates

2025February 13Thursday
2026February 13Friday
2027February 13Saturday
2028February 13Sunday
2029February 13Tuesday

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