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Doctor Patient Trust Day – March 17, 2025

Doctor-Patient Trust Day is celebrated on March 17. This day is dedicated to the doctors who work to save lives by safeguarding the trust of their patients. Indeed, treating a patient means understanding the most personal aspects of their body and mind. People in healthcare are bound by the ethics of the medical profession to never disclose personal information about their patients. And, doctors are responsible for saving countless lives all over the world; they are responsible for healthcare — which is one of the most important trades in our world. Without proper developments in the medical field, the human population would have been reduced by more than half.

History of Doctor Patient Trust Day

The history of medical science dates back to the dawn of human civilization. Even before that, our ancestors knew about the healing potency of some of the herbs. The art of healing flourished around the iron age. Various civilizations, like the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese, developed their medicinal schools and physicians. The development of modern medicine has resulted in an increase in the lifespan and the living conditions of people. It aided in drastically lowering infant mortality, average lifespan, death during delivery, complicated health conditions caused by common illnesses, and so on. Medical advancements brought doctors closer to their patients’ personal lives and intimate information.

The medical code of conduct requires healthcare workers to keep the personal information of their patients secret. We are going through a time when health care is at its best. But, as healthcare improved, so did the germs and the complexity of diseases and health conditions. Doctors now need more and more personal information to get an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition. But people are sensitive about their personal information, and there are instances when they withhold that information from their doctors. Trust between a doctor and his patient is the most important factor for the success of treatment.

Doctor-Patient Trust Day was created to spread awareness about the ethics and code of conduct that every healthcare worker follows. It is a day to make people aware of the importance of passing correct information to doctors. It is also a day for doctors to make sure they adhere to the latest standards for keeping the trust of patients.

Doctor Patient Trust Day timeline

3000 B.C.
The Edwin Smith Papyrus

Imhotep from Egypt compiles the "Edwin Smith Papyrus," detailing various ailments and cures.

1069 — 1046 B.C.
The Diagnostic Handbook of Babylonia

The chief scholar of the Babylonian king writes the "Diagnostic Handbook,” one of the most extensive medical texts of the time.

400 B.C.
The Hippocratic Oath

Hippocrates writes the Hippocratic oath, which includes the first doctor-patient confidentiality clauses.

The Declaration of Geneva

The World Medical Association adopts "The Declaration of Geneva," which explains the ethical principles of the medical profession worldwide.

Doctor Patient Trust Day FAQs

How is trust created between doctor and patient?

There should always be an open channel for proper communication between doctors and patients.

How do you trust your doctor?

A competent doctor can make us trust him. But it is always better to have a second opinion when it comes to medicine and hence always research the doctor through verified sources.

How can a doctor-patient relationship improve in today's society?

Open communication, an understanding of patient needs and desires, active listening, caring, and prioritizing patients’ perspectives and circumstances can go a long way in improving the doctor-patient relationship.

How to Observe Doctor Patient Trust Day

  1. Read the declaration of Geneva

    The declaration of Geneva describes in detail the ethical standards needed for medical workers worldwide. Take a day to read and understand the full document.

  2. Watch a surgical video

    Watch a surgery video online. This can help you have a better appreciation of the skill, effort, and hard work of medical professionals.

  3. Talk with a doctor

    Interview a doctor and get his or her perspective about the doctor-patient trust bond. Try to spread the interview to your friend circle for spreading awareness.

5 Interesting Facts About Medicine

  1. The first doctor

    Hesy-Ra is the name for the “Chief of Dentists and Physicians” in Egypt and he was one of the first doctors in the world.

  2. The first surgeon

    Sushruta is known as the ‘father of surgery’ for describing and conducting surgical procedures in 800 B.C.

  3. The ‘Father of modern medicine’

    Hippocrates is called the “father of modern medicine.”

  4. The first modern medicine

    Friedrich Serturner, a German scientist developed morphine.

  5. The oldest form of medicine

    Ayurveda is the oldest surviving form of medicine that is still in existence.

Why Doctor Patient Trust Day is Important

  1. A day to appreciate the efforts of doctors

    The job of a doctor is never an easy one. There will need fast decisions that could affect the entire life of a patient. It is a day to appreciate the effort and hard work of doctors.

  2. A day to check for health conditions

    The day is also an opportunity to spend a day on our health check. Take the day to take care of our body.

  3. A day to understand the medical ethics

    Interview various medical professionals to understand their work. Note down how they try to make a patient feel comfortable.

Doctor Patient Trust Day dates

2025March 17Monday
2026March 17Tuesday
2027March 17Wednesday
2028March 17Friday
2029March 17Saturday

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