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TueMar 18

National Ag Day – March 18, 2025

We believe that food is for everyone! National Agriculture Day is celebrated on March 18 this year, during Agriculture Week. Everything we eat, use, or wear every day is provided by agriculture. Most people don’t understand the contribution of agriculture to our lives. To know more about how we are agriculture is directed towards our health and lifestyle read the top agriculture journalist story. So today we are celebrating agriculture and thanking all the people who work hard to feed the world, look after crops and livestock, and contribute to agricultural production.

History of National Ag Day

Almost all of us take agriculture for granted. National Ag Day is arranged by the Agriculture Council of America. This is a non-profit organization that comprises all the leaders in the agriculture and food community. This day is observed to honor the efforts of people related to agriculture and promote awareness about these efforts amongst people.

It is that day of the year when all the producers, agriculture organizations, universities, corporations, and government departments take out some time to recognize the greatness of agriculture. 

National Ag Day was founded by the Agriculture Council of America in 1973. The first National Ag Day was celebrated by the ACA in 1979. Since then the ACA has put efforts into creating awareness about the role of agriculture in modern society. So even if we are not involved in agriculture, we should learn about how our food and fiber are produced, as well as how agriculture provides us with safe, abundant, and useful products. Another important thing that agriculture provides us with is employment opportunities. Therefore, we should also acknowledge the career opportunities in the field of agriculture.

National Ag Day timeline

National Ag Day is Founded

National Ag Day is founded by the Agriculture Council of America.

First National Ag Day is Celebrated

The first National Ag Day is celebrated in Washington D.C.

Half the Population is Employed in Agriculture

Almost half of the population of America is employed in the agriculture industry.

Less People are Employed in Agriculture

Less than 2% of the population is directly employed in the agriculture sector.

National Ag Day FAQs

What is the full form of agriculture? 

Agriculture is from the Latin word ‘agri,’ which means ‘field’. And the word ‘cultura’ means cultivation. It basically means cultivating a piece of land.


How many jobs are there in agriculture? 

In 2019, 22.2 million full-time and part-time jobs were available in fields related to the agriculture and food sector.


Who is the father of agriculture? 

An American scientist and humanitarian, Norman Ernest Borlaug, is known as the ‘father of agriculture’ and the father of the green revolution. He won a Nobel Prize for his work in the agriculture sector.

How To Celebrate National Ag Day

  1. Volunteer to organize an event in your area.

    You can volunteer in arranging an event in your area to celebrate National Ag Day. You can arrange a farm-to-table activity in your area and educate the young people about the role of agriculture in our lives.

  2. Support local farming

    Today, you can take a pledge to buy locally produced products to support local farming and farmers in your country.

  3. Consider opportunities in agriculture

    If you’re unemployed, consider opportunities in agriculture. There are probably many career opportunities in this sector for people as the demand for food is increasing day by day.

5 Great Facts About National Ag Day

  1. 22 million people work in the agriculture field

    More than 22 million people are working in the field of agriculture in the United States.

  2. A farmer feeds 144 people

    Each farmer in the United States feeds 144 people, which is much more than ever before.

  3. The average age of farmworkers

    In today's world, the average age of farmworkers is 58.3 years.

  4. Farmworkers consider farming their primary occupation

    48% of farmworkers think of farming as their primary occupation.

  5. The average size of farms in the United States

    The average size of farms in the United States is 434 acres.

Why We Love National Agriculture Day

  1. We appreciate our farmers' hard work

    Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? We love to celebrate this day to appreciate and recognize the work of the people working in the agriculture and food field.

  2. To promote local farming

    On this day, many people learn about agriculture, where our food comes from, and how our food is produced. We celebrate this day to create awareness about locally produced food and fiber.

  3. Improving eating habits

    With the increased knowledge of agriculture and nutrition, individuals will be able to make informed personal choices about eating healthy food and maintaining a proper diet in order to live a socially conscious lifestyle.

National Ag Day dates

2023March 21Tuesday
2024March 19Tuesday
2025March 18Tuesday
2026March 17Tuesday

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